What did they do before they were famous?

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What did they do before they were famous?. Not everyone achieves their ambition straight away! Can you guess what these stars did to make ends meet before making it in showbiz? . Simon Cowell. Carpenter? Cleaner? Post boy?. Vernon Kay. Carpet fitter? Phone box cleaner? Office cleaner?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


What did they do before they were famous?Not everyone achieves their ambition straight away!Can you guess what these stars did to make ends meet before making it in showbiz? Simon Cowell Carpenter?Cleaner?Post boy?Vernon Kay Carpet fitter?Phone box cleaner?Office cleaner?Davina McCall Singing waitress?Hairdresser?Make up artist?Jennifer Aniston Telesales worker?Receptionist?Make up sales assistant?Helen Mirren Bingo Caller?Busker?Fairground worker?George Clooney Tobacco cropper?Grape picker?Gardener?Johnny Depp Newspaper salesman?Pen salesman?Male model?Pink Sold perfume in Boots?Worked at ASDA?Worked at McDonalds?Barack Obama Ice cream salesman?Accountant?Barber?Gethin Jones EngineerPolice officerBank clerkAnd now the answers!Simon Cowell Post boySimon Cowell droppedout of school at 17 with2 O levels. He startedout working as a runnerat a film studios thenhis dad landed him ajob as postroomworker Vernon Kay Telephone boxcleanerTV presenter VernonKaye started out hisworking life as atelephone box cleanerin his hometown ofBolton Davina McCall Singing waitressDavina Macall ran arestaurant for twoyears and also workedas a singing waitress inParis Jennifer Aniston Telesales workerEx Friend JenniferAnniston started outwork as a telemarketerand later a waitress Helen Mirren Fairgroundworker? Helen Mirren startedout working at anamusement park as ablagger employed toattract punters to therides. George Clooney TobaccocropperGorgeous Georgesearly jobs includedharvesting tobacco,selling insurance, andSelling ladies shoes. Johnny Depp Pen salesmanJohnny Depp workedas an over-the-phonesalesman sellingballpoint pens. Pink Worked atMcDonaldsPink, or Alecia BethMoore, spent severalyears earning minimalwage flipping burgers,cleaning out the toiletsand mopping the floorsin McDonalds Barack Obama Sold ice creamLong before he tookon the role of beingthe most powerfulman in the world,Barack Obama was ahumble ice creamseller Gethin Jones Bank clerkPrior to his televisioncareer, our Gethinworked as a bankclerk, a researchassistant, and spentthree months as layingHouse foundations


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