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Shopping for Janes Birthday Present. Charndreck Pipkin October 30, 2012. While Looking for the Gift. I make a few purchases: Scarf for Mom Work gloves for Dad Shirt for me Rubber flip-flops for my kid sister Bone for my dog BUT nothing for Jane!. Idea. Ruled out: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Shopping for Janes Birthday PresentCharndreck PipkinOctober 30, 2012I make a few purchases:Scarf for MomWork gloves for DadShirt for meRubber flip-flops for my kid sisterBone for my dogBUT nothing for Jane!</p> <p>10/30/2012Jane's Birthday Present2While Looking for the Gift2Ruled out:Clothes dont know what sizeShoes need to try onJewelry wrong type of messageWhats left?Perfume!10/30/2012Jane's Birthday Present3Idea3Look for the Perfect ScentSmell one scentSmell another scent</p> <p>10/30/2012Jane's Birthday Present4Found one that smells like a cool breeze</p> <p>10/30/2012Jane's Birthday Present5Finally5Jane will like itI like itSpecial saletwo bottles for the price of oneExtra money to buy Jane a birthday card</p> <p>10/30/2012Jane's Birthday Present6Perfect6My friend applauds me for an excellent suggestion and we head to the Food Court for lunch.</p> <p>10/30/2012Jane's Birthday Present7Hurray! Decision has been made.7</p>