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Past to be - prepositions IN-ON-AT


1. Before they were famousFile 5ABasic 2 2. review past of verb to be. learn about three prepositions of place. exercise about these prepositions. 3. REVIEW LAST CLASSwas and were 4. --- wereIts used withwe-you-they.Its used to talk about the past. 5. exercises1.Julius Caesar _________________ the first Roman emperor.2.The Olympic Games ______________ in Barcelona in 1996.3.Mozart ______________ the composer of the Marriage of Figaro.4.Albert Einstein __________________ born in Germany.5.Vincent Van Gogh _________________ from Belgium.6.The 2002 football World Cup _______________ in China.7.The Incas _______________ from Mexico.8.The Beatles _______________ from Manchester.9.Socrates and Plato _________________ Roman philosophers.10.Che Guevara _____________________ born in Cuba.11.Bill Clinton __________________ President of the United States in 2002.12.Marie Antoinette ____________________ Louis XVIs wife.13.The Vikings ____________________ from Germany.14.Garibaldi ____________________ born in Italy. 6. PREPOSITIONS OF PLACEHow to use them? 7. homeworkbeda trainthe parka restaurantschoolthe bedrooma busa meetingthe airporta planethe theaterChicagothe streetthe gymthe hairdressera car 8. Prepositions of placeatinonPOINTENCLOSED SPACESURFACEat the cornerin the gardenon the wallat the bus stopin Londonon the ceilingat the doorin Franceon the doorat the top of the pagein a boxon the coverat the end of the roadin my pocketon the floorat the entrancein my walleton the carpetat the crossroadsin a buildingon the menuat the front deskin a caron a pageIn general, we use:at for a POINTin for an ENCLOSED SPACEon for a SURFACE 9. Notice the use of the prepositions of place at, in and on in these standard expressions:atinonat homein a caron a busat workin a taxion a trainat schoolin a helicopteron a planeat universityin a boaton a shipat collegein a lift (elevator)on a bicycle, on a motorbikeat the topin the newspaperon a horse, on an elephantat the bottomin the skyon the radio, on televisionat the sidein a rowon the left, on the rightat receptionin Oxford Streeton the way 10. Prepositions of placeATat home - at work - at school - at university - at college - at the station - at an airport - at the seaside - at sea (on a voyage) - at reception - at the corner of a street - at the back / front of a building / cinema / group of people, etc. - arrive at with other places or eventsINin the newspaper - in bed - in hospital - in prison - in the street - in the sky - in an armchair (sit) - in a photograph - in a picture - in a mirror - in the corner of a room - in the back / front of a car - arrive in a country or townONon a farm - on the left - on the right - on the ground floor - on the first, second,... floor - on the way - on the chair (sit) - on the radio - on television - on a horse - on the corner of a street - on the back / front of a letter / piece of paper etc. 11. listeningWhere was Mike yesterday?Go to page 45and complete the sentences.


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