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  • Bygs Grim Reality-V NOTES BGRV only works in Stainless Steel 6.4 Late Campaign. Recommended only for people who have previous experience of BGRIV-E. Otherwise take care to read the manual carefully. Refer to the BGR V page in the BGR thread for any future enhanced instruction manual. The BGRIV-E manual is included at the end of the BGRV section. Refer to this for all older features, but note that some features may have been changed or removed in BGRV. KEY & FUNCTIONS F4 [DESIGNATE MILITARY SERVICE] Available to press every January only, this selects the number of military manpower units to distribute for the year This defines those men who are eligible and compelled to provide military service in your faction. Pressing F4 again cycles through different manpower values. To have the least impact on harvests/resources, only designate 10 units. If you find 10 is too few then select a higher value. F5 [SHOW MILITARY POOL AVAILABLE AT THE SELECTED SETTLEMENT] Select a settlement and then press F5 if you want to see the military manpower resources available in that particular settlement F6 [SHOW FORAGE/RESOURCES FOR REGION OF THE SELECTED SETTLEMENT] Select a settlement and then press F6 to view Regional Resources (forage). These resources are consumed by default when supplies are not carried by an army. Forage can be spared by marching an army at full speed, which leaves it no time to gather resources. F9 [SHOW MONTH] Shows the month AUTOMANAGE TROOPS [INCITES REBELLION] In any of your own settlements ? BUTTON [ATTEMPT A GENERAL PARDON] The ? button on any any unit information scroll See BGRIV manual section at the end of the BGRV manual for details RECRUITMENT ADVISOR BUTTON [ACTIVATE SCUTAGE TAX]

  • Shown at the bottom of your recruitment scroll Available when the Faction Leader has the Trait Ready For Scutage See BGRIV manual section at the end of the BGRV manual for details FACTION BUTTON [SHOW NOBLES SUMMARY SCROLLS] Press the letter o key to use the Faction button without getting the summary scrolls RECRUITING, TAXATION & BUILDING RESTRICTION IN GENERAL There are certain requirements that must be met in order to recruit. When these requirements are not met in a particular settlement then recruitment is suspended. In BGRV the ability to queue buildings and set tax levels is also suspended, though you can still use Auto-manage in settlements for these functions, though you will have little control over what is built. Be careful not to set Auto-manage for troops! When some requirements are not met you may instead just see higher grade units disappear from the recruit pools and others may cause all military units pools to be removed. Examples that may cause various types of suspension are: A noble arriving in a Settlement with very high supply demands (i.e. he has
  • Equally, you may think of large estate (settlement/region) ownership as literally owning or as land tenure. Again, it is effectively the same thing. The styling of your system is up to you. You could for example operate a more centralised system by keeping many regions under central control or you could make rich, powerful local Lords by endowing them with multiple estates. The potential rapidity of expansion in a game where each month is represented has enabled me to configure some interesting game-play consequences. BGRV is designed so that as you expand you find your faction becoming stretched thinner and thinner. The quantity of your own military manpower resources barely increases as you expand because conquered peoples never quite become your own in the given timeframe. Though you may keep your faction operating in a very feudal style, the military command system will still increasingly centralise as you expand. Thus initially your local Lords may conduct independent military campaigns, though ultimately your leader's orders will confine local Lords to defensive measures, only allowing the central army to lead foreign expeditions. SETTLEMENT TENURE/OWNERSHIP (also referred to in-game as Large Estates) On turn 1 you are advised to leave your generals in their settlements to gain the deeds (ancillary) that denote Lordship of that region. This is because ownership/tenure of settlements, when no owner is already established, goes to the Noble governing the settlement. CENTRALLY OWNED SETTLEMENTS/LARGE ESTATES A region where the deed ancillary is held by either the Faction Leader or the Heir can be thought of as either owned by the Leader & Heir (like a King's Demesne) or as a Centrally controlled region (run by the state). These centrally controlled regions have a combined military pool of men which represents those people required to give military service when called upon. Thus when you press F5whilst any centrally controlled settlement is selected you see the central pool which is shared by any centrally controlled settlement. Central Settlements are only governed by any general representing the central state i.e. Nobles holding a Professional Training Staff (PTS) ancillary. Ensure that either the FL or the Heir holds the Deed ancillary for your capital settlement to make it a central settlement. The Capital, when governed by any PTS holder, can recruit all levels of unit. All other centrally controlled settlements when governed by a PTs holder may recruit basic militia level units only. LOCALLY OWNED SETTLEMENTS/LARGE ESTATES Locally Owned Settlements, controlled by local lords, have individual Local Recruit Pools. When you press F5 on either a local controlled or unassigned* settlement (*not centrally owned and not locally owned) you will be presented with a scroll showing the Local Pool. To grant a noble a large estate (deeds to a settlement) simply let him be the first to enter the settlement.

