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<ul><li><p>8/3/2019 Birthday Present &amp; Quotes (eBook)</p><p> 1/20</p><p>-1-by Tsunami Sayadaw</p><p>Sayadaws 41st</p><p>Birthday PresentFor those only who want</p><p>to abandon sufferings permanently</p><p>Guided Insight MeditationTalk by Tsunami Sayadaw U Ottamasara</p><p>at Thanlyin Pagoda Hill</p><p>Natural Meditation Centre</p><p>(23.10.2010)</p><p>Translated by Hnin Nwe Soe ( by Sayadaw U Ottamasara (</p><p>&amp; Soe Win Htut (</p></li><li><p>8/3/2019 Birthday Present &amp; Quotes (eBook)</p><p> 2/20</p></li><li><p>8/3/2019 Birthday Present &amp; Quotes (eBook)</p><p> 3/20</p><p>-3-by Tsunami Sayadaw</p><p>Motto Quotesby Tsunami Sayadaw, U Ottamasara</p><p>1. The more anger, the more danger.</p><p>The less anger, the less danger.Freedom from anger, freedom from danger.</p><p>2. The more desire, the more discomfort.The less desire, the less discomfort.Freedom from desire, freedom from discomfort.</p><p>3. "Using with grasping and using with comparing " is wrong.</p><p>"Using only " is right.</p><p>4. "Action only " is free, flexible and powerful.</p><p>5. "Difficulty " is the first step towards " easiness "</p><p>6. If there is a will, there is a way.Your mind is the creator of your life.</p><p>7. Belief is a fundamental requirement in practicing meditation.-Even ' created belief ' has power to a limited extent-'Real belief ' has power to a limited extent. (or)Created belief' has limited power.Real belief' has limitless power.</p><p>8. No set limits regarding time, place, effort and abandonment "</p><p>are required to explore the original wisdom.</p><p>9. Real meditation is trying to abandon one's mind until nothingleft.</p><p>10. Try to practice meditation regardless of having a busy life.</p><p>11. Practice meditation with free wisdom and desire. Practicemeditation without any reasoning about how to do it and whatto do.</p></li><li><p>8/3/2019 Birthday Present &amp; Quotes (eBook)</p><p> 4/20</p><p>-4-by Tsunami Sayadaw</p><p>12. From free wisdom arises free action; from free action arisesfree power ; from free power appears limitless results.</p><p>13. Nothing is permanent BUT ever new impermanent nature</p><p>and permanent nature _ unchanging nature(Nibbana).14. Nothing to take refuge in EXCEPT the original truth,</p><p>(ever-new impermanent nature and permanent nature).- Original truth is to be taken refuge in.- Created truth is to be used only.</p><p>15. Original truth has limitless power.</p><p>Created truth has only limited power.16. Real meditation is trying to stop any cause.</p><p>There's no effect free from cause. No cause, no effect.</p><p>17. Real meditation is trying to inherit right understanding fromthe Buddha.A really good deed is sharing that right understanding.</p><p>18. Real meditation is like " digging up an invaluable treasure" ofgood deeds.</p><p>19. The surest way to satisfy(fulfill) one's mind is fulfilling others'minds indiscriminately.</p><p>20. Try to do good deeds continuously without limitation andhesitation.</p></li><li><p>8/3/2019 Birthday Present &amp; Quotes (eBook)</p><p> 5/20</p><p>-5-by Tsunami Sayadaw</p><p>21. " Helping others" is helping oneself.</p><p>22. Problems are problems because of no connection with the originaltruth. Problems are not problems because of connection withthe original truth.</p><p>23. " Floating in the unstable main stream of the modern age anddepending on instability " makes one's mind unstable andimperfect.</p><p>24. Unmask your mind/ego. Transform it to be pure and wholesome.</p><p>25. Let alone doing evil deeds, strives to do good deedsincessantlytill there is no time to even share your merits with</p><p>others.26. Those who practice Vipassana meditation execute only what is</p><p>deemed necessary because they are steered by Original Wisdom.</p><p>27. Affairs of life denote/represent way of life/everyday life forthose who do not practice Vipassana meditation.</p><p>Dhamma denotes/represents way of life/everyday life for</p><p>those who practice Vipassana meditation28. Make use of Created Power to understand Original Power.