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Best jokes by YerramsettiSaiBest jokes by YerramsettiSai


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    BEST JOKESby Yerramsetti Sai

    with authorNo part of this book may be utilized in any form or by any means including electronicrecording or retrieval system without permission in writing from the publishers.

    First Edition : 2011

    Price : 150/-

    Cover & Illustrations:BABU

    Published by:INDRADHANUSSU PUBLICATIONS,3-2-57, Satavahana Nagar,L.B.Nagar, Hyderabad-500 074.

    Books Available at:Vishalandra Book House, Ph : 24744580Navodaya Book House, Ph : 24652387Navayuga Book House, Ph : 24754688Indradhanussu Publications, Cell : 98482 64364Telugu Book House, Cell : 9247446497Ganesh Book stall, Dilsukhnagar, Cell: 9393804466

    DTP & LayoutHari : 9393 5254 61H.No. 11-13-193/3/1-B, Near Astalaxmi Arch,Dwarakanagar, Kothapet, Hyderabad-35.

    Printed at :S.P. Graphics.Bagh Lingampally, Hyderabad, Cell : 93968 00098

    MTsq s\T J$\+ {? MT |+&b seT n+T+& b]bj&?s+&T >+\T {| CyT sT>esyT+{MTsTT+s+{

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    zs ` b&T| s+d| & >+T+~` B eT++ \d +>

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    dT! m+ edTHy qTe? q]e`

    z` n&T>T`dbC msTTsYbsY { sbjT\Tq ;|t dt

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    |jT+#&T. |s+{ #| MT +{ y #bHjYT`e y H|sT \Td+&

    eTMT! |&sTTH $|eTsTTq \H=| edT+

  • 10 11

    HqT ||+#+ @ eT\[H H >|+& n& \TdT+T+~qqT` \Tk?

    n m?@eTT+~? H &{ sY rd #\T` D y*bT+~`

    H n&T>TTH! &sT, qsT\T |swH ~jTsY edt\T m+& msT C qeb> y]+> sY

    #&T|y&! n+qT...nseTsTT+~ ` sb~ysyT udt +{[ C #b!n

  • 12 13

    >qe+THsT.e y& +> eTsT&T

  • 14 15

    yksT? >={+ rdT` =+T b n|& >={+

    {u { yd }dT+~`y&T z D+ +#&T. y eTq+ } n&T nqTeq+>.

    {#sY s #+{ |Xyd+~.#+{! =+> *MT

  • 16 17

    &TH$& y b$T &sY Zs y[+~. ss\|\ #X, ]bsY n rdT eT &sY \TdT+ |sT |UT\T #Tq z &sY s

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  • 20 21

    \ bH sY y[e#&T. n #+#\+ZH *+#THsT.

    \J` MTy V+B | + uw s

  • 22 23

    n&T |{+ nH&T \.

    mksY ueTjYT, \ z sp \ s\jT+ LsTe{&T++&> bdtyTH sE eq sY #&T.

    y{ esYMT

  • 24 25

    n&dt #dH e $Tddt buyT

  • 26 27

    @$T{ uq+ #jT+&H y[bTHsT? Xs +> n&+~us .

    mes b|+ +~s bsY Zs # d]jTdt +&wHH&+. |~ $Tc HqT n& #sTb bD\T be+UjT+ n+TH&T #b&T &sY C*>.

    y e\T $+q &sY>sesTT q> q$+~.nj! b H Hd+ &&! MT d+

    yT|t ne`

    l+sjT u>e+T& u&T. nsTT n J+ #\ n|\T|]b+f, n|\T rs esZ+ ~>T\T |&b+f zdVT&T C*|&&T.

    e ne l+sj! qTy y+fXs k$T >=| u&$>&T`

    &sY >sT eTT+~.V&e&> b H rX&T.

    +~s bsY ZsTHqT. ns+T> sy*! # d]jTdt` |~$Tc & sb #e UjT+! |C` ns+{` # d]jTdtnH& e.

    &sY +>sT> b H |fd V&e&> eT jT suj&T.

  • 28 29

    n|++ \T>TH +{jYT

    ksY` +L |&T +| m+{ Cu #j\|k +~? +| qs yTHsY> |#d u>T+&Tq|k +~$T{ y *|&sT. + |#+ eTs |\T]++~.

    y yT&yT @s z sks+{&T. ussYy+H z yTq sY y] eTT+ q z VA\L yTHsY Zs =#&T.

    ksY! e~ n+uJ|! H|sT nbsy! y b&T z d+T+T+~ n m|&H

  • 30 31

    y+H us d ]+>#d y $&\ d+ @eTsTTHbHdTHy? n+ n+{ *$e |H+ | dyT sT>T+~.$& eT>& s+X+, &H V+d\T |&TTH&T. y\+f MTsT nsY #jT+&.usus k =+ujYT X+ us us\+f eTT+sy nqTeq+ e+~.

