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Slides that help to get started a professional blogging right from today.


  • 1. Blogging TheEasiest GuideTo StartNasir Uddin ShamimCOODevsTeam

2. Its Me Nasir Uddin ShamimCOODevsTeam Limited Blogging Since 2008 Internet Marketing Since 2009 Has been a Job in BJMC. Co-Founded DevsTeam at 2012 3. What The Hell Is This? 4. Why Blogging? Chances to showcase your Expertise. Completely Passive Income. Learn stuffs by sharing with others! Easy Money! Because; you dont have tobe expert on Writing or Teaching. 5. Before StartingInspire YourselfThey Are Making 1000+ Per Month From Blog, Staying at BD 6. What To Blog About?AnyTopicYouLoveAnyExpertise YouHaveAnyStuffsYouLoveResearchingAbout.comAlltop.comBusinessStudiesEngg. Computer& StuffsLifeSciences 7. How To Start? Free Blog at: Blogger.Com Paid Blog by: WordPress, A Domain &Hosting Space. 8. What To Do NEXT? Keep Publishing Post Everyday. Find What Others Are Writing; follow theBUZZ. Keep your Blog updated with usefulInformation, resources and Trendy Newsfrom Google Trends. 9. Wanna Success? Market It! Use Social Media like Facebook, Twitter &YouTube. Start Learning SEO & Implement These. Join In Discussion Boards like FBPages, Forums and show your Expertise. 10. Monetizing! Google AdSense. Affiliation by Amazon, Ebay or otherNetworks. Try CPA. If you start getting lots of Visitors; try CPM. 11. Never Give Up Keep Learning Have Patience90% of People Fail In Online; Just For GivingUp When They Are In the Last Step ToSuccess Door 12. Any Questions? Find me with lotsof Information regarding Freelancing &Blogging. Mail me at: 13. Best Luck!