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AWS Support is a one-on-one, fast-response support channel that is staffed 24x7x365 with experienced and technical support engineers. The service helps customers of all sizes and technical abilities to successfully utilize the products and features provided by Amazon Web Services. All AWS Support tiers offer customers of AWS Infrastructure Services an unlimited number of support cases with pay-by-the-month pricing and no long-term contracts. The four tiers provide developers and businesses the flexibility to choose the support tiers that meet their specific needs. Join the AWS Support team to learn more about the different service-level offerings available for start-ups.


  • 1. AWS Support OverviewForest Johns, Sr. Manager, Support Product Management

2. 2AWS Support OverviewAWS Trusted Advisor DemoEnterprise SupportQ&AAgenda6/14/2013 Slides not intended for redistribution. 3. 3A one-on-one, fast-response support channel that is staffed 24x7x365 withexperienced and very technical support engineersOffers a range of plans that provide customers an unlimited number of support caseswith pay-by-the-month pricing and no long-term commitmentsIn addition to providing industry standard reactive troubleshooting, we providesupport for: Getting started on AWS Recommendations to save money, improve security, performance, andavailability Implementing architectural best practices Integration of new AWS features (150 releases + in 2012) Configuration and troubleshooting for a growing list of 3rd party softwareWhat is AWS Support6/14/2013 Slides not intended for redistribution. 4. 4AWS Support is a Global Organization6/14/2013 Slides not intended for redistribution.Support LocationsRemote TAM LocationsFuture Site Plans 5. 5Plans Tailored to a Wide Range of CustomersCustomers areResponsible forSelecting a Plan ThatMeets Their BusinessRequirements6/14/2013 Slides not intended for redistribution. 6. 6AWS Support Pricing6/14/2013 Slides not intended for redistribution. 7. 7Built on top of Legacy of Customer Obsession6/14/2013 Slides not intended for redistribution. 8. 8Focus on innovating on behalf of customers, often through technology, with our teamsubmitting 13 patents in the last year aloneBuilt a dedicated software development team to carry out innovation for customers andinternal support teamContinuously making AWS Support better:1. Lowered Prices, Twice in 24 Months, for Paid Plans2. Expanded to 365x24x7 Customer Service with Phone Access3. Expanded to Third Party Software Support4. Launched Trusted Advisor Best Practice Auditing Service (Pioneering Feature with Multiple Patent Apps)5. Improved Customer Communication Channels Added Support via Chat, WebEx Case, API Access6. Launched Infrastructure Event Management to Help With Large Events (e.g. Super Bowls, Olympics)7. Launched Free Basic Support Plan8. Made it Easier for Enterprises by Integrating Identity Access Management (IAM) for Support CenterOur Culture of Customer Obsession, Leads toSignificant Investment and Innovation in Support6/14/2013 Slides not intended for redistribution. 9. AWS Trusted Advisor 10. 10AWS Trusted Advisor audits a customersinfrastructure against known bestpractices, in order to: Save Money Improve Availability Close Security Gaps Increase PerformanceOver the last 90 days, AWS customersreviewed 135K AWS Trusted Advisorrecommendations and took action thatresulted in an estimated at $18M inannualized savingsAWS Trusted Advisor Demo6/14/2013 Slides not intended for redistribution.Enterprises used to spend big bucks on consultants to optimize their IT. Now there is AWS Trusted Advisor 11. Enterprise Support 12. 12Built to Address the Needs of Internet, Partner,and Enterprise Customers6/14/2013 Slides not intended for redistribution. 13. 13Enterprise Account TeamEnterpriseSupportTAMSupport TeamSolutionsArchitectAccountManagerDedicated enterpriseengineer for technicalinquiries and escalationsWorks with the TAM to providearchitectural help with projectsand design needsHelps ensure customers arereceiving the best value fromAWS services365x24x7 Team ofEngineers Available6/14/2013 Slides not intended for redistribution. 14. 