  • 32 33

    $#s+> \& q jTsY { jTsY |\T]+#&T.@$T HsT?#dTHy +~. sheT+ ] n \TdTy\+f # &T KsT|{*`@$T{ esZ+? |+& q&>&T >b\+.

    |Cc|t =#&T.ns+T> |C b] #de`H\T>T |ddt #jTeT+{s? sT |ddt #jTeT+{s?u y&y? H\T>T #jYT` sT q+ eTqe\Tbdt\d+ H\T>Ty\ eT+~ n|jYT #jT+ +sYeP n~sT\ *k +~.

    Xs |~VHbT z d+d + #X d&H>+ eHd+~. =+\eTsTTH dede #j\H~ yT z kw ddt d+d #] |#jT+ bs+_++~. d+dy &=HwH #j\ ssTT+#&+ yT s&MT yT q eJ |dt > sCwt m


  • 34 35

    ]dt q |sTT+{+> m+L neTT&T bbjTd] K]|jT+> u &T n|#d | me]sTTH q#j? X> n&>&T. Xuys` &! +>H? q++ \d +>|dt=#&T.

    m++ sTT+~? n&>&T udt.yT MT&Tus.

    Cu d+ m+&T n~].

    +?&T y*q d+ ksYmesqT?HHe]deTsTT ysTT{ #dTHH nqT ksYm+ #d

    eTT+ #XqT ksYnu` H |# b+~. nd\T qTy #d + @yTH


  • 36 37

    w u++{ z ~y sT u+ z jTTe V&e&>e+~`

    HqT u+H >T]+ e{& e#qT`yT e n+sT q>\ +&bsTTqT ueT sy*` n+` +> MTe+{ MTL&

  • 38 39

    k>Z&T _sTTb yT nbsYyT+{ #sTH&T. V kbLsT yT dt #X mZ b {|yT jTTe& b{|++&T k>Z&T.N! TZ|&T n+~ ueT.MT |! HqT yTT eT&T |[sTTbjjT #|+~HeTD.

    + >+ |H udt nsTTbT+~ nH&T fs]dT &T.


    eTeT* #+| yTTdT+~? nHsT y.fs]dt HjT&T zD+ +#&T. s{! $eq+ udt ne+ e+ UjT+! nsTT e Zs

    bs#{ e+ mk +~. MT q\T>T] HqT m\H +kqT. MT q\T>T] me] me z{d e bs#{e+ sT>TT+~ nH&qT.

    y+H m\T ]>jYT.q\T>Ts d{> eT V $j+#THsT. +{+>

    Twt zT, {usTTsY zT e#sTT. eTTws|t u { ||sYMTH MTsT # n+ HsT`+>H?T` b$Tdt! n+ yT #sTT b$Tdt #X&T.+ \d + m+&b#T

    n+~ ueT.

  • 40 41

    @eT+&` m|& e+se+ #d #|k! eT] H$Tks #|+&`

    |Tek sesy #d C*|&&T.

    @yjYT sesy! m|T+# H $wjT+ n&T>T +~. MTsT y+H sy*`bsTnjb|+!eT] MT eT& us m bjsT?jTq H |* #bjsTH|? m |*+~?mks&H, e*H bjTd+ >qH&T eT]!

    y& =+#+ C>! y&T e] |d\ |sT>T` T q\T e! @+ T #k&T?# T`

    @yTy sD! qTy s! y&TeT nqTeq| |! >+ n&T>T&T, |dT+ n&T>T&T` u$w Tn&T>T&T`

    n&> ! HqT me]Zs @MT \y #dTH&T` HqT msTTY

    e+&sYq > b>T&TTH&T`s` +esL dyH e+&sY \y #d e~ X&T` ~ msTT{


  • 42 43

    neHsY! MTsT ]qT n MT es >TD>D\Tq nesTTd++Z n+&sYk+& #dT \ nesTT n+f H #|L&TZ\ u+B >Z\y #|` #TZ\T ={ L& d&> +{! *$ > j! yTTTZ yTTH qT$+

    $T>eT+&T|q qf neT+~s? s+&y&T |>\&qe nH&T.

    kjT+yT nqT + |+& eT+&T|q qTe m |>TZ\ u+B >Z\y? |+&

    q&>&T s+&y&T.eT&T nH& |+&.s+&y&T s|&&T. #! eT+ C HXq+ #Xy! sT

    |eTq+&! > ]bT+~`u+ +~` MTsT

    y+H sy*u ys` MT y] n|+&d{dt s+& yT |swH #dXqT

    n+Ts+N, q& >T]+N, b$T >T]+N|P] $es\T d]+ e+& n s&T yqT.

    |~sE y n ]bsY n+T]+ |P] $es\T

    d]+#eTT. yT |esq, q&, b$T u>+& n # nqjYT! m{N sTH\\ + qT+N yT \s y+bs+_++~. y&T e{ s>! m+

