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  • AwArd winning ArchitecturAlly designed homes thAt deliver certAinty

    on price, time & design

  • live your perFect liFe

    one can only expect the finest in sophisticated, designer living – introducing canny’s new range of lubelso architectural homes.

    At lubelso, we want you to be inspired when you open your front door. step inside a spectacular home that has been designed to the last detail

    to create the lifestyle you’ve always imagined.

    lubelso homes allow you to create your perfect home with exceptional architectural quality and the certainty of a proven and reliable process. substantially more

    affordable and delivered in less time than a conventionally designed architectural home, lubelso gives you the opportunity to design the ideal lifestyle immediately.

    with your choice of colours, finishes and a range of customisations, you can step into a prestige dwelling in as little as ten months.

  • prestige homes with the cAnny AdvAntAge

    lubelso is a business within the canny group, the leading designer and builder of custom homes in melbourne.

    established by damian canny in 1994, canny has established a peerless reputation for outstanding professionalism, creative thinking, and superb quality.

    with an experienced in-house design team of architects, interior designers and drafting specialists, canny tailors extraordinary homes that are as individual as you.

    canny is unique. no other firm in melbourne combines design and construction expertise under one roof to canny’s exceptional standards. in creating and delivering some of melbourne’s finest homes, we believe

    that our clients should enjoy the process of making their dreams become reality.

    with canny, lubelso takes advantage of twenty years experience in custom design and construction to offer an exclusive alternative,

    incorporating all the benefits of an architecturally designed home for customers who don’t feel the need for lengthy design development.

    it’s a head-start to luxury that delivers a quality second to none.

  • design pAssion

    Our design team is as passionate about your home as you are. For everyone, at no matter what stage of life, building a new home is a significant undertaking. At Lubelso, we are committed to achieving a result that will nurture, protect and

    inspire you and your family long into the future. We deliver the perfect balance of form and function, designing every home with pride and meticulous attention to detail.

    Importantly, we understand that our expertise is only half the equation. The other half is you. Your way of life, your expectations, your personal sense

    of style are critical to making your home unique. Consultation and great communication are integral to the way we work.

    The Lubelso team of architects and interior designers work in close cooperation with an experienced delivery team to ensure your home is built to the highest

    standards. Our reputation is built on quality from start to finish – quality of service, personnel, and materials – and we stand by it. Our engineers, tradesmen,

    suppliers and manufacturers are the best in the business. Only the latest and highest quality materials and building systems, fittings, fixtures and equipment

    are incorporated into your home.

  • yeAr round comFort &

    lower costs

    smart design optimises your quality of life. lubelso have created a home that is in harmony with the environment, yet luxuriously comfortable to live in.

    All lubelso homes achieve a 6 star energy rating, certified by an accredited, independent energy rater. with the latest environmentally friendly building systems, running costs are kept to a minimum. your home stays cooler in

    summer and warmer in winter.

    incorporating a number of stringent design standards, featuring wall and ceiling insulation, and concrete ground slabs, lubelso homes save energy. utilising the latest in solar hot water technology, lubelso greatly reduces one

    of the single biggest household energy expenditures.

    lubelso homes are naturally light and bright. extensive glazing throughout minimises the need for (and cost of) artificial lighting. carefully considered siting and house orientation make an enormous difference to the thermal efficiency of

    a home, maximising passive solar warming and natural cross-ventilation.

  • every step oF the wAy

    A new home is an adventure. it may even be a little daunting. At lubelso, we believe in a process you can look forward to, that you can enjoy and be excited by. with clearly

    laid out steps, great communication, and a spirit of cooperation that celebrates the process of creating something personal and long-lasting, we believe we can get you

    to the finish line with your enthusiasm and optimism for the future intact.

    we believe in a consultation process that makes all things possible. when you take the first step through your front door, we want the experience to be everything you

    imagined and more. From start to finish, the lubelso process is straightforward, flexible when you need it to be and, above all, transparent. we’ve developed it

    over many years with many clients and we’re good at listening to what you have to say. we think you’ll find it helpful and stress-free, because we’ve followed

    our clients’ advice to make it that way.

  • SINGLE SERIES _________

    contemporAry & trAditionAl

  • SINGLE SERIES _________

    50’s modern & eArly modern

  • DOUBLE SERIES _________


  • DOUBLE SERIES _________

    eArly modern


    CALL (03) 8532 4400 OR VISIT LUBELSO.COM.AU

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