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"Hyperlocal" gets hyper-overused in the real estate blogging world. Here is some (granted not scientific, nor statistically significant) data that says readers enjoy off-topic and industry specific posts. Presented at Real Estate Word Camp. Denver, CO. April 12, 2010.


  • 1.Debunking the Hyperlocal Glory
    Jay Thompson
    Real Estate WordCamp
    April 12, 2010
    Denver, Colorado

2. Real Estate Blogging is essential for a Real Estate Professional, especially on a hyper local level
Jay Thompson @PhxREguyRE WordCamp
3. Real estate advertising Webinar:Fine tune your hyperlocal focus ...
Jay Thompson @PhxREguyRE WordCamp
4. By adjusting your blogging to the specific neighborhoods in the territory you serve (think hyper-local), you can CRUSH the competition.
Jay Thompson @PhxREguyRE WordCamp
5. Your (real estate) blog can not be successful unless your focus is hyper local
Jay Thompson @PhxREguyRE WordCamp
6. Jay Thompson @PhxREguyRE WordCamp
7. Jay Thompson @PhxREguyRE WordCamp
8. Jay Thompson @PhxREguyRE WordCamp
9. Jay Thompson @PhxREguyRE WordCamp
10. Jay Thompson @PhxREguyRE WordCamp
11. If you received an article that you know could be better written or more compelling, what would you do with it?
Publish it.
Jay Thompson @PhxREguyRE WordCamp
12. Dont Get Me Wrong
Hyperlocal is good for
Search Engine Results
Jay Thompson @PhxREguyRE WordCamp
13. Search Engines Drive Visitors
Jay Thompson @PhxREguyRE WordCamp
14. Dont Get Me Wrong
Hyperlocal is good for
Search Engine Results
Single neighborhood sites
Jay Thompson @PhxREguyRE WordCamp
15. Jay Thompson @PhxREguyRE WordCamp
16. Dont Get Me Wrong
Hyperlocal is good for
Search Engine Results
Single neighborhood sites
A portion of your overall blog strategy
Do what Mariana said FAQs, tips, community info, etc.
Jay Thompson @PhxREguyRE WordCamp
17. Jay Thompson @PhxREguyRE WordCamp
18. Dont do this, but
Comment: So how much traffic will this post drive and how many home will it sell? Playing on peoples emotions to get traffic is a low life move.
My response: Neither traffic or selling homes is the point. At all. I should have just deleted your comment, particularly since you dont have the guts to put your name on it. But instead I left it as a reminder to people that the internet is full of assholes.
Jay Thompson @PhxREguyRE WordCamp
19. Unsolicited Feedback From A-hole Comment:
I saw your response to the idiot on your blog. Any agent honest enough to call out a site visitor is the right agent for me.
Jay Thompson @PhxREguyRE WordCamp
20. Jay Thompson @PhxREguyRE WordCamp
21. Your obvious conections, concerns and knowledge of the real estate industry was a major factor in our selecting you and Francy to be our agents
I can get market stats lots of places. I come to your site to get your opinion on things. I do like your statistics articles where you interpret the results and describe what the data means. Too many places just throw up a chart and expect me to interpret it.
If a neighborhood post is one I'm aware of, I read it. If not, I just skim it to see if its an interesting place.
I love your random musings. Always entertaining, I think it just shows who you are.
Jay Thompson @PhxREguyRE WordCamp