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  1. 1. Lionel Menchaca, Chief BloggerCorporate Blogging the Right WayMarketingProfs UniversityFebruary 20, 2012
  2. 2. New MarketingYou have to earn your way in Hugh McLeod One-way push marketing doesnt cut it Numerous studies show that customers trust their friends and community peers ( reviews) way more than corporations Its more than selling: we have to provide tangible value to customers before we can expect toengage with them2
  3. 3. The Opportunity of a Corporate Blog (2006)1. Allows for real-time information sharing2. Enables two-way conversations with a global customer base3. Provides a robust media platform: text, images, audio and hyperlinks4. Empowers employees to be the voice of the company5. Provides visibility to issues that matter to your customers6. Gives your company a chance to join ongoing conversations3
  4. 4. Direct2Dell Blog, July 20064 Source: Direct2Dell, July 11, 2006
  5. 5. Social Media Response Cycle Connect theDotsPhase III: Phase I:Communicate action plan Acknowledge what we heard, via company blog post orlet customers know we arecompany forum update (or looking into it (several options)both) Phase II:Acknowledge issue, providesome level of nature and scope(company blog post/ forum post/ official tweet)5
  6. 6. A Corporate Blog is NOT1. A broadcast tool2. A dumping ground for material that dont make the cut as a press release3. Ghostwritten content disguised as thought leadership from executives4. A place to parrot information that already lives in press releases or elsewhere on your companys website6
  7. 7. Getting Started1. Listening comes first its the only way to ensure youre talking about topics that matter to your customers.2. Determine the scope of your companys blog Do more than echo press releases.3. Identify bloggers and subject matter experts (SMEs) Dont get hung up on titles its expertise and passion that really matters.4. Define an editorial process Once you start a blog, you need a regular flow of content.5. Find the right balance of topics and work to maintain that balance The topics that customers want to hear about have to be a priority.7
  8. 8. Listening can be easy (and free)8
  9. 9. Nurture Subject Matter Experts1. Dont ghostwrite customers want to hear from the real experts inside the company2. Arm them with relevant links about their topic of choice3. Encourage them start with a framework if they have trouble kicking things off4. Provide feedback on drafts5. Help them with writing if they ask6. Encourage them to keep blogging and engaging around the web on a regular basis9
  10. 10. What Goes Through Legal Any issue that is safety-related (all posts related to the battery recall) Any post that makes a direct comparison to a competitive product Any post about a Legal issue (Ex. A Tale of Two Processors in China) Any post that explains how we will support many customers based on systemic issue (Ex.the Intel Chipset Issue) When in doubt, apply some common senseIf still in doubt, contact Corporate Communications10
  11. 11. How to Blog the Right Way 1. Write about topics that matter to your customers, especially the tough ones 2. Provide context for a range of customers 3. Write to educate and serve 4. Be authentic, be human 5. Let your passion and personality show through 6. Provide an inside look 7. Dont be afraid to disagree if you can back it up11
  12. 12. Do Blogs Still Matter? No shortage of other places for companies to publish online. But blogs still offer the best way to aggregate and centralize conversations from around the web Blogs tend to be more flexible (hyperlinks, ability to embed multiple videos, other objects like audio, SlideShare decks, etc.) Official corporate presence in other social networks can help extend the reach of important blog posts, and they also provide more link opportunities.12
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  15. 15. How to reach me @LionelatDell lionel_menchaca@dell.com15