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Blockbuster Movie Need For Speed Jack Dixon

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Blockbuster MovieNeed For SpeedJack Dixon

Top Gear InterviewAaron Paul featured in a recent episode of Top Gear; an extremely popular British motoring programme. This was an excellent choice to help market the need for speed film as the show appeals to the same target audience as the film. The presenter; Jeremy Clarkson discusses breaking bad with Aaron along with the need for speed movie. The viewers of top gear will be more likely to watch the movie once they see the interview as they will take interest of Jeremy Clarkson's opinion.

WWE RAW (Aaron Paul Appearance)Aaron Paul also made a guest appearance on WWE RAW to promote the movie. Wrestling has a mainly male fan base of all ages which makes it a great way to promote the need for speed movie. Aaron appeared in a car on the show which promotes the vehicles used in the need for speed movie, he then took part in the actual wrestling match which would attract a lot of attention to himself as an actor.

ConclusionIn my opinion Aaron Paul is the best choice of character to promote the movie as he is already very famous from the breaking bad series. He is able to take part in a mature insightful interview on top gear as well as a fun entertaining performance on WWE. Aaron could also be considered a good face for the campaign as he may attract young girls that find him attractive; further widening the target audience.

Pre-productionOne of the most important things a producer must consider during pre production is the marketing campaign, from cast appearances to giant posters. If a film has a good marketing strategy then it can make millions at box office . To ensure the marketing campaign is a success the producer must follow these rules.Background- Need for speed was initially a video game in he 90s Identifying the audience- The target audience of need for speed is males from 14-35 with an interest in cars.Thinking ahead- Distributors of Need For Speed looked at previous successful marketing campaigns as well as audience research, focus groups and surveys.

Post productionPost production phases often last longer than the actual shooting of the movie. Post production gives the producers a chance to change aspects of the film based on questionnaires given during screen tests; this is when the film is shown to a small group of people who then pick up any flaws before the film is released to the public. The audience that the film will be shown too will be chosen to represent the intended target audience so for the need for speed test screening the majority of viewers would be male.

AnchorageThe term anchorage means the fixing of meaning through connotations and signs. For example in Need For Speed the two main visual appeals are women and cars as this is what the audience like to see. The posters for this movie use both of these to attract the audience along with giving some slight clues as to what the movie involves. The first poster shows Aaron Paul with the other males from the movie and shows the helicopter carrying a car in the background which suggest the film has lots of action. The second poster features a woman as a sexual object which attracts males to watch the film. The women is staring directly at the viewer which could suggests that she wants the viewer to join her.

Synergy and USPSynergy is the sale of products or services related to the film for example action figures and amusement park rides. The main synergy for Need for Speed is the video game that has been very popular since the 90s. Fans of the game will feel the need to go and watch this movie gaining the movie a wider target audience. The movie also uses synergy through toy cars etc. to attract the younger generation of males. The USP (unique selling point) of this movie is the use of cars and women to attract the audience. Conventional action movies like this use visual aids to entice the audience whereas auteur films often use the narrative to entertain the audience.