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  • 1. DRAFT 4Assignment 12 (ii) Planning for Documentary Kaya SumblandGledis Dedaj Rahel FasilJoanne Aroda

2. Structure For Whole SeriesEpisode:Introduction: Beginning: Middle:End:(First 2 Mins)(15 Mins)(15 Mins)(15 Mins) Presenter talking about the This is to make audience - Statistics on the growing- Introduce algorithms andwhole documentary, theaware of the history of thenumber of people logging how it has been broughtpurpose - how social mediaweb beginning with web 1.0 - onto social networking sites in as a new form in webSocial is controlling what a detailed timelinelike Facebook day by day.- Explain with animation Media information we receive, in Animation shows- How this has increased overthe use of a filter bubbleFacebook, YouTube,information coming out of athe years and why? - we will show a beforeThe Google, but none going inand after in GoogleHegemonic from the audiences - The different types of socialsearches Montage footage of people Sociological theory of networking sites and which - Link it to socialPuppeteer interacting with differentupsurge in activismones are the most popularnetworking going informs of media people on Presenter highlights socialand why they appeal so muchdepth with the waytheir iPads, iPhones, networking Facebook, to such a mass audience. Facebook tailor yourBlackberrys, Laptops etc.Tumblr, Twitter, Social newsfeedNews, Online Dating how- Reasons why social media and - Talking to the expert E.g. internet, phones, TVthe web has come to asocial networking sites make behind the industry ask ifIncluding establishing shot revolution morefor the perfect tool used to they even know whoof internet cafes (high democracycontrol certain ideologies ortailors our algorithms,angles, low angles), a Leads to the Web 2.0 part of products within society. (Theirwho creates their ethicsbedroom (with tech), trainthe animation wherepopularity aids their ability to - Being in sociologicalstation (people on phones)information comes in and reach a wide range of people.) theories into ethnics with close up of Wi-Fiout the extent of ourconnecting. Showing how YouTube- For example some marketers democracygaines users success and use certain social networking- To lead into next episode Show case study of the boyaudience allow them to sites or social media to go through whywho killed his mumgrow or fail people gainpromote their products byalgorithms promote amimicking the soapgreat successcreating Pages for people to hegemonic form of socialCoronation Street, with Public interviews on how like on Facebook.networking justarchival footage of newsthey feel about web 2.0 inmanipulates audiencesbroadcast.Trafalgar square - On most website pages ause in the sites Lastly web 3.0 withshare or like button will- Expert interview andvoiceover presenterappear.examples of what we seeexplaining it and what we dont see Examples of Google searchtailoring searches Finish with expert interview 3. Structure For Whole SeriesEpisode: Introduction: Beginning:Middle:End: (First 2 Mins)(15 Mins) (15 Mins)(15 Mins) - The different types of- This part will be about how - To argue the first 15 minutes- Following this will social Media platforms. the audience are fighting backand explore how we think weexplore the use of Facebook, Twitter and with the ability to generateare being given various choices, technological Social Instagram are communication and their own information, doing this we will show montage however these choices are provided by higher powers whoconvergences, how itpromotes and allows theMedia sharing platforms. - The way that they use footage of people editing Wikipedias, scrolling though determine your search results. - E.g. Online Dating : Yourconstant landscape ofmedia to develop the algorithms to cater toand posting on their blog and match is determined for you. ways we are very vocalthe individual varies.posting social news stories - So we will show someone fillingand influential by Facebook ensures that - We will outline the statisticsin online dating application ourselves in technology,Fighting your newsfeed is catered to your taste and what of the amount of people on blogs, and the many different form, using a public interview, empathising with how they feelbut presenting aconclusion to weatherback you want to see is there and easily accessible. types of blogs highlighting the minority groups within about this opportunity - However, then we will have ansocial media ishegemonic or Google search results are society being able to express expert explaining what they do democratic also catered to whatthemselves repeated withwith their online form and how - Do this by showing how they believe you aresocial news showing they chose their ideal partner,the use of iPads have interested in. They knowfootage of people dig and who they are blocking out anddeveloped e.g the your interests from yourbury of Diggwhyapps and how genius previous Google