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Join AWS and BlueMetal, a technology architecture firm and a member of the Amazon Partner Network, for this live webinar where we will discuss modernizing your applications when moving your data center to the AWS Cloud. Microsoft has announced that July 30, 2015, is the end of support for Windows Server 2003. This will affect customers since there will be no patches or security updates, putting applications and business at risk. Attend this webinar to learn about considerations and best practices for creating a composed solution when moving off of Windows Server 2003 and migrating your data center and applications to the cloud.


  • 1. Migrating & Modernizing your applications when moving your data center to theAWS CloudWindows 2003 Server end of support (EOS) as a motivatorDatacenter as a Service

2. Modern technology, craftsman quality.Were an interactive design and technologyarchitecture firm matching the mostexperienced consultants in the industry tothe most challenging business and technicalproblems facing our clients.BOSTON | NEW YORK | CHICAGO44 Pleasant Street, Suite 200Watertown, MA Modern Application Company Giorgio PironiManaging Architect - Cloud & 3. Our Services 4. Agenda1. What does Windows Server 2003 end of support (EOS) mean?2. Windows Server 2003 options How to move forward?3. What is a Modern Application?4. What is a Modern Infrastructure?5. AWS as the Modern Infrastructure enabler6. Modern Application demands Modern Infrastructure7. Best Practices & patterns for migrating/modernization8. Taking your data center to cloud as a service4 5. Windows Server 2003 EOS - Why we are here? Windows Server 2003 approaching end of support (EOS) on July 14, 2015 No more patches and updates without a custom support agreement Custom support agreement will be expensive No Security patches for OS & IISDays until Windows Server2003 End of SupportTime is running out!!!5 6. Windows Server 2003 EOS The impactMonths Ago Today July 14, 2015 After July 14, 20156 7. Windows Server 2003 EOS The Risks Applications at Risk Running applications on unsupported WS2003 machines Security and Regulatory Compliance Risks Is your application required to run on a supported platform for compliance? Due to regulations like: HIPAA, PCI, SOX, & Dodd-Frank, regulated industries must run on supported platforms Business Continuity/Risk Will your users not be able to use a product/service because of a unpatched security hole orperhaps application updates run into issues related to Windows 2003 Supportability Loss of Microsoft support Loss of third-party vendor support What impact does this have on your application7 8. What are the challenges in waiting to act? How do you mitigate your business risk? Can you afford custom support? How do you remain compliant (if applicable)? How do you continue releasing product updates? How do you maintain the security of the system for your users?8 9. Seize the opportunity in doing something Maintain Business Continuity Use migration & modernization as a means to deliver a compelling andcompetitive product that1. Grows your business2. Provides increased competitive advantage3. Is cost effective4. Delivers a compelling user-centric experience9 10. Windows 2003 EOS OptionsMigrateSaaS platformService model3rd party productRetireCreate a Retirement PlanApr 24, 2003 July 14, 2015Do NothingTake the riskModern Application (User Centric)Modern UX (Responsive)Modern Security (Two factor)Modern Data (Hadoop/Analytics)Modern Infrastructure (Cloud)ModernizeReplaceStay in placeManual updateLift & Shift to CloudHybrid10 11. Windows Server 2003 EOS OptionsOption Notes Effort Benefits1. Do Nothing Maintain legacy systems; accept risk Evaluate custom support agreement with MSFTLow Low effort2. Retire Sunset legacy applications Medium Simplification3. Replace Transition to SaaS, service model, or third-partyproductMedium - High Leverage bettercapabilities andoperations4. Migrate Upgrade OS Lift and ship to cloud, then upgrade applicationsvia manual and automated processesMedium Predictable andmanageable5. Modernize Modernize the application using updated UX, security,data, and virtualization approachesHigh Competitiveadvantage, businessgrowth, at lower cost11 12. Next Modern Application & ModernizationThe Modern Application12 13. What is a Modern Application?The Modern Application is a set ofprinciples for best practices and designpatterns in developing applications thatare user-centric.Modern applications are: Responsive Secure Intelligent Dynamic Data/Information driven Available Performant API driven13 14. Modern Application Behavioral AspectsModern applications: Provide a great experience Architecturally sound & flexible Great Design Deliver Productivity Act intelligently Adaptable to environment Interact with the world around them, likeinfrastructure Possess agilityExperiencesArchitecture Design14 15. The Modern Application DirectiveA philosophy of best practices anddesign patterns to meet todaysbusiness drivers15 16. The Pillars (Framework) of the Modern Application Modern Security (Two-factor auth, Fingerprint) Modern