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BGR IV & BGRIV-EnhancedByg's Grim Reality Enhanced Difficulty, Depth & Realism Mod Featuring Supply System, Field Morale, Command System Feudal to Centralised Army System Progression Nobles' Personal Wealth & Property, 3 Way Economic Management, Crime & Punishment Systems Dynamic Religious Area of Recruitment, Recruitment by Rank, Factionwide Zeal Effects Dynamic Difficulty Level & All mod (Kingdoms) CompatibilityGo Here for BGRIV/E Modders Pack for integration with mods other than stainless steel, or SS mods that introduce new settlement names and units. Fixes Unaddressed Bug Status for BGRIV Enhanced Version = 0 Addressed Bug Status for ALL BGRIV_E code = 2 (you should apply these fixes to all mods containing BGRIV_E except where you have applied SS6.3 fixes or used Stainless Steel or other mod versions dated later than SS6.3) 1} (on and after 2nd crusade you may find the BGR crusade feature prevents recruitment too soon if you don't join immediately. Manual Fix here. New campaign may be required. 2} Rarely a general may become locked "In Defiance of Orders" (Trait) despite obeying his punishment, pardons or new Kings. Manual fix (save compatible) Here.

Unaddressed bug status for standard BGRIV (old standard version) = 1 (there is a moneyfix file available for this in the twcenter BGR thread, which is currently only for RRRC Compilation 23rd April edition users, later versions with RRRC are fixed) . I have not made this fix for ss6.1 version as I consider it has been superceded.NEWS:

You can now get the latest BGRIV Enhanced version included optionally in a compilation of various Stainless Steel (6.2) based mini mods here BGRIV Enhanced is also provided optionally in Stainess Steel 6.3 & 6.4 here There are some recommended and some optional files at the end of this post for users of SS6.4.

About BGRIV & IV EBGRIV & IV_E are recommended for: A) Players who consider themselves experienced at BGRIII and wish to upgrade. B) Expert players who find non-BGR games too easy C) And / or players who enjoy depth of game-play and have a love for detail.

The instructions here will only deal with new additions. If you want to skip BGRIII then please take the time to read all the instructions in the BGR twcenter thread as it contains details of previous version features which are still in BGRIV & IV_E. Then read the details here as some of those features have improved and changed. Please provide feedback on this thread or here : Or TWCenter BGR Thread. Some features in the instructions are illustrated in orange colour to indicate a BGRIV Enhanced version feature.

BGRIV Enhanced features:BGRIV E contains all previous version features, albeit improved and introduces the following:* Increased Difficulty & challenge * Option to mod some difficulty adjustments for some features mid campaign (for forage damage costs and estate prices). * Recruitment Authority now granted faster so you can now give a governors WC ancillary to another general, put the new one in charge and get the benefits that same turn. * Armies without generals may desert or revolt frequently due to the disorderly conduct associated with only being able to forage, rather than have logistical supply abilities (existing feature).

