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Jokes for kids - 10 Jokes for Little Kids. Silly images and sillier jokes. Lots of jokes for children ages 6 to 8 years old.


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2. What did the daddy bee say to the naughty bee?Bee-hive yourself! 3. Why does a tiger have stripes?So it won't be spotted! 4. What goes knock knock woof?A labra-door! 5. Doctor, doctor, I can't stop clucking and I'm scared!Oh don't be such a chicken! 6. Doctor, doctor! I need glasses!You certainly do, madam. This is a cake shop! 7. Why did the goldfish sell its old tank?It couldnt work out how to drive it! 8. What do you call a horse that lives next door?A neigh-bor! 9. What's the best way to attract monkeys?Sit on a branch and make a noise like abanana! 10. Where do you take a leglessdog?For a drag! 11. Daddy, there's a man with a beard at the frontdoor!Tell him I've already got one! 12. Get more kids jokes...Free joke book