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  • 1. Assignment 12 (ii) Planning for Documentary Kaya SumblandGledis Dedaj Rahel FasilJoanne Aroda

2. Structure For Whole SeriesEpisode: Introduction: Beginning: Middle:End: (First 2 Mins)(15 Mins)(15 Mins)(15 Mins) - Presenter - History of the Web.- Social networking sites. - What algorithms are introducing the - How it has evolved.- Statistics on how far theand how they work.Social Media episode on social - The way we communicate world has become networking andhas been revolutionised. obsessed with them.- How algorithms are Part One social Media. - Interviews with older- How this makes for a used to subtly - Show supporting generation on theirperfect tool, forcontrol or footage of YouTube, experiences of how the controlling views andmanipulate society. Google, Facebook, Web has progressed.ideologies. Blogs with voiceover - E.g. Hash-tag : Twitter on of statistics. TV - The different types of- Wikipedias and Blogs. - How we think we are- Does technological social Media- How they generate theirbeing given variousconvergence aid aSocial Media platforms.own information. choices, however these democratic media - The way that they use - Blogs are not censored choices are provided bylandscape or does it Part Two algorithms to cater to(Freedom of speech)higher powers whoenforce a the individual varies. determine your searchhegemonic one. - How society is fightingresults. against a hegemonic- E.g. Online Dating : Your media platform.match is determined foryou. - How are we influenced - Films : Used to install- How stereotypes have - The news and how by the things that we certain ideologies withinbecome hegemonic people have no watch?society or promote these through someonescontrol over what is Film & - How it has been ideologies.dictation of script. shown. Television integrated into - Examples of specific films - This is liked to the - What is shown on everyday television.that have influence thepropaganda used in WW1 the news is world the most alongside and WW2 to promote the specifically chosen with statistics. Nazi Regime. for a certain representation. 3. Choice of EpisodeThe episode we will focus on isWe chose this episode because It was intriguing of all our subtopics It would be easiest to get footage for Its the most progressive form of media 4. Structure for EpisodeEpisodeIntroduction IntroductionBeginningMiddle End (1st 2 min) (1 min) Revolution of The Social Algorithms Web Networking Sites Then introduce First subtopic is the Presenteralgorithms andRevolution of theintroducing thehow they are a Presenter talking Web. Show examples ofepisode on socialtool used toabout the whole how they arenetworking subtly controldocumentary, the This will include applied. E.g.Social(Facebook, society.purpose etc...public interview at Rahels FacebookYouTube and Media- Montage footage Trafalgar squareliking pages and its We will haveTwitter)(older generation) to affect on her news Theof peopleexpertincluding feed.interacting withask how it changed.Hegemonic statistics.interviewsdifferent forms of (technicians)Puppeteer media. Show a time line Public interviews and public ones Show supporting and statistics.animation of thefootage of at Trafalgar E.g. internet,growth.square.YouTube (Clips of E.g. Facebook,phones, TVYouTube Celebs),Including The stages of Web 1,YouTube, Twitter,Google, Show examplesestablishing shot.2 and 3 How haveSocial News andFacebook, with of how wethey developed or Vimeo.voiceover of receiveprogressed.statistics.different search results. 5. Structure for 5 minute Documentary2 Minute Introduction (Series)15 secs: Show establishing shot of people walking (fast motion) with statistics followed by shots of Internet caf users.15 secs: iPhone - close up of its uses (Google), shot of the TV showing hashtag to share their views.15 secs: Presenter introduces herself and what she will be exploring throughout the documentary series.15 secs: Presenter goes through the different types of media.15 secs: Presenter talking about how we are influenced by what we watch and how higher powers use this as a form of control.15 secs: Show case study of the boy who killed his mum mimicking the soap Coronation Street, with archival footage of news broadcast.15 secs: Presenter discusses the two sides of the debate. (hegemonic or democratic)15 secs: She asks 3 rhetorical questions, finishing on the documentary series title question, followed by an animation of the title. 6. Structure for 5 minute Documentary1 Minute Introduction (Episode)30 secs: Presenter inside Internet Caf, gets up and walks out while talking about different platforms of social media.15 secs: How Facebook also caters to the individual through their News Feed- With voice-over. (Example of real Facebook page.)15 secs: Statistics of how far people have become obsessed with social networking, thus making it the perfect tool to control people. 