  • If you want to award an estate to a Noble that is owned by someone else then simply put both Nobles together in the same stack then drag the deed ancillary, e.g. Deeds to Winchester, from the current Lord onto the picture card at the bottom of the screen of the new Lord. MILITARY SERVICE In January you must decide on the additional number of men obligated to provide military service throughout the land when required. Cycle through the options by pressing the F4 key until you see the option you want. Waiving military obligations for a year causes no harm (either do nothing or select the zero option). Setting military service to 10 units is a balanced quantity and has a small economic cost and a slight effect on the level of harvest in September. Setting military service to 20 units has a much higher economic cost and a significant effect on the level of harvest in September. Setting military service to 30 units has an enormous economic cost and a major effect on the level of harvest in September. Only use this level if your needs are desperate or you are fully prepared for the consequences. The military service pools will reflect your choice next month, in February. To view, select a settlement and press F5. Military Service Distribution The manpower units you selected in January are divided equally between all of your settlements. Thus for example 10 units for a faction with 5 settlements increments each settlements pool by 2 units. However, any centrally controlled regions, where the deeds are held by either the Heir or The Faction Leader, will pool their commitment. In the above example suppose 2 of your regions are centrally controlled. The 2 central regions will show a combined pool of 4 in their Central Pool and the other 3 local controlled regions will show 2 each in their Local Pool. The Manpower Costs of Troop Grades Different military units require different levels of manpower, not just the soldiers themselves but also those who support them in the field, such as pages, servants, merchants, grooms, bakers, carpenters and general useful hangers-on (both male and female). Higher classes of troops require higher levels of manpower in support, thus ten basic units may be 'spent' on less men of higher quality. The cost in unit terms is:- Elite quality 3, Medium Quality 2, Militia Quality 1 For example, 1 Elite unit (3 units) + 2 Medium units (4 units) + 3 Militia grade units (3 units) = 10 units total manpower It might be wise when recruiting to always leave 1 unit of manpower in reserve as leaving 0 or eating into your essential workforce will prevent further recruitment, but also building, if that is of concern to you.

  • As your reserves of manpower are recruited into troop units you will notice the populations of your settlement dropping. If you disband a unit you no longer want in a settlement he will take up residence there and be accepted, or allow others to enter into the military service pool for that region. At the same time your population will increase. All population increments and decrements are based on the manpower cost of the unit in question, e.g. disband an elite unit and the population will increase by 300 & and the military pool by 3 units. Retraining in BGRV is identical in all aspects of manpower and population effects to recruiting. REGIONAL FORAGE/RESOURCES Every September the harvest is gathered and the regions' resources are replenished. It is important to manage your regions' resources so that they do not become fully depleted before the next harvest. Depletion is caused by: 1) Foraging armies All factions' armies consume forage, even those controlled by the AI. Armies forage by default when not in a settlement, a ship or consuming carried supplies. The larger the army the more forage is consumed. When no resources remain, armies resort to consuming carried supplies. 2) The Rural Population Even when no armies are present in a region the population will slowly drain resources. In the absence of foraging armies the population is highly unlikely to run out of