  • 44 45

    qT #dq bb\ *dt >T|&T #

  • 46 47

    + d+{ |s+{ + L& #bHsY` @eT~?MT eTT>TZsT |\\THsT`nVV! #Xy` || Xy` H q\T>TsT |\\T`n MTsqT+THsT ksY` C MTsT eTT>TZsT |\\ +&!

    z | bdt dwH =#&T.HdsY >s! eT&T H\\T+N H u~]+| K\T edTHjYT.

    n$ sdTq y& y+H MTsT C j*`sdT+|+& VCu+&`

    n! q s HqT #dq de m+ ujT+ *++

  • 48 49

    rs #d n~ n&TH y d+ d+b~+# Vd s nq usT+ |sT ydTq de &ssY |[#dT+~.# sE\sTy yTqT + d s \ nH |t?H yTTK+ |t! jH n+ d{ nseyT > +{


  • 50 51

    yT # uH? Xs bj&T sTDs+.neqT! ujTyTeTT+~?` ejTdT q nejYT

  • 52 53

    |#sT #k +f us yTe e+~.@$T{? s+&sTTH + |&T ?f fqH! + fqH +

  • 54 55

    m+ |e]ky` d\T \yyT+> L& s`

    eqd|{ z nesTT &sYu y++~.w]\ \T| ]+~.HqT qMH >|+&! MT yT+{ >T]+ |& qMH b H #d

    #b&T. MTsT eTs nqTq+f z e #bqT` qMH u&syT# m|wjT+{ |sq+&! n+ n H+&|\e T { Hky

    eT]?f+ Ks` q s+& #k` z.. nsTT #|k #k` H\T>T j| qjYT u> `

    nss s+>sy usTq @&Td sT> n&+s+&! e |dt +& #dq \* d+^+

    b{ |dt |C ={&T nH&T sCwt.eTs ys+ bj =&esTT+~.

  • 56 57

    bbsTT * usTq @&Tk+f & dT zT+{jYT! n+++\T bHe{&y` y ns>+ b H |fXy+{?

    us : n~ s+> H+sY +&! ne\ y&jTq.+ nqTeqyT$T{? @ |d+ nsTTH ds! V+&+>

    #eT+~ +\ >|t sT> q=&T #sTT|T |

  • 58 59

    #\H + yTT>>=+T L& b H

    $q|&+~.@$T{? +e]=+T $q|&TT+~?H b dtyT{ |*|+#qT` m+ | #dTH&T.

    @$T{? n+ V&e&> +eTk q z |&T.

    HqT fsdt MTdTe&+

    ssy s+& s+&T #sTTdt *#&T m\ $TwqsY.>&&T+T+~` n~ rdT+{qT` @eT+{sT? n+

    n_eqT\ q&>&qT.eTy!eTTd jTq yTTK+ Xs + |++~.n! dH m+ >=| n_e~ #+~+~? q|{ qT+N |{esL


  • 60 61

    e+ + Cq+ TZ|&b \ rj\+f H d>TZ

    &sY n+~.ny

  • 62 63

    qTy+{ y& |[ #dTy\qT +THy #| e+` n+T|{qT` >&js+ =$T~ =u+~` n~ y>+ yTT y{&[q swt N{ |&d] + V+sY \TdTH&T.

    neTjT! bjqT ksY! s+&T sE\sTT+~` Z #X&T.@&qT+~! HqT TsE\sTT+~

    bsyT+{ ]H=sT T\T T+, #|\T$dTsT+, H\MT

  • 64 65

    neH! sE L& d eq

  • 66 67

    e#sT.ksY! MT us eTV eT \ eTq } n+ #|+{sT.

    n+{yTqT |D+ u\ >TsT # $ eTsT& T& VQ]dTqTmHH #X&T.

    e $Tddt >TsT #~.

    djTsY b &sY e{& eTTKeT+ Zs= q +{>=| |u>\ HjT& y+H eT+ |T+f TsT|{ y+Hq+&T.

    ksY! |& MT $TwsY X+sjT &&u& VQdH k>sY qT+ rd+&> #XqT ksY` n eT+ |qTH y* ksY` nH&T X>.

    k qT n e | H d |+b\ |jTdTH&T.

    +T]+ qdt m{ sdHy u!MTsT b bdt ]CH #Xq d{yT+{ qT > +*|+# b + H jTsY bd ` && J dt! wOsY>`d+{ |s+{ >\Tky

    jTsY e\T $q e HeT~> \&&T.n>sTT + sY &+ ns+

  • 68 69

    HqT =+\+ | n&e db] qT` n& # |=|\T #b& y>&T.

    mZ eq e nqTeq+> #X&T.| |

  • 70 71

    ] L& | +& =| y qdt fyT

    #jT& |jT+#&T.yTsy| ]