* Small armies or single units without generals are less likely to desert or revolt en route to their destinations, so individual reinforcement units should be fine. Large armies however should be led by generals, whether to war or travelling in home territory. * Variable army size dependent damage to region costs for foraging armies in home regions, for general led armies. There are two cost levels available to players when using the optional included files: Costs vary with army size: from 100 to 400/turn (200 to 800/turn with inflation). Unlead troops 200/400 fixed. Moddable mid campaign Costs vary with army size: from 200 to 800/turn (400 to 1600/turn with inflation) Unlead troops 400/800 fixed. Default level, Moddable mid campaign * Fixed damage to region rate for non general armies (i.e a small captain army will probably have enough forage, but a large one will almost certainly lose discipline and desert or rebel). * Existing variable supply & forage usage with army size feature now tweaked * Resupply in homeland forts and when encamped feature tweaked * Supply costs quadrupled* Intelligent supply purchase system prevents generals spending all their money on supplies, typically leaving about 2000 float for taxes etc. * Supply & forage consumption rate set to 1/4 when in forts, but forts now cost 15,000 if you choose to have forts enabled * Minimum supply quantity required for quality troop production reduced to 50% from 100% * Supplies can now be purchased in much smaller quantities benefitting poorer generals. Now 3% instead of 25%.* Good Logisticians lose extra healing ability * Banished Generals take estates for themselves upon conquest/ Non banished Generals are awarded them. * Un-banished Generals can buy estates 2000/4000 with Inflation (default) or 3000/6000 with inflation depending on modded difficulty level * Out of supply effects now split between "out of supplies" & "starvation" traits. Starvation is a combination of no supplies and no forage. * Old BGRIV corruption feature expanded to increase in line with expansion. ..."I wonder how that Noble was able to afford another estate on his income?" * Extra crusade feature representing an exodus of some troops from religious regions to independently join a crusade when the faction leader fails to join a crusade in time. The effect is no quality troops available in regions of 80% or more own religion until the crusade (or Jihad) ends. * New Leader's Orders based on his character. Disobedience will be punished. Also the following minor changes: Added one more feature to prevent the 'snowball' effect further. Nobles' corruption feature added to enhance difficulty when necessary (desperately poor generals may turn corrupt depending on loyalty, but the very rich are worse, like real life) Minor text changes Removed potential for ai to get 'despondent'

** Game-play Instructions**Overview

Addendum to above chart for BGRIV_E. Generals only need a minimum of 50% supplies. New Junior War Councillors can "hold" recruitment pools even in castles while WCs are away fighting as long as they have the PTS ancillary.

Playing as a virtual novice to BGRIV myself, I would describe the difficulty of my first campaign

as extreme. My faction was virtually destroyed by turn 20. My second campaign attempted an all out, no mercy blitz to see if the game was hard enough to stop me. It did, so hopefully you too will find that your wars in this game require advance planning. Please feedback on how your own campaigns progress. You are now going to be playing a new game unlike any you have played before and to some extent you will need to relearn how to play. The mod is now immensely complex, almost everything is connected to everything else as it should be, however you will find that the logic behind all the new systems should help to make a lot of the new functionality intuitive once you are used to it. Initially it may be a good idea to monitor the traits of your main characters to see how they alter as things happen. Anything important that happens is also announced in faction announcements. Having used BGRIV for a while I found that I can generally get by by only taking note of announcements and occasionally looking up a character's traits. I have rearranged traits so that you can now find important BGRIV trait usually at the end of your characters' traits lists and usually in the same order. This should make it much easier for you to quickly check on your characters recruitment ability, supply status or wealth for example. The Treasury Generals now have their own money, but there are the usual treasury costs as well for recruiting units and hiring mercenaries. Recruitment now requires money in the treasury AND a general must be wealthy enough to cover his equipping/recruiting costs. Note that because generals now have their own money, the treasury will have less and treasury reports will not reflect the actual treasury amount in your projected treasury totals, but instead reflect the total coming in or going out of your faction. Example: a general gets a ransom for some captives, your treasury will at first show the money come in, but as a significant portion belongs to the general it will go out again to him. Your projected treasury total for the next turn will be out by that amount. It works this way for all your general's earnings so remember that if your general earns a lot, the treasury will lose a lot. So tax them to the hilt by charging scutage etc (more on that later). To quickly see how much total treasury is coming from or going to your generals as a whole compare the faction report treasury total with the treasury total in the bottom right of your screen. For a more detailed report click the faction button. This gives 2 information sheets: Nobles' Expenses Summary and Nobles' Contributions Summary. If you wish to access the faction information without these summaries popping up, use your letter "o" key. The Background Files These include the AI (not included in SS6.3/6.4)and Other settings affecting the overall game in BGRIV. AI In BGRIV I have made a return to the more aggressive and unpredictable ai from vanilla. These qualities are what really provide the challenge in an AI. I have repeatedly played the same scenarios with different AIs and this one proved the most damaging to a human player. It provides a good consistent level of high difficulty with more factions waging war on you as you expand and are more of a threat to them. If the situation changes with the release of a new ai then I'll rec