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Learn how to simplify compliance with proactive machine data analytic.


  • 1. Simplify Compliance with Proactive Machine Data Analytics Big Data Solution Showcase Watch recorded webinar:
  • 2. Agenda Introduction to AWS Cloud Sumo Logic- An Overview The Sumo Logic Advantage Customer Case Study: InsideView Q&A
  • 3. Introductions Brandon Mensing Sumo Logic Solutions Engineer Rahul Bhartia AWS Solution Architect
  • 4. Big Data Technologies and techniques for working productively with data, at any scale.
  • 5. Big data Cloud computing Big data and AWS Cloud computing Variety, volume, and velocity requiring new tools Potentially massive datasets Iterative, experimental style of data manipulation and analysis Frequently not steady-state workload; peaks and valleys Variety of compute, storage, and networking options Massive, virtually unlimited capacity Iterative, experimental style of infrastructure deployment/usage Elasticity for highly variable workloads
  • 6. AWS Data Services S3 RDS Redshift DynamoDB EMR Kinesis Data Velocity Variety Volume Structured, Unstructured, Text, Binary Gigabytes, Terabytes, Petabytes Millisecond, Second, Minute, Hour, Day Data Pipeline Elasticache
  • 7. Customer segmentation Marketing spend optimization Financial modeling & forecasting Ad targeting & real time bidding Clickstream analysis Security and Compliance Use Cases
  • 8. AWS CloudTrail Security at scale Increase your visibility of what happened in your AWS environment who did what and when, from where Record access to API calls and save logs in your S3 buckets Be notified of log file delivery using the AWS Simple Notification Service Many AWS services including EC2, EBS, VPC, RDS, IAM, STS and Redshift Aggregate log information into a single S3 bucket
  • 9. AWS CloudTrail logs use cases Security Analysis - Perform security analysis and to detect user behavior patterns Track Changes Monitor creation, modification, and deletion of AWS resources Compliance Aid - Ensure compliance with internal policies and regulatory standards by providing AWS API call history Troubleshoot Operational Issues - Quickly identify the most recent changes made to resources in your environment
  • 10. ketplace Big Data Case Studies Learn from other AWS customers
  • 11. SumoLogic
  • 12. On-Prem Data Centers Cloud Sources Collector Collector Powerful & Secure Architecture, Effortless Deployment Hybrid Data Sources Private Public IaaS PaaS SaaS Hosted Collector
  • 13. Search Visualize Predict Applications Mobile Internet of Things Network and Server The Machine Data Challenge
  • 14. Sumo Logic Enterprise Security Analytics Sumo Logic ConfidentialSecurity ApplicationsLogReduce Reduce log messages into patterns Search across multiple data sources Reduce MTTI by 50% or More Annotate results, influence future ranking Anomaly Detection Automatically detect unknown events Predictive machine learning analytics Continuously Demonstrate Compliance Annotate anomalies for future reference 14
  • 15. Applications for AWS Services
  • 16. Sumo Logic Confidential Sumo Logic Application for CloudTrail 16 User Monitoring Network & Security Operations
  • 17. AWS CLOUDTRAIL DEMO Sumo Logic Confidential
  • 18. InsideView is a market intelligence platform that aggregates, curates and delivers inside information and intelligence about customers target market Multiple Accounts in AWS Legacy infrastructure on-prem Plan to load-balance workloads Sumo Logic tied to key production account Use AWS CloudTrail to gather compliance logs Believe in the value of Sumo Logic and AWS integration
  • 19. Sumo Logic Confidential Challenges Visibility across hybrid infrastructure Querying across cloud and on-prem sources to demonstrate ISO 27000 series compliance Analyzing compliance logs generated by AWS CloudTrail Monitoring and auditing access to widespread resources Did not want costly and complex on-premise analytics solutions Wanted a comprehensive solution that could cover current and future compliance needs
  • 20. Sumo Logic Confidential Results with Sumo Logic Simplified querying across hybrid infrastructure for end-to-end infrastructure monitoring Leverage the Sumo Logic Application for AWS CloudTrail to monitor compliance logs The Application simplifies real-time monitoring with pre-built searches, dashboards and reports AWS CloudTrail gathers compliance log data for every command generated and Sumo Logic analyzes in real-time Role-based access grants teams and individuals appropriate permissions which aids in meeting compliance Sumo Logic helps audit access to resources and the associated user actions that is helping meet ISO 27000 requirements Sumo was far less complex and costly as compared to the leading competitive solution Looking to use Sumo Logic for other compliance needs in the future
  • 21. SaaS infrastructure, fully operational within hours Guaranteed 5X plus elastic index bursting and SLAs on query performance Reduce compliance audit costs by 30% , diminish complexity associated with security and compliance audits Future proof your investment with applications that adapt to changing compliance Built-in Machine Learning with Anomaly Detection and LogReduce Secure by Design service complies with all major regulations One service does it all works with on-prem and cloud data sources to provide security, operations and business insights Advantage The
  • 22. 22 Sumo Logic Confidential
  • 23. Big Data Competency Partners Advance Analytics
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