search. - We will go into detail, showing - We will have statistics on the on the iPad suggest and - How society is fighting how blogs are not consorted,success rates of those theyimply what we should against a hegemonic showing the extent of whatchoose and those who finddownload media platform. Through you can post, and why thatlove with people different to- Though ending with a blogs and Youtube should be able to happenthemselves conclusion that we are channels created by though public interview, and always revolutionising ordinary people posting blog users interviews andand are becoming more their own views to aexpert interviews as to whydemocratic large audience. nothing is censored 4. Structure For Whole SeriesEpisode:Introduction: Beginning: Middle:End:(First 2 Mins)(15 Mins)(15 Mins)(15 Mins)- How and if we are - Films : Used to install- How stereotypes- The news and how peopleinfluenced by the certain ideologies withinhave becomehave no control over whatthings we watch society or promote these hegemonic throughis shown. It is seen as athrough films and TVideologies through someones dictationreliable source of(Listing some examples of our cultureof script. information especially inexamples, Star Wars in relation to others and government andTrilogy, The Batman what they see- This is liked to the terrorism case studies asFilm & Trilogy) propaganda used in they have no other- Examples of specific films WW1 and WW2 to sources to gainTelevision - How ideologies have that have influence thepromote the Nazi information from.been integrated intoworld the most alongside Regime.our daily watchingswith statistics.- What is shown on the(News, soaps, Dramas) (Clockwork Orange,news is specificallyTriumph Of The Will, Warchosen for a certainOf The Worlds)representation.Particularly in The LondonRiots when the newsmainly showed footage ofyouths rioting whenstatistics show that themajority of looters wereadults. Youths have astereotypically negativeimage now 5. Choice of EpisodeThe episode we will focus on isWe chose this episode because It was intriguing of all our subtopics It has a lot of evidence of a great revolution It would be easiest to get footage for It is the most current and in topic in the 21st century Its the most progressive form of media 6. Structure for EpisodeEpisodeIntroductionIntroductio Beginning Middle End (1st 2 min)nRevolution of The WebSocial NetworkingAlgorithms (1 min) Sites Presenter talking about Presenter Begin with web 1.0 with a Introduce the way social To flow into the textthe wholeintroducingdetailed timelinenetworking forms as a episode we willdocumentary, the the episode Animation showsrevolution from web 2.0 introduce algorithmspurpose - how social on socialinformation coming out of a Inform all the differentas a way of controllingmedia is controlling networking computer but none going in types of networking,society subtlywhat information we(Facebook, from the audiences shots of people Animation of thereceive, in Facebook,YouTube and Sociological theory of interacting withglobe transforming SocialYouTube, Google,Twitter. Twitter) includingupsurge in activism Presenter highlights social Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Online web 3.0 an omnipresent deviceMedia Montage footage ofpeople interacting with statistics on how muchnetworking Facebook,Tumblr, Twitter, Social Dating There will be public Animation of a filter bubble will be shown- different forms ofmedia people on their people use it ShowNews, Online Dating howthe web has come to a interviews why they use social networking Go in depth using Rahels Facebook, TheiPads, iPhones,supporting revolution moreand if they feel its a way doing through herHegemonic Blackberrys, Laptopsfootage of democracyof their voices being account before, thenPuppeteer etc. YouTube Leads to the Web 2.0 partheard liking a page to see E.g. internet, phones, (Clips ofof the animation where Show footage of the way the difference of herTVYouTubeinformation comes in and YouTube forms as a cyclenewsfeed how itIncluding establishing Celebs outof democracy using nam changes peoplesshot of internet cafes increasing Short supporting footage ofcat example postingidentity(high angles, lowviewers),increasing subscribers and video, re-posting, the re- sociological theoriesangles), a bedroom Google,views of a YouTube video,producing their own,into ethnics the(with tech), train Facebook,increasing popularity everyone now gets extent of ourstation (people on with voiceover people gain great successinvolved however, democracy withphones) with close upof statistics on Public interviews on how taste makers influencesociologist interview of Wi-Fi connecting. dominant they feel about web 2.0 in videos such as Friday the importance of Show case study of the pages, and Trafalgar square R.Blackethnics on our identityboy who killed his mum their influence Lastly web 3.0 with Statistics on how much Presenter concludesmimicking the soap of people with voic