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Homonym Jokes!By: Mr. McKennas Fifth Grade Computer Specials Class

Why was the calendar so happy ?

Because he had A date .

Why was the steak scared to go home?

Because he didnt want to get grilled.

Why was the curl so sad?

Because she was going to dye.

What did the girl ask her boyfriend?

When will I get a ring?

Why was the picture in jail?

Because it was framed!

Why did the cake hit a home run?

Because it was a terrific batter

Where did you get your brightness from?

From the sun.

Why was the boy scared to go to baseball practice?

Because he was scared of bats!

Why did the quarter turn into a dollar?

Because he wanted to make change!

Why was the ocean sad?

Because it was blue.

Why was the ice cube so happy?

Because he felt cool!

Why was the toy sad ?

Because he was broke.

Why Did the toy run away?

It DIDnt want to be present!

Why was the trash can lonely?

Because it got dumped!!!!!!!!!!

Homonym Jokes!Send by : Putra III By: Mr. McKennas Fifth Grade Computer Specials Class