What Did They Do Before They Were Famous

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What Did They Do Before They Were Famous


What Did They Do Before They Were Famous? Hollywood Stars Madonna: Cashier at Dunkins Donuts Even the best singer in the world could be a poor cashier: it is all a matter of talent! The Queen of Pop has been working in Dunkin Donuts, located in Times Square in New York. Obviously, she was not as good there as she later on became on the music scene. Her pastries were all right, but handling donut jelly turned out to be a problem. She was sacked for that which in the end turned out to be a good milestone in her career. Brad Pitt: Chicken Dancer for El Pollo Loco I wonder whether there is something funnier to do than dance around dressed like a chicken. But this is exactly what Brad Pitt once did for El Pollo Loco. He has started his journalism studies at the University of Missouri, but quit at the very beginning because of the immense wish to become an actor. However, he had money problems during that time just after the college and just before his dazzling movie career. He is now the sexiest man in the world, so it is rather funny to pull up his old chicken clothes. He is also very rich today, while he had to work for El Pollo Loco to earn enough for the rent. Rachel McAdams: Server at McDonalds Even very young future celebrities were interested in earning their own money. In the middle of her teens, Rachel McAdams was a McDonalds employee. She worked there hard for three years, but her impressions are mixed: she was attacked by OCD and had imagined that she should wash hands all the time. Besides, there was not that much space in her life to devote all time she had to McDonalds. She has realized that job there is not her destiny and she went for acting career. On top of everything, she even succeeded to break machine for orange juice. As you see, that kind of problem happens to everyone, not only the movie. Gwen Stefani: Employee at Dairy Queen There is no doubt about No Doubt. Gwen Stefani could not have picked a better location for the founding of her band. We are talking about Gwen Stefanis brother Eric Stefani and friend John Spence, who worked together at Dairy Queen. Their job was to clean the floors and serve ice-cream, not very appealing or well paid job. However, this is where future three stars were born! And all this has happened while they were still in high school. It is impossible to understand how this modest beginning has lead to immense fame, but it is a fact that Gwen Stefani today has millions of fans. Patrick Dempsey: Juggler and Dancer Greys Anatomy is one of the greatest successes of Patrick Dempsey, but his professional capabilities lie more in the world of a bit different entertainment. Instead of playing a doctor, he started extensive use of his hands, becoming a professional juggler in the end. He has achieved immense success with that, even as early as a high school pupil. After some time of work, he has brought his performance to perfection. Overnight Success was the place where he was invited for a show organized by ABC. This is where he started dancing together with juggling, all the way up! Beyonc: Not Even a Hair Dresser One of the worlds top performers today has been previously working in a hair-dresser salon, but did not even qualify to be a hair dresser: she was sweeping floors instead. The place was owned by her mother Tina, who was a true perfectionist. Beyonc has soon found her place in music and she used to sing a lot even when she was working for her mother. Her voice must have been inspiring for everybody around her. As the pop star has advanced, she has decided to publish a book about her previous life, a HBO documentary Life Is But a Dream. Megan Fox: Banana atSmoothie Shop Only Ellen has established that early start of Megan Fox was working at the Smoothie Shop dressed as a huge banana. The one who is now conquering world with her looks, had actually to hide her body in front of the customers. However bad, this was the only job she had and she had to stick with it. As the sexy brunette claims now, this work in Florida was her only real job. And Ellen had a surprise for her: she had a man dressed in a costume of snack with fruit to frighten her from behind. Julia Roberts: Ice Cream Scooper at Baskin Robbins 31 Flavors was a working place for many worlds known Americans. Some of them are Barack Obama, Eric Dane, Leeza Gibbons and Taryn Manning; and let us not forget: Julia Roberts. Now, how nice it would be to have Julia Roberts serve you some sweet dishes at Baskin Robbins? Now you can only dream about lost possibilities from the past: Julia Roberts is a multi-millionaire actress today and does not need to work as a scooper for living. Hugh Jackman: Gym Teacher at High School It is just one of those experiences: your life has lead you to the red-carpet in Zurich, while one of the journalists fighting for the place closest to it turns out to be your former student! And even Hugh Jackman sees it as no surprise. He has been teaching physical education in British schools and was amazed to learn that his student has become a well-known reporter. After they took a look at one another, Jackman commented shortly that his pupils fitness was improved. Nicole Kidman: Massage Therapist While many celebrities were working hard for survival or enjoyed some of their funny roles in life, Nicole Kidman has skipped school in order to help her family go through an immensely difficult period when her mother turned out to be suffering from breast cancer. Surprisingly, the cancer was brought under control and Kidmans mother has survived it. During the most difficult times, Kidman was working as a massage therapist, a long time before this red-head has conquered the movie world with her great talent and amazing looks. However, she is saying herself that there are more important roles in her life than just acting. Everybody thinks that her attitude towards life values today is largely influenced by the hard times from her past. And let us not forget that she has pulled massage therapist action when she was merely 17 years old. Connie Britton: Instructor of Aerobics As looks are sometimes considered more important than anything else, it does not come as a huge surprise that sexy Connie Britton has started her career as an aerobics instructor. She is a star of Nashville show today, but she had different experiences from the past. Her body has made it possible to earn money from aerobics. She admits that she had to do the job properly and not miss warmers for legs, a bandana, leotards in various colors and thick socks. Geena Davis: Ann Taylors Window Mannequin Like all other movie stars, Geena Davis has also dreamed about her career from an early age. As the first step towards future big success, Davis has worked in fashion industry as a window mannequin for Ann Taylor. But even that did not come easy. She has first moved to New York in 1979 and her first job in Ann Taylor was a sales clerk. When people there got to know her better, she was offered to present clothes in shop windows on Saturdays. Her appearance did not go unnoticed and she has gradually fought her way as a gorgeous actress. Jennifer Aniston: Telemarketer Rachel from Friends is today famous celebrity, but before her big success there was time for other types of jobs, telemarketer, to mention one. As well as Madonna, Aniston was not very successful with her work. The job of salesgirl was not her thing. Communication by phone did not go easy, she was lacking all possible skills needed for the job and she was full of lousy excuses. As she puts it herself she was awful. Johnny Depp: Salesman of Ballpoint Pens A successful ballpoint pens seller has luckily accepted advice from Nicolas Cage to try acting instead. Where would Johnny Depp be today if it was not for Cage? Faith Hill: Receptionist American country pop singer Faith Hill has started her career as a receptionist in Nashville. She was working for a company performing music publishing. After that, she got a job related to Reba McEntires fan club. When she was performing as a back-up singer in a bar she was noticed by a random talent scout and she has climbed up the celebrity ladder to the top place, where she is also today.


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