7. Structure for 5 minute Documentary2 Minute (To Focus On First Subtopic Of Episode)15 secs: Animation of a time-line of how the internet has progressed Web 1.0 qualities (sociological theory upsurge) how it was hegemonic (Information comes out but none come in)15 secs: Presenter talks about examples Social news, online dating, Wikipedia etc15 secs: Animation moves to Web 2.0 () Montage footage of YouTube celebrities (online videos) Animation of number of views increasing. Alongside will be a voiceover by presenter.15 secs: Public interview quoted significant things they say on Web 2.015 secs: Lastly Web 3.0 (Future)Presenter informs on the filter bubble with a bubble animation to show them Example of two different people typing in the same thing into Google and receiving different search results.15 secs: Expert interview on the future of Web 3.0 and algorithms. 8. Structure for 5 minute DocumentaryLast 10-20 Seconds (preview to next episode)5 secs: Examples of audience fighting back, via, blogs, wikis and social news15 secs: show clip of voting on social news sights to show democracy Presenter explains how society is fighting against a hegemonic media platform. 9. Script 10. Script 11. Storyboard 12. Storyboard 13. Storyboard 14. Storyboard 15. Storyboard 16. Storyboard 17. ShotlistShot Art deptTime Scene Location Characters Costume Description/Props Liking a page onScreen RecordingMediaPresenter Mac N/A 15Facebook, showing from the Mac usingRoom - voiceoversecs how it affects your Quick TimeMacdescribing the feed, and informationeffects and given on FBwhat its doing The presenter isMid shotLiving Presenter N/A Brown/beige 5 flowing talking on thespace coatsecs statistics from the internet Skirt publiccafe Converse cardigan Statistics are written on Statistics areMediaPresenter Mac N/A 10the screen on written in Facebook Room - Voiceoversecs hegemony andcomment boxes,Mac democracy uploaded on blogs An animation starting Close up of Media Presenter Picture Clear beige 15from Web 1.0 , with drawings beingRoom voiceovers nail varnishsecs sociological theory moved around in including visuals it andfast motion to show Hand information coming outit visuallymodel - of a computer andGledis none going in 18. ShotlistShotArt deptTime Scene Location CharactersCostume Description /Props Examples of upsurge inScreen RecordingMediaPresenter Mac N/A 5 the 90sfrom the Mac usingRoom - voiceoversecs showing picking boxes Quick TimeMac for online dating sight Followed showingScreen RecordingLiving Presenter Mac N/A 5 someone clicking to from the Mac usingspacevoiceoversecs edit on Wikipedia Quick Timeinternet cafe Lastly writing or Screen RecordingMediaPresenter Mac N/A 5 publishing story on from the Mac usingRoom - Voiceoversecs social news sites Quick TimeMac Close up of Media Presenter Picture Clear beige 5 Timeline animationdrawings beingRoom voiceover s nail varnishsecs moves to Web 2.0moved around in fast motion to show Hand it visuallymodel -Gledis An edited video ofScreen RecordingMedia Presenter Mac N/A 10YouTube subscribersfrom Mac usingRoom Voiceoversecs and views increasingQuick Time and many videos coming on the screen 19. ShotlistShot Art deptTime Scene LocationCharactersCostume Description/Props Public shot significant Two shot with Trafalgar PublicN/A Brown/beige 4 quote from interviewpublic andsquarecoatsecs on Web 2.0presenter Presenter Skirt Converse cardigan Public shot significant Close up of the Trafalgar Pubic N/A N/A 6 quote from interviewpublicsquaresecs on Web 2.0 Public shot significant Mid shot of the Trafalgar PublicN/A N/A 5 quote from interviewpublicsquaresecs on Web 2.0 An animationClose up of Media Presenter Picture Clear beige 2 introducing and drawings beingRoomvoiceover s nail varnishsecs followed from Web 2.0 moved around in to Web 3.0fast motion to show Hand it visually model - Gledis Presenter is explaining Full body shotLiving Presenter N/A Brown/beige 3 to the audience what aSpace coatsecs filter bubble is Skirt Converse cardigan 20. Shotlist Shot Art deptTime SceneLocation Characters CostumeDescription/Props Information coming out Screen shot MediaPresenterMac N/A 3 of a bubble surrounded Room voiceoversecs by many others Two Google searchesSplit screen of MediaPresenterMac N/A 7 presenting two screen recordingRoom voiceoversecs different search results using QuickTime Expert interview onMid shot with nameConventProfessional PaperN/A 15web 3.0 and algorithms and profession intechnician Desksecsleft corner computer how audience are Screen recordingMedia PresenterMacN/a 5 fighting back on blogs , using QuickTime Room voiceoversecs wikis and social news Clip of voting on aScreen recordingMedia Presenter Mac N/A 5 social news site using QuickTime Room voiceoversecs Presenter carrys on Long shot walking Living Presenter N/A Brown/be 5 explaining how into a mid shot Space ige coatsecs audience fight back Skirt Converse cardigan