</p><p>29. Lord Buddha is the exemplary leader for those who discovered(who the genuine Lord Buddha is) because he truly is an unrivaledhero.</p><p>30. Nothing should be done in haste.</p><p>31. There will not be any worries for those who manage to abandonthem.</p><p>32. There is no reciprocity in practicing Vipassanameditation.</p><p>One should not anticipate direct outcome from it.</p><p>33. Practicing Vipassana meditation is inheriting Lord BuddhasVipassana legacy.</p><p>34. Materialistic has endless insufficiency. Contented soul hasceaseless surplus.</p></li><li><p>8/3/2019 Birthday Present &amp; Quotes (eBook)</p><p> 6/20</p><p>-6-by Tsunami Sayadaw</p><p>35. It is the gung ho mindset that makes the beings so bigoted.</p><p>36. Do not live on your desires.</p><p>37. It is important to be free from desires.</p><p>38. Let your actions do the talking.39. Being alive today is to be departed one day.</p><p>40. Do not carry out endeavours with attachment.</p><p>Learn to detach them.</p><p>41. It is important to have contented mind.</p><p>42. Fictitious reputation is the result of being embarked oncreated power.</p><p>43. Wholesome deeds steer one to be free from ailments, problems,worries, and struggles of life. (pleasant and favourableconsequences).</p><p>Unwholesome deeds compel one to suffer from ailments,encounter problems, worries, and struggles of life (unpleasant</p><p>and dreadful consequences).44. As all the traditional norms and believes are inconclusive and</p><p>ambiguous, one constantly needs to strive to be free from them.</p><p>45. Roof is the sky, Bed is the earth, Shelter is the atmosphere,This place is the Natural Meditation Centre.</p><p>46. Be heedful of the Poison in speech, food, studying, sleeping andthe Dhamma.</p><p>47 University of Nature --- ImpermanentNature(Citta, Cetasikaand Rupa) and Permanent Nature (Nibbana)Judge of Nature--- Magga Wisdom ( Real Enlightenment )Law of Nature --- The Four Noble Original Truths</p><p>48. Trying to contact the Dhamma is the priority regardless oflifestyle.</p></li><li><p>8/3/2019 Birthday Present &amp; Quotes (eBook)</p><p> 7/20</p><p>-7-by Tsunami Sayadaw</p><p>Guided Insight Meditation Talkby Tsunami Sayadaw U Ottamasara</p><p>at Thanlyin Pagoda Hill</p><p>Natural Meditation Centre.</p><p>elax the whole body. Just close your eyes. Meditation is just to</p><p>meditate only. To be able to practice meditation only, meditators have to</p><p>abandon paying attention to the action (or) some actions of how to do,</p><p>what to do, whatever actions that can be understood_that can be done.</p><p>It is not real meditation_practicing only if you pay attention to--</p><p> 1. The idea of the meditation time (duration)--- such as How long to sit ?or to sit as long as one can</p><p>2. The meditation method--- such as Attaching to one method or followingreputed methods and Following a variety of methods</p><p>3. The place ---such as Whether to practice at home or at the meditation</p><p>centre 4. The ideas of being on individual, or someone e.g, what kind of yogi.</p><p>5. The idea of regarding oneself as a teacher or as a follower and meditatingaccording to ones own idea about practice.</p><p>Without paying attention to meditation methods, time and</p><p>place, just practicing only results in real vipassana_wisdom (panna).</p><p>To become like this, it is necessary to meditate only with the idea</p><p>that the meditation itself cannot be grasped.</p><p>R</p></li><li><p>8/3/2019 Birthday Present &amp; Quotes (eBook)</p><p> 8/20</p><p>-8-by Tsunami Sayadaw</p><p>Meditation method and time (duration) is not of the central</p><p>importance. For example (1) The attitude of no matter how long it takes</p><p>is taking the time as reality or importance. (2) The attitude of whatever</p><p>happens, is also taking what is happening as reality or of importance.</p><p>(3)Taking particular meditation techniques as reality or of importance.This does not mean stopping actions and methods of meditation</p><p>that we use. But just to use them only. Paying attention to actions and</p><p>method does not make the meditation free or meditation only.