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Governments around the globe are working to make data easy for the public to discover, access and use. This is fueling entrepreneurship and economic growth, promoting innovation and scientific discovery, increasing operational efficiencies, reducing costs, improving the delivery of services to the public, and driving increased transparency and accountability. In this webinar, you will learn about common open data use cases on AWS, including turnkey open data catalog solutions, many of which you can launch with one click from the AWS Marketplace.


<ul><li> Open Data on Amazon Web Services July 15, 2014 </li> <li> Agenda Ariel Gold Program Manager, AWS Worldwide Public Sector An introduction to open data use cases, the AWS value proposition, and ways to get started with open data on AWS. Phillip Leclair Chief Information Officer, City of Pasadena The City of Pasadenas Road to Open Data. Q&amp;A </li> <li> What youll learn What is open data What is the impact of open data Why use AWS for open data How you can get started with open data How open data helps Pasadena increase efficiency and engage citizens </li> <li> Open Data is data that can be used by anyone for any purpose for free. What is Open Data? </li> <li> What is the impact of open data? Common benefits of open data: Fuel entrepreneurship and economic growth Increase operational efficiencies and reduce costs Improve delivery of services to the public Increase transparency and accountability Promote innovation and scientific discovery </li> <li> The open data adoption curve Release Definition &amp; Policy Launch Open Data Catalog Do Things w/ Open Data Release New (Big) Open Data Repeat w/ Increased Focus Impact Gather Customer Feedback </li> <li> Fuel entrepreneurship and economic growth One city has discovered that local students use its GIS data to write their theses, including maps of sidewalks, parks, trees, and roof outlines. Roof outline data can be combined with National Weather Service data to help homeowners estimate the benefits of installing solar panels. </li> <li> Improve delivery of services to the public By storing its data in the cloud, one major U.S. citys department of transportation is able to use and re-use data for many purposes, including: Creation of transit maps Promoting bike sharing Infrastructure assessment and planning Disaster response </li> <li> Amazon Web Services provides a comprehensive tool kit for opening data at any scale. Why use AWS for open data? </li> <li> Foster a culture of innovation around data On-Premises Experiment Infrequently Failure is expensive Less Innovation Experiment Often Fail quickly at a low cost More Innovation $ Millions Nearly $0 </li> <li> Do big things with (big) data Import Export Glacier S3 EC2 RedshiftDynamoDB EMR Data Pipeline S3Direct Connect COLLECT STORE ANALYZE SHARE AWS BIG DATA PORTFOLIO Amazon Kinesis </li> <li> Discover the hidden value of data Source: IDC Whitepaper, sponsored by Amazon, The Business Value of Amazon Web Services Accelerates Over Time. July 2012 1 Average of 400 servers replaced per customer Replace up-front capital expense with low variable cost 2 44 Price Reductions Economies of scale allow us to continually lower costs 3 Pricing model choice to support variable &amp; stable workloads 4 Save more money as you grow bigger On-demand Reserved Spot Tiered Pricing Volume Discounts Custom Pricing </li> <li> Our services power a robust ecosystem of partners and civic entrepreneurs that can help you drive impact with open data. Getting started with open data on AWS </li> <li> Partner and technology ecosystem Open Data Catalogs Geospatial Data Platforms Consulting Partners Data Digitization </li> <li> One-click deployment; partners ready to help </li> <li> Poll </li> <li> Road to Open Data City of Pasadena Phillip Leclair, Chief Information Officer </li> <li> The Early Years (2009-2011) Influencing Factors Financial downturn Calls for more transparency Buried in public records requests Fewer employees Many data silos Early Open Data Projects Automation of Public Records Requests Open GIS Site with Maps and Data </li> <li> The Early Years (2009-2011) New Vision for IT Department Engage the Greater Pasadena Tech Community Interest in Code for America </li> <li> The Middle Years (2012-2013) Innovate Pasadena Established Economic development initiative to bring visibility to Pasadena as a technology, R&amp;D, design and innovation hub Opportunity Calling Engage other local technology leaders Broadband and Fiber Initiative Civic Themed Hackathons </li> <li> Hack for Pasadena (2013-2014) Two-day event in March 2014 74 City data sets released Over 100 participants developed 15 apps for $6,000+ in prizes Citys Open Data site using Junar on AWS </li> <li> Today and Future (2014+) Inquiries about Open Data growing organically Marketing, Conferences &amp; Publications Continue to build momentum internally Promote vision and set goals Experimentation and build upon prior successes </li> <li> Today and Future (2014+) Call to Action Open Data in early stages and needs support Framework and standards needed to help municipalities publish most useful data in consistent format Data interoperability and aggregation to increase value and spark new application development, e.g. Open 311 Junar and AWS can help by providing easy to use tools to publish and host and normalize the data </li> <li> In Conclusion Find your motivation Experiment internally and externally Junar and AWS can help support your message Reading List: Beyond Transparency: Open Data and The Future of Civic Innovation Citizenville by Gavin Newsom Innovative State by Aneesh Chopra Start small... It will evolve Have fun! </li> <li> Q&amp;A </li> <li> Poll </li> <li> Thank you! Were ready to help your agency use open data to enable collaboration, ensure accountability, and drive innovation. Please get in touch: Learn more about Open Data on AWS at </li> </ul>