UX (Responsive, Multi-device, Voice) Modern Data (Relational, NoSQL, Storage, DW) Modern Intelligence (Data & Predictive Analytics) Modern Access (Anywhere, anytime, any device) Modern Performance (Speed, Agility, Scalability) Modern API (Interoperability, expose & consume) Modern Workflow (user centric, design &process flow) Modern Operations (predictable, cost-effective)16 17. Modernizing your applicationModern SecurityWhere a security first mentality permeatesthroughout the entire application design &implementation. Security follows the user, isconsistent, and is delivered by infrastructurethat is protected. Two-factor authentication Fingerprint Voice Authorization Encrypt data at rest / in transitDynamic, adaptive to device, context aware,simplification of information. Modern UX is aparadigm of the way a user would interactwith an application. Responsive Multi-Device Context aware VoiceModern UX Modern DataThe promotion of data storage repositoriesthat are optimized to the structure of thedata , but where data can still be viewed andcommunicated in a uniformed manner. Relational NoSQL Object Store Data Warehouse17 18. Modernizing your applicationModern IntelligenceMaking use of data and the current contextthat surrounds us to be predictive,suggestive, and actionable. Informationpresented in a coherent structure, easilyunderstandable, in a given user context. Data Analytics Predictive Analytics Suggestive Analytics ActionableArchitecting your application to be highlyaccessible with a great user experience. Anywhere Anytime Any DeviceModern Access Modern PerformanceUsers expect responsive results. Applicationsmust be designed to provide informationcontext on time, or adapt appropriatecommunication paradigms when processeswill take long time. Speed Agility Scalability Elasticity18 19. Modernizing your applicationModern APIConnectivity delivers functionality thatfollows the user. Interoperability Expose & ConsumeOne application instead of many, designedto follow all of the activity surrounding auser process. User-centric Design Flow Process Flow AdaptableModern Workflow Modern OperationsHigh levels of interactivity with context toprovide feedback to the end user regardingtheir environment . Predictable Feedback / Dashboard Status Activity Progress19 20. What is Modern Infrastructure?The Modern InfrastructureenablesThe Modern Application20 21. The Pillars (Framework) of Modern Infrastructure21 Security (Processes, methods, procedures) Availability (MAA, Cross region DR) Scalability (Limited by what you can afford) Reliability (eleven 9s, etc.) Elasticity (Grow & contract) Global Presence (all around the world) Performance (Highly performant) Infrastructure API (provision and control yourinfrastructure) Management (Deployment, operations) 22. Modern Application meets modern InfrastructureAWSis theThe Modern Infrastructurethat powersThe Modern Application22 23. Why AWS for Modern Infrastructure? #1 reseller of Windows Server & SQL Server Maturity Ecosystem Whitepapers, webinars, target first Reliability & Scalability Global Footprint Automation Large number of services Leader in the introduction of new innovative services23 24. Software Defined Data Center (SDDC)Everything now is a programmableresource. There are no physical thingsanymore.. Dr.Werner Vogels (Re:Invent 2012)24 25. Modern API Infrastructure as code / software+ API = ProgrammablePlatform25 26. Modern AccessThe scale that you want Broad range of different combinations of CPU,memory, disk, and networking AWS global Infrastructure 9 Regions 25Availability Zones Continuous Expansion26 27. Modern DataRDS is a managed relational database service that is simple to deploy,easy to scale, reliable, and cost-effectiveManaged ServiceAmazon Relational Database Service (RDS)Choice of Database EngineManaged ServiceEasy to ScaleHigh PerformanceHigh AvailabilityAmazon RDSDynamoDBAmazon NoSQL DB27 28. Modern PerformanceDynamoDBOptimizedInstancesRedisElastiCacheMemcached forperformance,scalability, and costsavingsAmazon DynamoDB forunbounded datawith heavy write load.Redis for fast, complexcaching and messagepassingInstances to handle anyload high memory, GPUbased,Auto ScaleAuto scale tohandle any loadMemcached28 29. Modern Operations System Center +AWS Management Pack Amazon CloudWatch AWS CloudFormation AWS Identity & Access Management AWS CloudTrail AWS Trusted Advisor29 30. Modern Security - Built for Enterprise SecurityStandardsCertificationsSOC 1 Type 2 (formerlySAS-70)ISO 27001PCI DSS for EC2, S3,EBS, VPC, RDS, ELB, IAMFISMAmoderate compliantcontrolsHIPAA& ITAR compliantarchitecturePhysical SecurityData centers in nondescriptfacilitiesPhysical access strictlycontrolledMust pass two-factorauthentication at leasttwice for floor accessPhysical access loggedand auditedHW, SW, NetworkSystematic changemanagementPhased updatesdeploymentSafe storagedecommissionAutomated monitoring andself-auditAdvanced networkprotectionNote: See http://aws.30 for latest information 31. Modern Security AWS AdvantageCloud Security Advantages: Dedicated Security Team Greater Investment in Security Infrastructure Greater Security Certifications that