Before They Were Famous. Dustin Hoffman a waiter in a restaurant Before They Were Famous.

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Before They Were FamousDustin Hoffmana waiter in a restaurantBefore They Were FamousDustin Hoffmans story Dustin Hoffman spilled coffee over a producer Sam Spiegel accidentFrom now on, you are a waiter.Life tip 1:We shouldn't judge a person by his__________appearancePara ( ) 1---4What? They made a living from ordinary jobs before they were famous.Harrison FordAntonio BanderasRoseanne BarrEwan McGregora carpentera model for mail-order cataloguesan assistant chefa street musicianPara 5useful? actor\actress early jobTheir early experience came in useful in their acting career. by giving _________examplesPara 6-7helpfulbeneficialattitudesbenefitsTom HanksMichaelbe satisfied with hateprepare for heroes ordinary guysa soldiera bellmanLife tip 2: No matter whether we ___ _______ _____ our present situation or not , we should _______________ () each ordinary day because we may _____ ______ our life experiences later in our life.make full use of benefit from are satisfied with What does the word sensation mean in the sentence he or she might be the next Hollywood sensation? A.a feeling or sense B.a person causing great surprise C. an actor D. an experience Para ( 8 ) Reading tip1: Guess the meaning of words through the contentWhat cant be inferred from the last paragraph? A. Every ordinary person who has a dream is likely to achieve his dream.B.We should show respect to people around us no matter what they are.C.Open our eyes, we can find famous Hollywood actors everywhere. Reading tip2: Read between lines and beyond lines.The author writes the passage in order to____ A. introduce some famous Hollywood actors to readers B. tell stories of how actors achieved their dreams C. persuade people to be content with their ordinary jobs D. tell what we experienced in the past influences what we are today. Before They Were FamousReading tip3: Writers always want to express ideas through telling stories.Work in four to share one of your past experiences which benefit you .speaking (quote) Experiences are the best teachers100-120 1.; 2.. 3Homework In the English Reading Week, one of my classmates recommended a quote to us, which goes like this, Experiences are the best teachers " I can't agree more with this view.______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Take, for example. _______________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Therefore, I firmly believe Experiences are the best teachers.Thanks !*


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