14Intimately familiar with the customers specific AWS architectureProvides access to technical expertise for the full range of AWS servicesProvides oversight of ongoing support needs - customers have a directcommunications channel with their TAMConducts Periodic business reviews for infrastructure planning, reportmetrics, collaborate on launchesWorks with AWS Solution Architects to help customers launch newprojects and give best practices recommendations throughout theimplementation life cycleTechnical Account Manager (TAM) Role6/14/2013 Slides not intended for redistribution. 15. 15Orchestrate resources within AWS to help Enterprise customers in the best possiblewayResource optimization review prepare recommendations to help increaseavailability, reduce costs, and improve securityNew product introduction review highlight where new products benefit thecustomers use case and architectureKeep the customer aware of AWS roadmap and advocate for their developmentinterests with the right AWS teamsEvent Management coordinate AWS service teams and AWS Support for importantlaunchesConsultation on resource planning and operational plans for instance managementRegular meetings to review support cases & general technical queriesParticipate in meetings as an AWS expertCommon Customer TAM Requests6/14/2013 Slides not intended for redistribution. 16. 16Customer Stories6/14/2013 Slides not intended for redistribution.Harper Reed, CTO at Obama for AmericaTo make sure that we were successful, we relied extensively on the support options thatAmazon Web Services offered. We worked closely with AWS Support to troubleshootand solve the varied issues that arose. One of the keys to our success was having aTechnical Account Manager who knew our infrastructure and advocated for our needsto all the internal AWS groups. Our TAM was monitoring our AWS resources during highvolume events like the debates and Election night and proactively mitigating potentialissues before they impacted our users. Our experience was well beyond the traditionalbreak-fix reactive support mode, instead we truly felt we had a partner with our TAMand the entire AWS support team. They were as much committed to our success as wewere.Amit Vora, CTO, HungamaAWS Trusted Advisor helped Hungama save over 12% on ourmonthly bill with AWS. We will continue leveraging featuresand checks such as "Underutilized Instances" and "ReservedInstance Recommendations" to keep optimizing ourinfrastructure and costs on AWS. 17. 17Customer Stories6/14/2013 Slides not intended for redistribution.Jason Titus, CTO, ShazamA large contributor to the success of Shazams Super Bowl event was the work donebeforehand with the help of AWS Enterprise Support. Working hand in hand with adedicated Technical Account Manager, the support team provided real-time assistance,ensuring our application would scale to meet the anticipated demand of the event. Inaddition to the upfront support, the AWS Enterprise Support team also provided aroundthe clock monitoring and assistance from the US and Europe during the event, and hadAWS engineering resources on standby should their assistance be required.Yury Izrailevsky, VP, Cloud Computing and Platform Engineering,NetflixAWS Support and our dedicated Technical Account Manager continuously workwith our teams to ensure the availability, cost effectiveness and security of ourinfrastructure running on AWS. Weve been pleased with the technical skills ofthe support team, but also their ability to act as a central point of contact toengage resources throughout AWS as needed. This translates to providing a greatexperience for our customers. 18. Questions? 19. 19Customer Feedback TwitterHave I mentioned, lately,how much #aws PremiumSupport just plain rocks?@awscloudJust did my first live chatsupport with AWS Premiumsupport. Got a real person inseconds, and my EIP limitincreased. #aws #supportAmazon AWS has incrediblecustomer service. Werereaching out because ofyour tweet about AWSavailabilityOpened two premium supporttickets on AWS today. Theresponse was the best supportIve ever gotten. Worth everypenny!I just wanna say. AWSsupport rocks! A lot can besaid about a company thatcares enough to ensurepost-sales is as good as itssales.Very impressed by the qualityof @awscloudssupport/helpdesk. Thats howit should be everywhere. #aws#cloud #support #impressiveImpressed with #aws tech support. Responsive, knowledgeable and helpful.6/14/2013 Slides not intended for redistribution.