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Did you miss our live webinar with Danielle Lambert, practice manager and founder of You don't have to miss out on the top tips to blog your way to more veterinary business. Get the recording and additional blogging resources here:



2. Hello! Terrah Warner Content and Communications Manager, LifeLearn 3. Hi! Danielle K. Lambert Veterinary practice manager Founder of Crazy dog lady! 4. What Youll Learn q Why your practice needs a blog q What a blog actually is q Where you can blog q What you should blog about q How to structure a blog 5. THERES ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT THE FACTS 6. 37% of cat owners didnt realize their veterinarian recommended annual care. Von Simson C., Volk J. Felsted K. E. (2011) Bayer Veterinary Care Usage Study: The Decline of Veterinary Visits and How to Reverse the Trend. Compliance 7. 59% of cat owners unsatisfied with their perceived value of veterinary visits. Von Simson C., Volk J. Felsted K. E. (2011) Bayer Veterinary Care Usage Study: The Decline of Veterinary Visits and How to Reverse the Trend. Satisfaction 8. Von Simson C., Volk J. Felsted K. E. (2011) Bayer Veterinary Care Usage Study: The Decline of Veterinary Visits and How to Reverse the Trend. I would take my dog to the vet more often if 9. Poll: Does your practice have a blog that is updated AT LEAST once per month? 10. WHAT THEY ARE & WHERE YOU POST/SHARE THEM About blogs 11. Series of posts Updated frequently About ANYTHING Can include various media Not just an online diary! What Is a Blog? 12. You can blog for free at: Where Can I Blog? 13. Theres No Place Like Home or your homepage, that is. Did you know? All LifeLearn WebDVM4 websites include a built-in, easy-to-use blogging platform! 14. Add New Type Publish 15. EDUCATE, COMMUNICATE, CONNECT. Why blog? 16. Educate Pet Owners Provide helpful info Increase compliance Build credibility Educate 17. Communicate with Pet Owners Be engaging New, fresh content 2-way with comments Communicate 18. Connect with Pet Owners Share stories Stay top-of-mind Drive website traffic Connect 19. You optimize your website, so optimize your blog Remember to include LOCAL keywords Search engines are like spiders: they crawl the web, searching for relevant keywords and content Blogs are full of content a buffet for spiders! Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 20. Survey: Whats one of the most common questions pet owners ask you? 21. TOPICS AND FORMAT Blogging how-to TIPS 22. Ask co-workers Ask clients Popular topics: Weight management / feeding The basics of care Dental health Seasonal or timely topics Bayer/Brakke study findings Coming up with Topics 23. Remember This? 24. Respond to News Stories 25. Seasonal, newsworthy! 26. Informative and fun! 27. Jobs, clients, promos! 28. Pet Adoptions! 29. Use your Insights 30. Formatting Tips q Short paragraphs q Break it up with photos q Lists or bullet points q Headings and subheadings (SEO value!) q Put key facts in bold (especially if they include keywords) 31. Go to Super easy to use No design skills necessary No one will be the wiser! TIP: Use Canva to Create Graphics 32. Blogging: Good for Business q Fresh content is good for SEO and staying top-of-mind q Educating throughout the year helps demonstrate your value q Establishes you as an authority for pet health info online q Shareable on social media, driving more traffic to your site 33. Want to Take Blogging to the Next Level? 34. Social Media 101 Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest Basics of Blogging Understand more about blog structure Post Like A Pro Insights on posting blogs through social media Course available with or without 1:1 help! 35. Access: Free trials Previously recorded webinars Specials reports and more 36. Questions? Lets Talk! Tweet @DanielleSnout Tweet @LifeLearnInc Connect with Snout School: Connect with LifeLearn: Join the veterinary social media crash course now at: our email list for more veterinary online marketing tips: