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<ul><li><p>Getting Started with Amazon Web Services</p><p>Jan 20th, 2015</p><p>Sri Elaprolu (</p></li><li><p>AWS Overview</p><p>AWS Account Setup </p><p>AWS Console</p><p>Amazon EC2 Overview</p><p>Amazon EC2 Demo </p><p>Amazon S3 Overview </p><p>Amazon S3 Demo </p><p>Q&amp;A</p><p>Agenda</p></li><li><p>Compute Storage</p><p>AWS Global Infrastructure</p><p>Database</p><p>App Services</p><p>Deployment &amp; Administration</p><p>Networking</p><p>Amazon Web Services</p></li><li><p>11 regions</p><p>28 availability </p><p>zones</p><p>52 edge locations</p><p>AWS Global Infrastructure</p><p>You decide where your apps and data </p><p>go!</p></li><li><p>AB</p><p>C</p><p>D</p><p>US-EAST-1 Region</p><p>Availability Zones (AZs)</p><p>AWS Global Infrastructure</p><p>Note: Conceptual drawing only. The number of Availability Zones may vary.</p></li><li><p>Certification and Accreditations</p></li><li><p>Variable expense</p><p>Replace capital </p><p>expenditure with variable </p><p>expense</p><p>Economies of scale</p><p>Lower variable expense </p><p>than companies can </p><p>achieve themselves</p><p>Elastic capacity</p><p>No need to guess </p><p>capacity requirements </p><p>and over-provision</p><p>Speed and agility</p><p>Infrastructure in minutes </p><p>not weeks</p><p>Focus on mission</p><p>Not undifferentiated heavy </p><p>IT lifting</p><p>Global Reach</p><p>Go global in minutes and </p><p>reach a global audience</p><p>Why are customers moving to AWS Cloud?</p></li><li><p>Experience</p><p>8+ years supporting one </p><p>million customers across </p><p>190 countries</p><p>Innovation</p><p>Rapid delivery of new </p><p>services and features based </p><p>on customer feedback</p><p>Robust Platform</p><p>Number of services and </p><p>features, virtually to </p><p>support every use case </p><p>imaginable</p><p>Simple Pricing </p><p>Philosophy</p><p>47 Price reductions </p><p>Expect more reductions </p><p>in the future</p><p>Global Footprint</p><p>11 Regions</p><p>28 Availability Zones </p><p>52 Edge Locations</p><p>Eco system</p><p>3000 ISVs and 7000 SIs </p><p>1600 apps in Marketplace</p><p>AWS Differentiators</p></li><li><p>Getting Started:</p><p></p><p>AWS Registration: </p><p> </p><p> account or - new AWS account (recommended)2.Contact Information (name/phone/address)</p><p>3.Billing Information (default is CC, invoice option is available)</p><p>4.Phone Verification/Pin</p><p>5.Choose Support plan (basic/developer/business/enterprise)</p><p>AWS Free Tier: </p><p> </p><p>AWS Account Setup</p></li><li><p>AWS Account Setup sample screenshots</p></li><li><p>AWS Account Setup sample screenshots</p></li><li><p>AWS Account Setup sample screenshots</p></li><li><p>AWS Console - Demo</p></li><li><p>EC2</p><p>Virtual servers in the cloud</p><p>Elastic Compute </p><p>Cloud</p><p> Resizable compute capacity in 34 different instance types</p><p> Reduces the time required to obtain and boot new server instances to minutes </p><p>or seconds</p><p> Scale capacity as your computing requirements change</p><p> Pay only for capacity that you actually use</p><p> Choose Linux or Windows</p><p> Deploy across Regions and Availability Zones for reliability</p><p> Support for virtual network interfaces that can be attached to EC2 instances in </p><p>your VPC</p><p>Compute</p></li><li><p>Compute</p><p>General Purpose</p><p>Name vCPUMemory </p><p>(GiB)</p><p>Local </p><p>Storage</p><p>(GB)</p><p>m3.medium 1 3.75 1 x 4</p><p>m3.large 2 7.5 1 x 32</p><p>m3.xlarge 4 15 2 x 40</p><p>m3.2xlarge 8 30 2 x 80</p><p>Compute Optimized</p><p>Name vCPUMemory </p><p>(GiB)</p><p>Local </p><p>Storage</p><p>(GB)</p><p>c3.large 2 3.75 2 x 16</p><p>c3.xlarge 4 7.5 2 x 40</p><p>c3.2xlarge 8 15 2 x 80</p><p>c3.4xlarge 16 30 2 x 160</p><p>c3.8xlarge 32 60 2 x 320</p><p>GPU Instances</p><p>Name vCPUMemory </p><p>(GiB)</p><p>Local </p><p>Storage</p><p>(GB)</p><p>g2.2xlarge 8 15 1 x 60</p><p>Micro Instances</p><p>Name vCPUMemory </p><p>(GiB)</p><p>Local </p><p>Storage</p><p>(GB)</p><p>t1.micro 1 0.613 EBS Only</p><p>m1.small 1 1.7 1 x 160</p></li><li><p>Storage Optimized</p><p>Name vCPUMemory </p><p>(GiB)</p><p>Local Storage</p><p>(GB)</p><p>i2.xlarge 4 30.5 1 x 800 SSD</p><p>i2.2xlarge 8 61 2 x 800 SSD</p><p>i2.4xlarge 16 122 4 x 800 SSD</p><p>i2.8xlarge 32 244 8 x 800 SSD</p><p>hs1.8xlarge 16 117 24 x 2048</p><p>Compute</p><p>Memory Optimized</p><p>Name vCPUMemory </p><p>(GiB)</p><p>Local </p><p>Storage</p><p>(GB)</p><p>r3.large 2 15 1 x 32</p><p>r3.xlarge 4 30.5 1 x 80</p><p>r3.2xlarge 8 61 1 x 160</p><p>r3.4xlarge 16 122 1 x 320</p><p>Additional instance types: </p></li><li><p>Amazon Machine Image</p><p> Building blocks of EC2 instances</p><p> An AMI is like a template of a computer's root volume</p><p> Can be public or private and shared with other accounts </p><p> Create hardened or gold Images of your EC2 infrastructure</p><p> Copy AMIs between regions </p><p>EC2</p><p>Virtual servers in the cloud</p><p>Compute</p></li><li><p>Elastic Block Storage (EBS)</p><p> Use for persistent storage from 1GB 1TB</p><p> Can use to create RAID configuration for a server</p><p> Off-instance block storage that persists independently</p><p> Storage volumes for use with Amazon EC2 instances create, attach, backup, </p><p>restore and delete</p><p> Can be attached to a running Amazon EC2 instance and exposed as a block </p><p>device for raw or formatted (file system) access</p><p> Snapshots are durably saved to S3</p><p> Ideal use cases:</p><p> OS Boot device / root file system; secondary volumes/file systems</p><p> Typical basis for database storage</p><p> Raw block devices for RAID, some databases</p><p> Available in both standard and provisioned IOPS (up to 4k IOPS)</p><p>EC2</p><p>Virtual servers in the cloud</p><p>Compute</p></li><li><p>Auto Scaling</p><p> Client Defined Business Rules</p><p> Scale your Amazon EC2 capacity automatically once you define the conditions </p><p>(may be 1000s of servers)</p><p> Can scale up just a littledoesnt need to be massive number of servers (may </p><p>be simply 2 servers)</p><p> Well suited for applications that experience variability in usage</p><p> Set minimum and maximum scaling policies</p><p> Alternate Use is for Fault Tolerance</p><p>EC2</p><p>Virtual servers in the cloud</p><p>Compute</p></li><li><p>Elastic Load </p><p>Balancing </p><p> Supports the routing and load balancing of HTTP, HTTPS and generic TCP </p><p>traffic to EC2 instances </p><p> Supports SSL termination and Proxy protocol</p><p> Supports health checks to ensure detect and remove failing instances</p><p> Dynamically grows and shrinks required resources based on traffic</p><p> Seamlessly integrates with Auto-scaling to add and remove instances based </p><p>on scaling activities</p><p> Single CNAME provides stable entry point for DNS configuration</p><p> Supports internal load balancing within a VPC</p><p>EC2</p><p>Virtual servers in the cloud</p><p>Compute</p></li><li><p>Amazon EC2 - Demo</p></li><li><p>Simple Storage </p><p>Service</p><p> A Bucket is equivalent to a folder</p><p> Able to store unlimited number of Objects in a Bucket</p><p> Objects from 1B-5 TB; no per bucket size limit</p><p> Highly available storage for the Internet (object store)</p><p> HTTP/S endpoint to store and retrieve any amount of data, at any time, from </p><p>anywhere on the web</p><p> Highly scalable, reliable, fast, and inexpensive</p><p> Annual durability of 99.999999999%</p><p> Designed for 99.99% availability </p><p> Holds trillions of objects</p><p> Peak requests 1.5 Million per second</p><p>S3</p><p>Scalable Storage in the Cloud</p><p>Storage</p></li><li><p>Amazon S3 - Demo</p></li><li><p></p><p></p><p></p><p> 6 Free Introduction to AWS labs</p><p> Thank you for joining us for Part 2 of our Series</p><p> We hope you can join us for:</p><p> Ease of AWS Deployment Jan 27th, 2015</p><p>We want to hear from you</p></li></ul>