Blogger Relations and PR: Debunking Myths, Discovering Reality

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Presentation by Heather Whaling, Geben Communications (PRtini) on the art of blogger relations. This presentation was given as the morning speech at a Central Ohio PRSA blogger relations event on Sept 19, 2010.


<ul><li>1.Blogger Relations &amp; PR Debunking Myths Discovering Reality #COPRSA Heather Whaling </li></ul> <p>2. Why Blogger Relations? 77% of Internet users read blogs 89% of journalists conduct research on blogs 72% of bloggers blog to share expertise 61% of bloggers supplement their income by blogging 89% of journs conduct research on blogs #COPRSA tweetable tip: 3. The Good, The Bad, The Ugly. 4. Blogger outreach has proliferated in the last year as firms and clients see the value of exposing bloggers and their audiences to new campaigns and products As you might have guessed, the big dogs are getting solicited by agencies again and again and again and again and again and again. -- Ogilvy PR 5. The bottom line is, were tired of being marketed to; we just want to have a conversation. -- Scott Monty 6. At every one of my speeches, I say PR people are spammers. That gets everyone's attention so I have an opportunity to explain what I mean I get several hundred unsolicited press releases and PR pitches every week. Well over 99% of them are not targeted to me, instead they are sent to me because I am on various PR peoples lists -- David Meerman Scott 7. (history repeats itself) 2007 8. Photo credit 9. The Realities of Blogger Outreach 10. Myth #1: Pre-existing relationships Develop personal relationships with bloggers before making the pitch Cold-pitching is forbidden 11. Reality: Be Smarter. Relationships help, but arent required. A solid pitch trumps a lukewarm relationship. Personalization is the key to effective blogger outreach. Help bloggers cut through the clutter With bloggers, solid pitches trump lukewarm relationships #COPRSA tweetable tip: 12. Myth #2: Bloggers = Media Photo credit 13. Reality: Blogger Relations = Media Relations Most bloggers: Arent breaking news Answer to communities, not editors Havent graduated from journalism school Dont want your press releases Blogs arent newspapers or magazines, so dont treat the content creators the same Blogs arent newspapers. Treat content creators differently #COPRSA tweetable tip: 14. Myth #3: Pay-to-Play, Swag &amp; Ads Photo credit 15. Reality: Ethics, FTC Say No Payola FTC requires disclosure from bloggers who receive cash or in-kind payments Fake reviews do a disservice to a bloggers community Understand the difference between editorial, promotion, news, community access/integration When pitching bloggers, know the difference btwn editorial, promotion, news &amp; cmty access #COPRSA tweetable tip: 16. We believe we should be fairly compensated for promotional work, for providing material to be sold by a third party, for sharing our knowledge to companies who will profit from that said knowledge. -- Independent Fashion Bloggers Fair Compensation Manifesto 17. Myth #4: Content is King 18. Reality: Not So Fast 5 Cs of Blogger Relations: Cultivation Collaboration Content Community Communication (whats the ask?) 5 Cs of blogger outreach: Cultivation, Collaboration, Content, Community &amp; Communication #CORPSA tweetable tip: 19. Bad Blogger Relations Matrix courtesy of The Future Buzz ( 20. Good Blogger Relations Matrix courtesy of The Future Buzz ( 21. Heather Whaling @prTini for slides &amp; resources: subscribe to my blog: Collaboration. Integration. Social Good. </p>