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Is the conflicting advice you are getting on SEO keeping you from success? Attending this session will help you get straight answers on the SEO issues keeping you from the top of the search engines.


  • 1. SEO Whats coming, whats here and how to be ready Wil Reynolds, Founder, SEER Interactive

2. Online Success Recipe

  • This Presentation REQUIRES
  • Interruptions

3. Judging Search Success

  • Lets agree to a couple of things

4. Judging Search Success

  • A # 3 ranking is better than a #13 ranking
  • 5,000 visitors from search is better than 500

5. Judging Search Success

  • Why are those statements totally FALSE!?
  • (unless you are a publisher, maybe)

6. Judging Search Success

  • None track down to
  • Brand Participation
  • Brand Exposure
  • Leads
  • Sales

7. Dont Fall Victim

  • Beware of the SEO MYTH!! Every site ranks well for SOMETHING!

8. Get your E-G-O out of S-E-O

  • Rankings are a
  • ________
  • To an
  • _____

9. Get your E-G-O out of S-E-O

  • SEO should be a
  • Design Usability - Remarketing

10. Wanna trick them?Theyre Billionaires! 11. Tricking Google + BMW 12. Would SAAB learn? 13. Would SAAB learn? 14. Shame Shame Shame SAAB!

  • Now you know how to stay out of trouble, lets talk about how to get you there legitimately.

15. Content Structure & Spidering Behavior

  • Importance in Google how often does Google visit
    • We Build Pages Cache Tool
  • Identifying and fixing spidering issues
    • Google Webmaster tools
  • Dont bury important content
    • How many homepages can one web site have?
    • How page importance flows down through a site
    • Clicks from the homepage & importance to user community
    • Live Sample -
    • Seasonality impacts this
  • CMS / Shopping carts (?s, =s spaces)
    • Live Sample
    • Impact

16. Free Competitive Analysis tools

  • How to find out if people are searching for you & your competitors
  • Quantcast
  • Spyfu
  • Compete
  • MSN Adlab funnel
  • Why use multiple tools?

17. What I learned about SAAB

  • Quantcast

18. What I learned about SAAB

  • Compete vs. Alexa

19. Free Competitive Analysis tools

  • Give me one of your competitors
  • (gets significant traffic)

20. MSN Adlab Funnel - Brands 21. MSN Adlab Funnel - Generic 22. Free Competitive Analysis tools

  • Keyword or Domain
  • PPC Budget
  • Organic terms & Competitors
  • PPC terms & Competitors

23. Keyword Development

  • You will actually have to alter your site to rank well for the words people type into search engines! (Stop trying to trick SEs)

24. Keyword Development

  • We all stink at developing our own keyword lists (its not our fault):
  • Biased by own search behavior
  • Too close to the product / service (acronyms, jargon, product features, etc)
  • All is not lost:
  • Use tools (not just overture keyword tool)
  • Start wide (Prilosec - heartburn)
  • People search for solutions to problems not products and services

25. Keyword Development If you were a marketer for this product what 3 keyword words would you target for an SEO campaign? 26. Keyword Development If you were a marketer for this product what 3 keyword words would you target for an SEO campaign? 27. Keyword Development If you were working in marketing for a company that made a new medication to help people get a good nights sleep? 28. Keyword Development If you were working in marketingfor me,an organization that could get you at the top of Google? 29.

  • Remember, picking thewrong keywordscan kill your career!

30. JUST ASK THIS GUY! 31. Linking techniques 32. 33. My favorite tools

  • Google Trends ( )
    • Keyword priority, order, plural vs. singular
      • Accounting job vs. accounting jobs
    • Homepage real estate / Seasonality
      • Omega vs. Movado vs. TagHeuer(google)

34. Trend for Convertibles 35. Marketing Convertibles

  • Who is your target audience? Gender / Age
  • In what month do you think your ads (PPC & Organic) should be up to get the most eyeballs.
  • When do you think people begin their research?
  • What month has the least search volume for convertibles?

36. DIY vs. Outsource

  • DIY vs. outsource(Toilets and Taxes)
  • 38% avg increase in rank versus 110%
  • DIYs - Ready to invest 18 months? (outcome isnt always good)
  • Outsourcers Hard to choose one from the next (gut)
  • Opportunity cost
  • Budget (How to get a good cheap SEO and why they are hard to find)
  • Software (if it was that easy everyone would do it)
  • Competitiveness of the landscape (only 20 spots, are you going to learn this & beat us out if we enter your space?
  • Watch the low queried terms (keep your E-G-O out of S-E-O)
  • Do you have time to learn?Is the competition way ahead?
  • Do you want to learn, stay on top of trends?

37. Signs you should RUN from a search firm

  • They cold called you!
  • Required retainer to keep your rankings
    • Look up query volume for their terms
    • Common come backs:
      • Shoemakers Children
      • Busy working for clients
      • Fave - Under the radar
  • They dont rank well for anything
  • They dont proactively offer to analyze trafficANDconversions from organic search
  • The only reporting offered is on rankings
  • Heavy on the scare tactics
  • Proprietary software
  • The sites they show you are over optimizedfor search (OSEOBUS)
  • They dabble in search

38. What is coming

  • The future of search

39. Search is pervasive

  • When was the last time you searched for something using a search engine, search box on a web site, TIVO,Cell Phone , Youtube, MySpace?

40. Search is pervasive an Example

  • Exampleyou needed to use the bathroom and were in Germany but didnt speak a lick of German, could Google help you?
  • Google SMS Search

41. What happens when search falls short?

  • Do people abandon search?
  • Use alternate means

42. What happens when search falls short?

  • SEEK an answer

This tool is 100% search friendly, meaning people doing searches may find it forever 43. Yahoo! Answers

  • But Wil, whoreallyuses it?
  • 60 Million Unique Users
  • Per MONTH!
  • 120 Million answers
  • Influential in consumer decisions
  • Samples (nursing schools, arcadia university)
  • In 10 Months

44. PR & SEO

  • Yahoo News / Google News vs. Ask Jeeves
  • Where do reporters go to research / get info?
    • 92% Article research
    • 73% Find additional releases
    • Search works best when optimized across more than just Google
  • Assign value to links, sales, mentions, etc.
  • What was the outcome?

45. Social Bookmarking

  • Are you getting dug, slashdotted, delicioused, stumbleuponed?
  • Stumbleupon has sent us more traffic in a 10 day period for ( developing a tool ) than Yahoo! did last year.
  • Are you developing something people care about? Will link to, etc?
  • Benchmark and analyze referrals from Social Bookmarking sites.

46. Power of Video Content Lives forever

  • SEO on Google Video #2
  • Search Engine Optimization #3
  • Last Month 552 Views
  • This Month on pace for 1300 Views
  • All time 4500 Views been uploaded for 6 months

47. Power of Video, Social Bookmarking, PR

  • Gift that keeps on giving (IF DONE WELL)
  • Investment
    • Flight $300
    • Hotel $0