I gifted my mom the best on her birthday

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<p>I gifted my Mom the best on her birthday</p> <p>Nevertheless, peoples views have changed over the years. Along with various fresher students, the aged citizens are also coming forward to take admission in various colleges around the globe. It usually becomes tough for an elderly person to visit the college lectures at a regular basis. Therefore, the online education can prove to be the best option for them. </p> <p> Image courtesy: http://goo.gl/g3xkIMy mother, who is now a homemaker, completed her bachelors degree before marriage and after I was born, she couldnt complete her post-graduation. However, she was very fond of studies but the thought of getting enroled in a university at this age was a matter of embarrassment for her. I always used to feel bad that in order to look after me, she had to leave her education in the middle. I wanted to do something by which she will be able to gain the knowledge and degree which she deserves. Her birthday was round the corner, and an idea knocked my mind. </p> <p>I had heard about earning diploma through distance learning but never quite researched about it before. This time I made my mind to give it a serious thought. I searched through the various online degree websites and soon I got hold of a diploma course in management from a reputed UK University. I investigated about the programme and contacted the organisation about it. I knew that this degree will be very much helpful for my mother to be able to gain that extra knowledge about her subject as she had done her bachelors degree in business management itself.How the degree helped my Mother? </p> <p> Image courtesy: http://goo.gl/rRHz6</p> <p>It was her birthday and I presented her with the application form and course details. At first, she was a bit apprehensive about going on with the course but when I made her understand about the merits of online learning, she became ready to apply for the same. </p> <p>The whole process of her learning online was very easy and flexible. She used to give 2 hours every day to her course after finishing all her household chores. She gave exams through the various assignments and projects related to her subject which she used to submit to the university with a single click on the mouse. It was a 1 year diploma course and she completed it with flying colors. Image courtesy: http://goo.gl/tSdXnToday, she is working from home as a Management Counselor in one of the topmost companys in London and her diploma through distance learning helped a lot to gain this position in her company. No matter if she had left her education midway and there is a long gap between her bachelors degree and diploma course, she still managed to be a working professional now and she believes that her 55th birthday gift was the only reason behind her success. </p>