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What Did They Do Before They Were Famous


<ul><li><p>What Did They Do Before They </p><p>Were Famous? </p><p>Hollywood Stars </p></li><li><p>Madonna: Cashier at Dunkins Donuts </p><p>Even the best singer in the world </p><p>could be a poor cashier: it is all a </p><p>matter of talent! The Queen of </p><p>Pop has been working in Dunkin </p><p>Donuts, located in Times Square </p><p>in New York. Obviously, she was </p><p>not as good there as she later on </p><p>became on the music scene. Her </p><p>pastries were all right, but </p><p>handling donut jelly turned out to </p><p>be a problem. She was sacked for </p><p>that which in the end turned out </p><p>to be a good milestone in her </p><p>career. </p></li><li><p>Brad Pitt: Chicken Dancer </p><p>for El Pollo Loco I wonder whether there is something </p><p>funnier to do than dance around </p><p>dressed like a chicken. But this is </p><p>exactly what Brad Pitt once did for El </p><p>Pollo Loco. He has started his </p><p>journalism studies at the University of </p><p>Missouri, but quit at the very </p><p>beginning because of the immense </p><p>wish to become an actor. However, he </p><p>had money problems during that time </p><p>just after the college and just before his </p><p>dazzling movie career. He is now the </p><p>sexiest man in the world, so it is rather </p><p>funny to pull up his old chicken </p><p>clothes. He is also very rich today, </p><p>while he had to work for El Pollo Loco </p><p>to earn enough for the rent. </p></li><li><p>Rachel McAdams: Server at </p><p>McDonalds Even very young future celebrities were </p><p>interested in earning their own money. </p><p>In the middle of her teens, Rachel </p><p>McAdams was a McDonalds employee. </p><p>She worked there hard for three years, </p><p>but her impressions are mixed: she was </p><p>attacked by OCD and had imagined </p><p>that she should wash hands all the time. </p><p>Besides, there was not that much space </p><p>in her life to devote all time she </p><p>had to McDonalds. She has realized </p><p>that job there is not her destiny and she </p><p>went for acting career. On top of </p><p>everything, she even succeeded to </p><p>break machine for orange juice. As you </p><p>see, that kind of problem happens to </p><p>everyone, not only the movie. </p></li><li><p> Gwen Stefani: Employee </p><p> at Dairy Queen There is no doubt about No Doubt. </p><p>Gwen Stefani could not have picked a </p><p>better location for the founding of her </p><p>band. We are talking about Gwen </p><p>Stefanis brother Eric Stefani and friend </p><p>John Spence, who worked together at </p><p>Dairy Queen. Their job was to clean </p><p>the floors and serve ice-cream, not very </p><p>appealing or well paid job. However, </p><p>this is where future three stars were </p><p>born! And all this has happened while </p><p>they were still in high school. It is </p><p>impossible to understand how this </p><p>modest beginning has lead to immense </p><p>fame, but it is a fact that Gwen Stefani </p><p>today has millions of fans. </p></li><li><p>Patrick Dempsey: </p><p>Juggler and Dancer </p><p>Greys Anatomy is one of the greatest </p><p>successes of Patrick Dempsey, but his </p><p>professional capabilities lie more in the </p><p>world of a bit different entertainment. </p><p>Instead of playing a doctor, he </p><p>started extensive use of his hands, </p><p>becoming a professional juggler in the </p><p>end. He has achieved immense success </p><p>with that, even as early as a high school </p><p>pupil. After some time of work, he has </p><p>brought his performance to perfection. </p><p>Overnight Success was the place </p><p>where he was invited for a show </p><p>organized by ABC. This is where he </p><p>started dancing together with juggling, </p><p>all the way up! </p></li><li><p> Beyonc: Not Even a Hair Dresser </p><p>One of the worlds top performers </p><p>today has been previously working in </p><p>a hair-dresser salon, but did not even </p><p>qualify to be a hair dresser: she was </p><p>sweeping floors instead. The place </p><p>was owned by her mother Tina, who </p><p>was a true perfectionist. Beyonc has </p><p>soon found her place in music and </p><p>she used to sing a lot even when she </p><p>was working for her mother. Her </p><p>voice must have been inspiring for </p><p>everybody around her. As the pop </p><p>star has advanced, she has decided </p><p>to publish a book about her </p><p>previous life, a HBO documentary </p><p>Life Is But a Dream. </p></li><li><p> Megan Fox: Banana atSmoothie Shop </p><p>Only Ellen has established </p><p>that early start of Megan Fox was </p><p>working at the Smoothie Shop </p><p>dressed as a huge banana. The one </p><p>who is now conquering world with </p><p>her looks, had actually to hide her </p><p>body in front of the customers. </p><p>However bad, this was the only job </p><p>she had and she had to stick with </p><p>it. As the sexy brunette claims now, </p><p>this work in Florida was her only </p><p>real job. And Ellen had a surprise </p><p>for her: she had a man