book publicity 2.0: blogging your way to the best seller list

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  • 1.Blogging Your Way to the Bestseller List BOOK PUBLICITY 2.0 Tom Ciesielka, President, TC Public Relations

2. The Warm-Up

  • Adding to the blogosphere is like adding to the bookosphere
  • What type of blogger are you?
  • Other blogs are not competition


    • Of all the things Ive done to promote my book,
    • the blog/e-blast has been
    • the most effective.
    • Frank S. Joseph,
    • author and SMA member

A good investment takes time 4. The Hallmarks of a Good Blog

  • Ill have the website and blog combo

5. The Hallmarks of a Good Blog

  • Talk about yourself

6. The Hallmarks of a Good Blog

  • Use a simplified web address Vs. www.prforlaughs.blogspot.comOr use your own name! 7. The Hallmarks of a Good Blog

  • Display recent posts or featured posts

8. The Hallmarks of a Good Blog

  • Display images of your books

9. The Hallmarks of a Good Blog

  • Scannable
  • content
  • and simple layout

10. The Hallmarks of a Good Blog

  • Use categories/tags

11. Greek Tragedy Stephanie Klein Blog Showcase 12. Blogging Best Practices 1) Write often, but dont let it take over your life 2) Create the perfect headline every time 13. Blogging Best Practices

  • 5) Be yourself

4) Establish authority 3) Answer comments and encourage comments 14. Promoting Your Blog

  • You already have the power to

Comment on other blogs Make blogging friends Guest blogOpen blog night Blog tours 15.

  • Start your search engines.
  • On your markget setPOST