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<ul><li> 1. A Kutti BirthdayPresent - Yours Vettifully,Your Daughter </li></ul> <p> 2. DISCLAIMERAll characters and Events in this Slide Show even those based on real people are fictional.The following Slide Show contains personalcontent and it should not be viewed by anyonewho has not sought permission from Miss. ElsaDunston . :P 3. First Meeting Eighth Standard. You were a newadmission. Honestly speaking, I dontremember anything else but You keepsaying I asked You if You were an Indian.Haha ! :D :P anyways. And thenagain, You say I asked You for PT T-shirtand thats how our Friendship startedofficially. p.s. Im sorry I dont remember anythingelse. :P 4. Memories :DWell, there are loads. Remember the first time I invited you to my birthday party? In eighth. I dont even know why I did that. No , no, I dont r egr et i t t hat m uch :P Then, t he excur si on ! To O y ! W got i nt o a BI I I Gote f i ght ! Haha :D I guess t hat onl y st r engt hened our r el at i onshi p,I m ean, f r i endshi p :P Then ni nt h, you came hom n st ayed f or f our days r i ght ?e R em em ber t he U ul Li f e Ski l l s I t aughtsef you? ;) (pun uni nt ended. :P ) 5. N nt h w wi e ent f or t hat excur si on t o Moonar and so was formed, theworlds aw esom est gr oup ! TH G SI L G O P !! :D I bet t hat E ELU RUDuni t ed al l t he l i ke-m nded vet t y peopl e (You, M Sant hi ya, ie,Lakshm , Them s and C nt hur a) a l ot m e t han anyt hi ng el se !ii i orFi ght s aal a nal l a vi shayam nadandha , f i ght s nal l adhu dhaane ? ;)):P Then cam t ent h. M l ast year at St.Johns. N t hat I w so ey ot assad about i t :P O M h Tui t i on. R l !! Uur at of sed t o be f un :D Ah !DH I m ss t hat !! And t hen af t er I l ef t t o Dowi AV, you w e one of ert he ver y f ew peopl e w bot her ed t o st ay i n t ouch m uah f or ho mt hat ) Eleventh wasnt much, w i t ? I t j ust was ent by *sw sh*.iThen cam t w f t h ! Phew ! Fun t hat weelas, i n a w :D BO D Lol !ayAR S.Super-fun it was, staying up late in the night and texting all rubbish..no,maybe I shouldnt cal l i t r ubbi sh ! W w e onl y t r yi ng t o e erm al l y equi p our sel ves t o f ace t he mentean w l d :P And t hen M oryAI EEE , JEE and ot her exam nat i ons cam r unni ng onl y t oiesepar at e us apar t YO LEFT. :O I M , YO AC ALLY LEFT U EANU TUC EN AI :O FO EVERH N R. 6. But di st ance coul d not sw our det er m nat i on t o ki l l ay ieach ot her w t h M iokkai . B) I appr eci at e t he f act t hatyou keep dr oppi ng i nt o Chennai as of t en as possi bl e andw st i l l get t o me eet each ot her :D YAY :D The l ast t i meI saw you w at The G usi l Gas elang M -U :D That weet p asl oads of f un t oo :D And, needl ess t o say, l oads ofm okkai as w l :P But i t s okay. N you and I and el owever yone el se know t hat t her e ar e obvi ousl y m sany m eorm or i es But , si nce m m or y i s ver y poor (as youemy emm ght know I cant t hi nk of anyt hi ng el se :O C youi )anbel i eve i t ? M e t han f i ve year s of bei ng best f r i ends orand I cover our memories in three slides :O But thats m :PeSo com ng t o t he end of t hi s ver y bor i ng ..um ..essay?imAr t i cl e? O w ever i t i s, I w sh and pr ay and hoper hat it hat w m cont i nue t o be l i ke t hi s f or ever and evere ay 7. Defines Us, Dontcha think ? ; )) 8. Still Thinking..Iam still thinking what it is that has clicked between us..Maybe my Egoistic nature and Your Ever-forgivingnature found a perfect soulmate in each other ? Ormaybe our shared interest in all things Mokkai :P ? Ormaybe we are just meant to be like this ? :D Butwhatever it is, I am More than thankful to God forkeeping us this way 9. Who Wouldve Thought Who wouldve thought That wed still hold on to each other.. After the many little fights weve fought ? As my brain still tries to gather All the reasons for our bond, so strong, I promise you, nothing between us will ever go wrong 10. In all this confusioni forgot to wish youa Happy Birthday :O:P 11. A very happy dappie burthdai to my sweetomommie :DSo, You have finally turned 18. Ahem. (Pununintended, again. :P )May You have the Happiest birthday of yourlifetime and a very prosperous oops! soundstoo formal year ahead My gift will come a teeny weeny bit late becauseI was lazy to go and get something for you :PP.S. Veena wanted me to include a slide on herbehalf Its up next 12. CREDITSConcept and IdeaFathima Humaira A :PStudio My Laptop :PP Slide Reviews Lakshmi Praba VeenaHAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY ONCE AGAIN</p>