</p><p>Time and place have to be used in meditation. Meditation can</p><p>be practiced any where. It does not mean to stop doing some actions.</p><p>However, being preoccupied with the place, time, situation and method</p><p>makes the meditation not free or practice only. Meditation Methods,time, place and life are just to use without grasping. If one can use</p><p>them without grasping--- just to be using only, the original truth (the</p><p>original citta, cetasika, rupa ) will appear as Dukkha, Samudaya and</p><p>Magga Sacca which lay hidden behind the created truths.</p><p>Real meditation is to be able to use only without the</p><p>idea of grasping and misunderstanding something,</p><p>everything, someone, everyone, some time, life cycle</p><p>as reality or of importance.</p><p>Practicing meditation with the idea of stopping the life cycle</p><p>(samsara) is taking the life cycle (samsara) as of importance or reality.</p><p>It is not real meditation (practicing only). It is not practicing meditation</p><p>freely. Practicing meditation with the idea of being something is not</p><p>free due to an emphasis upon getting a particular result.This does not mean stopping doing something. Neither reject nor</p><p>accept doing something.</p><p>It means paying attention to right understanding or right attitude. Just</p><p>to be free attitude and to use only.</p><p>To use only means abandoning the idea of paying attention to</p><p>something, time, place, situation and life by recollecting the originaltruth, ever-new misunderstanding only.</p></li><li><p>8/3/2019 Birthday Present &amp; Quotes (eBook)</p><p> 9/20</p><p>-9-by Tsunami Sayadaw</p><p>Meditation is just to meditate only</p><p>without paying attention to this life or that</p><p>life as we usually do__ such as the idea of</p><p>getting a better life or a paticular lifeexperience or stopping a life cycle_</p><p>samsara. It is not rejecting every meditator</p><p>will naturally follow their habitual familiar</p><p>way of practice. Also eveyone automatically</p><p>follows systems,rules and regulations,</p><p>disciplines, traditions and regional</p><p>customs.Real meditation is not to reject following rules and regulations</p><p>or obeying the discipline, but to abandon the idea of grasping and</p><p>misunderstanding them as reality.</p><p>Everyone studies with the misunderstanding of education and</p><p>actions of learning or not as reality. Everyone earns theirs living (does</p><p>business) with a misunderstanding of money and actions of doing or</p><p>not doing business as reality.</p><p>Real meditation must be meditate (doing or practicing) only.</p><p>Instead of meditating or doing things with grasping and misunderstanding,</p><p>meditatiors have to abandon the idea of grasping and misunderstanding</p><p>actions as of real importance. It will not be free if one practices meditation</p><p>with the idea of misunderstanding something, somewhere, everywhere,</p><p>sometime, every time, the whole life cycle, limited period, limitless period</p><p>until death -etc; as reality.</p><p>The attitude of --- How to practice --- this way or that way?</p><p>How to conduct--- like this or like that? Doing something or doing</p><p>nothing? is our programmed habitual attitude towards practice. This</p><p>attitude makes us not free in meditation partice and whatever we</p><p>do in our daily life. The ability of doing or doing nothing that everyone</p><p>understands is the instinctive (inborn) ability that everyone has. If</p><p>you pay attention to it, you cannot go beyond the created (instinctive</p><p>or habitual) ability.</p></li><li><p>8/3/2019 Birthday Present &amp; Quotes (eBook)</p><p> 10/20</p><p>-10-by Tsunami Sayadaw</p><p>We always use our bodily, verbal and mental actions individually.</p><p>Due to taking the created person I as reality and identifying : I or You,</p><p>Self or Others, Man or Woman, Parents or Children, there will be endless</p><p>problems about social, gender and economic issues. Lots of social, gender</p><p>and economic problems occur endlessly because of the wrong use(misuse) of I, you, Individual or Others -etc; as if they are a reality. Also</p><p>the problems between men and women, parents and children are because</p><p>of the wrong use of men, women, parents and children as if of real</p><p>importance.