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BEYOND VISION: Making it realKate KellyLAI Career Development Group. Lead to SucceedRCSI. October 14, 2016RCSI Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Coliste Roga na Minle in irinn

Leadership & vision

Leadership Propositions:Leadership isRelationalConversationalContextualAt all levels in an organisationInseparable from learningEnhanced by a clear sense of purposeValues-basedLeadership requires a personal visionFor leaders what is real is always changing

Source: Sheppard Moscow. Leadership Development Programme. 2014. Used with permission

Leading"As you think, so will you be. And as you are, so will you do.Lee Thayer. Thinking, Being, Doing

The Vision Thing

Photo: Corey Miller.

Warren G BennisLeaders must encourage their organizations to dance to forms of music yet to be heard.

Warren G BennisLeadership is the capacity to turn vision into reality

Willie WalshLeadership is the ability to give bad news

vi.sion /viZHen/n.

Imagined idea or a goal towards which one aspires

Libraries, Leadership & Vision

LIBRARY LEADERSHIP? No such thingA label rather than a vocationPut leadership theory and practice in context, i.e. apply to library

Bell, S. (2016).Theres No Such Thing as Library Leadership | Leading From the Library. [online] Library Journal. Available at: [Accessed 11 Oct. 2016].

Management & LIS LiteratureNew type of leader Soft or people skills including emotional intelligence and visionimparting vision to help organisations embrace changeAllow leaders at all levels to emergeAdapt to workplace where there is more experimentation, more adaptation and more healthy anxietyGwyer, R. (2010). Leading in Difficult Times: What Can We Learn from the Literature?.New Review of Information Networking, 15(1), pp.4-15.

Most Important Leadership Skill in Academic Library Leaders? VisionBe a visionaryBe a person of vision constantly scanning the environment, analysing and interpreting it, developing a vision that sets a clear directionTake strategic action (as opposed to planning)Be able to articulate a vision based on university and library environmentPersuade and guide others to strategic vision and the goals and objectives to work towards that vision.Other 4? Management, Integrity, Collaboration, Communication

Binh P. Le (2015). Academic library leadership in the digital age. Library Management. 36(4/5),pp 300-314

Vision StatementsToronto Public Library will be recognized as the world's leading library by informing and inspiring Toronto and its communities, making us all more resilient, more knowledgeable, more connected and more successful.Madison Public Library: your place to learn, share, and create.The California Digital Librarys vision is to elevate the digital library for UC so that it becomes "expansively global and deeply local"To transform the way people experience knowledge. (Virginia Tech)The UO Libraries serves as a powerful catalyst for learning and knowledge creation. We innovate, adapt, and excel in our efforts to improve the world, one curious mind at a time.NCSU: The Libraries: NC State's competitive advantageThe vision is for the Library to be the physical and virtual go-to place to learn and to research (TCD)To share the story of Ireland with the world through our unique collections (NLI)


Were here for youThe library is a vibrant community hub and favourite destination where personable, knowledgeable and progressive staff, provide innovative and interactive programs and services to anyone.

Or you can take us with youWith robust technology and engaging on-line spaces, the library transforms community life by inspiring and enabling literacy, curiosity, creativity and change.

To refresh your spirit. The library is essential to community life because of its deeply inclusive and collaborative approach to making this a better place to live.

RCSI Library 2008-2016

RCSI Library 2009 Strategic Plan

Vision: Our vision is that in three years time the RCSI Library and Information Service will:Provide excellent online biomedical resources in physical environments that are people-centred learning spacesServe the entire RCSI community through its co-ordinated network of libraries Use the skills of information specialists to support education, research and clinical practice in new waysDevelop a living heritage collection focused on surgery in Ireland and related themesBe a model health sciences library and information service that implements international best practice

Life is what happens to us while we are making other plansAllen Saunders 1957 Readers Digest

All Action is StrategicAlignment with organisational strategyPersistence, PatiencePersuasion/Influencing up, down, and sidewaysResourcingRisk-takingResilienceBeliefBuy-inEngagementAction

Vision for RCSI Library?Over-archingVision within visions OnlineOnsiteHeritageRecordsClinical Bahrain

Connection between them?Skill set and serviceHealth sciences


Move on Many Fronts










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Sale of antiquarian books

RCSI: Services and Resources



Library BuildingsPhysical manifestations of visionFor their communities/organisationsFor the library professionFor us as individuals

Symbolic of change

Catalyst for change

RCSI: Physical Space 2008

RCSIs Academic Education Building 2017


Learning Commons Pop-up Expo Stage


Customer Service Ethos & Model

Evolution of Team and Teams200820112016TeamsArchives & Special CollectionsArchives & Records ManagementHeritageHeritage & RecordsRecords & Information ComplianceSystemsSystems & RepositorySystems Support & DevelopmentService DeliveryTechnical ServicesInformation Resources ManagementInformation Resources ManagementInformation ServicesInformation ServicesCustomer Services & CommunicationsTeaching & Learning SupportEducation, Research and Clinical SupportBeaumont HospitalBeaumont HospitalClinical LibrarianResearch SupportScholarly Communications & Research SupportRCSI Bahrain (informal)RCSI Bahrain (formal)

Where do you start?

Hunt Library NCSU

Begin with the end in mindCovey, S. (1989).The seven habits of highly effective people. New York: Simon and Schuster.

Leading the Library (when youre not in charge)Cast visionPlan strategicallyManage projectsReject passivityBuild your teamImplement accountability

Boatright, Beth (2015) leading the library (when youre not in charge), College and Undergraduate Libraries, 22(3-4), 343-357

Add detail to the big picture Scan the environment especially outside the sectorMake suggestions, proposals.Try thingsMake mistakes Care and not care

AndGrotzinger, Laurel A.;Carmichael, James Vinson, Jr.;Maack, Mary Niles (1994). Women's work : vision and change in librarianship : papers in honor of the centennial of the University of Illinois Graduate School of Library and Information Science.

Visions for Irish Libraries?Dublin City Library Dun Laoghaire LexiconNational Library Strategic Plan 2016-2021, Lunchtime library lecture seriesTrinity College Dublin The Library of the Future; the Future of the Library seriesDBSOpen LibrariesRe-associate the word library?