dressed in a </p><p>costume of snack with fruit to </p><p>frighten her from behind. </p></li><li><p>Julia Roberts: Ice Cream </p><p> Scooper at Baskin Robbins 31 Flavors was a working place for </p><p>many worlds known Americans. </p><p>Some of them are Barack Obama, </p><p>Eric Dane, Leeza Gibbons and </p><p>Taryn Manning; and let us not </p><p>forget: Julia Roberts. Now, how </p><p>nice it would be to have Julia </p><p>Roberts serve you some sweet </p><p>dishes at Baskin Robbins? Now </p><p>you can only dream </p><p>about lost possibilities from the </p><p>past: Julia Roberts is a multi-</p><p>millionaire actress today and does </p><p>not need to work as </p><p>a scooper for living. </p></li><li><p>Hugh Jackman: Gym Teacher </p><p>at High School It is just one of those experiences: </p><p>your life has lead you to the red-</p><p>carpet in Zurich, while one of the </p><p>journalists fighting for the place </p><p>closest to it turns out to be your </p><p>former student! And even Hugh </p><p>Jackman sees it as no surprise. He </p><p>has been teaching physical </p><p>education in British schools and </p><p>was amazed to learn that his </p><p>student has become a well-known </p><p>reporter. After they took a look at </p><p>one another, Jackman commented </p><p>shortly that his pupils fitness was </p><p>improved. </p></li><li><p>Nicole Kidman: </p><p>Massage Therapist While many celebrities were working hard for </p><p>survival or enjoyed some of their funny roles in </p><p>life, Nicole Kidman has skipped school in order </p><p>to help her family go through an immensely </p><p>difficult period when her mother turned out to be </p><p>suffering from breast cancer. Surprisingly, the </p><p>cancer was brought under control and Kidmans </p><p>mother has survived it. During the most difficult </p><p>times, Kidman was working as a massage </p><p>therapist, a long time before this red-head has </p><p>conquered the movie world with her great talent </p><p>and amazing looks. However, she </p><p>is saying herself that there are more important </p><p>roles in her life than just acting. Everybody thinks </p><p>that her attitude towards life values today is </p><p>largely influenced by the hard times from her </p><p>past. And let us not forget that she has pulled </p><p>massage therapist action when she was merely 17 </p><p>years old. </p></li><li><p>Connie Britton: </p><p> Instructor of Aerobics </p><p>As looks are sometimes considered </p><p>more important than anything else, it </p><p>does not come as a huge surprise </p><p>that sexy Connie Britton has started </p><p>her career as an aerobics instructor. </p><p>She is a star of Nashville show </p><p>today, but she had different </p><p>experiences from the past. Her body </p><p>has made it possible to earn money </p><p>from aerobics. She admits that she </p><p>had to do the job properly and not </p><p>miss warmers for legs, a bandana, </p><p>leotards in various colors and thick </p><p>socks. </p></li><li><p>Geena Davis: Ann Taylors </p><p>Window Mannequin </p><p>Like all other movie stars, Geena </p><p>Davis has also dreamed about her </p><p>career from an early age. As the first </p><p>step towards future big success, Davis </p><p>has worked in fashion industry as a </p><p>window mannequin for Ann Taylor. </p><p>But even that did not come easy. She </p><p>has first moved to New York in 1979 </p><p>and her first job in Ann Taylor was a </p><p>sales clerk. When people there got to </p><p>know her better, she was offered to </p><p>present clothes in shop windows on </p><p>Saturdays. Her appearance did not go </p><p>unnoticed and she has gradually </p><p>fought her way as a gorgeous actress. </p></li><li><p>Jennifer Aniston: Telemarketer </p><p>Rachel from Friends is today </p><p>famous celebrity, but before her </p><p>big success there was time for </p><p>other types of jobs, telemarketer, </p><p>to mention one. As well as </p><p>Madonna, Aniston was not very </p><p>successful with her work. The job </p><p>of salesgirl was not her thing. </p><p>Communication by phone did not </p><p>go easy, she was lacking all </p><p>possible skills needed for the job </p><p>and she was full of lousy excuses. </p><p>As she puts it herself she was </p><p>awful. </p></li><li><p>Johnny Depp: </p><p>Salesman of Ballpoint Pens </p><p>A successful ballpoint pens </p><p>seller has luckily accepted </p><p>advice from Nicolas Cage to </p><p>try acting instead. Where </p><p>would Johnny Depp be today </p><p>if it was not for Cage? </p></li><li><p>Faith Hill: Receptionist </p><p>American country pop singer Faith </p><p>Hill has started her career as a </p><p>receptionist in Nashville. She was </p><p>working for a company performing </p><p>music publishing. After that, she </p><p>got a job related to Reba </p><p>McEntires fan club. When she was </p><p>performing as a back-up singer in a </p><p>bar she was noticed by a random </p><p>talent scout and she has climbed </p><p>up the celebrity ladder to the top </p><p>place, where she is also today. </p></li></ul>


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