</p><p>In fact, I, you, man, woman, parents and children are just labels</p><p>or created truths, not to think of reality. If we can use these labels without</p><p>grasping there will be no more problems. Everything will be ok if there isno grasping or classifying of them as reality. This is just to meditate only</p><p>or meditate freely.</p><p>This is just to meditate freely__ just to use life freely.</p><p>There is a need to understand that what is really important,</p><p>is real freedom. The real meditation is intended to emphasize</p><p>real freedom.</p><p>It will not be free if one uses everything with grasping. Classifying</p><p>I or You, Mine or Yours, Right or Wrong, Good or Bad, Life or Death as</p><p>reality -etc makes us not free. If the concept of I is being paid attention</p><p>to (or) if one makes distinction between I and You, there is no freedom.</p><p>If the concept of death and life is being paid attention, there will be</p><p>worry about safety of life endlessly. If you use the things with the idea</p><p>of mine or yours -- worry about loss of things __ mine to yours will</p><p>happen endlessly.</p><p>Real meditation does not mean to stop the events _happenings of</p><p>changing mine to yours or yours to mine, but it means to abandon the</p><p>idea of paying attention to these happenings with grasping and</p><p>misunderstanding them as reality. The process of changing mine to yours</p><p>or yours to mine is not the key point. It does not mean to stop this</p><p>happening. The key point is to abandon grasping and misunderstanding</p><p>of this process as of real importance.</p></li><li><p>8/3/2019 Birthday Present &amp; Quotes (eBook)</p><p> 11/20</p><p>-11-by Tsunami Sayadaw</p><p>Not only in meditation, but also in whatever we do in terms of</p><p>worldly doing or habitual daily work__ it is important to meditate freely</p><p>or to be able to do freely. It is rarely heard that even worldly work can be</p><p>done freely. We will be able to meditate freely with the help of the Buddha</p><p>who did meditation and propagation freely and who just used his livesfreely without the idea of grasping such as my life, your life, teachers</p><p>life, students life, parents life, childrens life, humans life, devas life,</p><p>brahmas life and animals life.</p><p>Practicing meditation only is the real cause ofvipassana wisdom.</p><p>This method is not the created vipassana meditation but it is a real</p><p>vipassana meditation. This is to reveal the cause of the real vipassana</p><p>wisdom, not the created vipassana.Practice, experience, time, place and methods in</p><p>meditation are just to use only (practice only) and</p><p>to use freely without the idea of grasping at this</p><p>happening or that happening. Just to do only. Just to</p><p>be practicing only.</p><p>Dualities such as pain or pleasure, calmness or agitation,</p><p>meditating for a long time or for a short time seem to be real in</p><p>meditation or in daily life. There will be some happenings such as __</p><p>pain or pleasure, calmness or agitation, meditating for a long</p><p>time or for a short time while meditating. What happenings are not</p><p>important. Real meditation is just to use these dualities without</p><p>misunderstanding them as reality. This enables real abandonment.</p><p>This is a real renunciation that any parents, teachers or doctors</p><p>cannot renounce in their worldly life. This type of renunciation has never</p><p>been heard or practiced in our daily life.</p><p>Try to use only meditation practice, place, life of yogi and life of</p><p>teacher without the idea of grasping and misunderstanding them as</p><p>reality. Meditation practice, life of yogi, life of teacher and places etc</p><p>are just to use only without grasping and misunderstanding them as reality.</p><p>It is hardly been known that--- this is the real abandonment that can be</p><p>done and sh...</p></li></ul>