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<p>Birthday Present From MomEvery 7th June, mom always celebrates my birthday. On my 12th birthday, mom gave me a very interesting present. It was the most expensive mini bike that had ever been sold in Indonesia. I was so happy to receive the present from mom. Not only because of the expensive price, but also because mom allowed me to use my bike for school.When you were on your 12th, you might go to school with your bike. Said her, once.Why do I have to wait until my 12th? I asked her madly.Your body is small, Nita. If you were cycling when you were, I worried about your safety. Those heavy traffics always haunted me.But then I understood her worry.Now, I was allowed to go to school with my bike. My friends welcomed me happily. They were so glad, because I had a new bicycle.I can borrow it, cant I, Nita? said Triana while she was going closer.I want too, Nita!! said the other friend.I nod my head slowly. I wasnt meant that I didnt want to borrow my bike to my friends. I was worried if they couldnt ride it well. If they fell, of course my bike wouldve scratched, or there might be some parts that broken. But, I couldnt refuse them. But please be careful okay! I yelled to remind them.Triana was so happy when I allowed her to ride the bike. Since, she didnt have any. If she wanted to ride, she always borrowed it from friends. Usually, her friends seldom lent her. The reason is simple, they were afraid if their bike broke.I was just watching Triana riding the bicycle. Once, she was almost falling, but I could catch her up. But then, I didnt let her riding my bike again. After Triana, now its Nunung who lent. Because I had promised to lend her, so I gave her my precious bike.Nunung ride better than Triana, though she was a bit reckless. Even in a small road, she wasnt afraid riding the bike. Because of her reckless, she fell off. I screamed, but Nunung was just smiling.Surely, my mom is going to scold me said I to Nunung.Ah, that was just. How could she mad at you? Arent you the one she loves most? Said Nunung without gave me any concern to my feeling.How easy you can talk like that. Im sure that my mom is going to scold me at home. Even i might not be allowed to ride my bike anymore.When I was going home, I felt so worry. My mind was only thinking about my mother. If I was being honest, of course mom would be mad at me, but if I lied, I would feel so guilty. Now my front side of my bike had a little scratch. Mom would know about it. So, I would just tell her the truth.Nita, it felt nice to ride your new bike, doesnt it?I nodded.Why do you look so sad? What did happen dear?I just told her the problem right away, my heart was so scared.So, it was your friend who fell?I nodded.No matter how expensive the bike is, theres nothing better than friendship. She said calmly.What do you mean, mom?Dont worry about all those things. I did gift you a birthday present, but it doesnt mean that its only you who ride the bike, does it? Dont they also want to ride it?I was so embarrassed with Nunung. When she dropped my bike, I was really mad. But otherwise, mom wasnt angry.Did you mad at Nunung?Of course, mom. I really love my new bike. You bought me that with a lot of money.Mom was laughing after she listen my confession.Oh Nita I say it once more dont trade your friendship only for a bike. If you dont have any friends, of course you will feel hard. But if you ride with a bit scratched bike, you would still be happy.On the next day, I was rushing to meet Nunung. I wanted to apologize because I had been mad with her. But Triana said, Nunung had not come to school because she was afraid for breaking my bike. I asked Triana to went to Nunungs house. As she knew my coming, Nunung was running to her house. Nunung, I come to apologize to you. Mom didnt scold me, mom had forgiven you. Thats why I come to say my apology.Not long after, Nunung ran out from her room and hugged me.Im sorry, Nita. I broke your bike that you love most!So do I, Nung. I was too emotional!And we become friend again.</p>