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  • 1. DRAFT 2Assignment 12 (ii) Planning for Documentary Kaya SumblandGledis Dedaj Rahel FasilJoanne Aroda

2. Structure For Whole SeriesEpisode:Introduction: Beginning:Middle:End:(First 2 Mins)(15 Mins) (15 Mins)(15 Mins) Presenter talking about the History of the Web: The Statistics on the growing Introduction to whatwhole documentary, theWorld Wide Web is a globalnumber of people logging ontoalgorithms are andpurpose - how social mediacommunication toolsocial networking sites like how they work.Social is controlling what invented by Tim Berners-Lee Facebook day by day. Media information we receive, inin 1989. His initial proposal How this has increased over When algorithms wereFacebook, YouTube,of the internet was rejectedthe years and why? became popular inThe Google, Twitter.but later networkingHegemonic The different types of socialsites. Montage footage of people How it has evolved: we cannetworking sites and whichPuppeteer interacting with differentdo more with the web now, ones are the most popular and How algorithms areforms of media people onwe can share photos;why they appeal so much to used within socialtheir iPads, iPhones, videos; interests and such a mass audience.networking sites.Blackberrys, Laptops etc.thoughts. There arecurrently a lot more users, Reasons why social media and Why algorithms E.g. internet, phones, TVover a billion. social networking sites make promote a hegemonicIncluding establishing shot for the perfect tool used to form of social mediaof internet cafes (high The way we communicatecontrol certain ideologies orand how they are usedangles, low angles), ahas been revolutionised.products within society. (Theirto subtlety controlbedroom (with tech), trainThe main communicationpopularity aids their ability to individuals withinstation (people on phones)method was email before,reach a wide range of people.) society and controlwith close up of Wi-Fibut now we can have videowhat we see or dontconnecting. conferences and send audio For example some marketers see.messages. use certain social networking Show case study of the boysites or social media towho killed his mum Interviews with older promote their products bymimicking the soapgeneration on their creating Pages for people toCoronation Street, with experiences of how the Weblike on Facebook.archival footage of newshas progressed.broadcast. On most website pages ashare or like button willappear. 3. Structure For Whole SeriesEpisode: Introduction: Beginning:Middle:End: (First 2 Mins)(15 Mins) (15 Mins)(15 Mins) The different types of This part will be about how To argue the first 15 minutes Following this will social Media platforms. the audience are fighting backand explore how we think weexplore the use of Facebook, Twitter and with the ability to generateare being given various choices, technological Social Instagram are their own information, doinghowever these choices areconvergences, how itMedia communication and this we will show montage provided by higher powers whopromotes and allows the sharing platforms.footage of people editing determine your search results. constant landscape ofFighting The way that they use Wikipedias, scrolling though E.g. Online Dating : Yourmedia to develop theback algorithms to cater toand posting on their blog and match is determined for you. ways we are very vocal the individual varies.posting social news stories So we will show someone fillingand influential by Facebook ensures that We will outline the statisticsin online dating application ourselves in technology, your newsfeed is cateredof the amount of people onform, using a public interview,but presenting a to your taste and whatblogs, and the many different empathising with how they feel conclusion to weather you want to see is theretypes of blogs highlighting about this opportunity social media is and easily accessible.the minority groups within However, then we will have anhegemonic or Google search results are society being able to express expert explaining what they do democratic also catered to whatthemselves repeated withwith their online form and how Do this by showing how they believe you aresocial news showing footage they chose their ideal partner,the use of iPads have interested in. They knowof people dig and bury of who they are blocking out anddeveloped e.g the apps your interests from yourDiggwhyand how genius on the previous Google search. We will go into detail, showing We will have statistics on the iPad suggest and imply How society is fighting how blogs are not consorted,success rates of those theywhat we should against a hegemonic showing the extent of whatchoose and those who finddownload media platform. Through you can post, and why thatlove with people different to Though ending with a blogs and Youtube should be able to happenthemselves conclusion that we are channels created by though public interview, and always revolutionising ordinary people posting blog users interviews andand are becoming more their own views to aexpert interviews as to whydemocratic large audience. nothing is censored 4. Structure For Whole SeriesEpisode: Introduction: Beginning: Middle:End: (First 2 Mins)(15 Mins)(15 Mins)(15 Mins) How and if we are Films : Used to install How stereotypes The news and how people influenced by the certain ideologies withinhave becomehave no control over what things we watch society or promote these hegemonic throughis shown. It is seen as a Film & through films and TVideologies through someones dictationreliable source of Television (Listing some examples of our cultureof script. information especially in examples, Star Wars in relation to others and government and Trilogy, The Batman what they see This is liked to the terrorism case studies as Trilogy) propaganda used in they have no other Examples of specific films WW1 and WW2 to sources to gain How ideologies have that have influence thepromote the Nazi information from. been integrated intoworld the most alongside Regime. our daily watchingswith statistics. What is shown on the (News, soaps, Dramas) (Clockwork Orange,news is specifically Triumph Of The Will, Warchosen for a certain Of The Worlds)representation. Particularly in The London Riots when the news mainly showed footage of youths rioting when statistics show that the majority of looters were adults. Youths have a stereotypically negative image now 5. Choice of EpisodeThe episode we will focus on isWe chose this episode because It was intriguing of all our subtopics It has a lot of evidence of a great revolution It would be easiest to get footage for It is the most current and in topic in the 21st century Its the most progressive form of media 6. Structure for Episode EpisodeIntroductionIntroduction Beginning MiddleEnd(1st 2 min)(1 min)Revolution of The Web Social Networking AlgorithmsSites Presenter talking about Presenter First subtopic is the We will show the waysthe whole documentary, introducing theRevolution of the Web.sites such as social Thenthe purpose - how social episode on socialThis will show a picturenetworking really dointroducemedia is controlling whatnetworking animation where why a control your use on the algorithmsinformation we receive,(Facebook, timeline will be used to go website and how theyin Facebook, YouTube,YouTube andthough the different times We will compare the are a toolGoogle, Twitter. Twitter) including and revolutions within theways Facebook used to subtlySocial Montage footage ofpeople interacting with statistics on how much people useweb, across web 1.0, 2.0and 3.0,Twitter, Vimeo,YouTube etc. influencecontrolsociety.Media-different forms of media people on their iPads, it Show supporting Web 1.0 includes thesociological theory onand manipulate whatyou see, what your We will have TheiPhones, Blackberrys, footage of upsurge & visuals of info exposed to and theexpertLaptops etc. YouTube (Clips ofcoming in, but none accessibility to allinterviewsHegemonic E.g. internet, phones, YouTube Celebs coming outthings(technicians)Puppeteer TVincreasing Web 2.0 includes statistics Show examples of howand publicIncluding establishing viewers), Google,of YouTube success and 3they are applied. E.g.ones atshot of internet cafes Facebook, with public quoted material on Rahels Facebook liking Trafalgar(high angles, low angles), voiceover of their excitement of web pages and its affect on square.a bedroom (with tech), statistics on2.0, the contrast to before her news feed, and thetrain station (people on dominant pages,and now pressure to conform to Showphones) with close up of and their Web 3.0 exploring the popular Facebookexamples ofWi-Fi connecting.influence of new omnipresence of it, trendshow we Show case study of the people with more where it will be anywhere, Public interviews and receiveboy who killed his mum statistics showing animation ofstatistics to peopledifferentmimicking the soapalgorithm bubbles and feeling pressured tosearchCoronation Street, with Google searches contrastconform and numbers results.archival footage of newshow they are differentof how much peoplebroadcast.have changed sinceusing Facebook 7. Structure for 5 minute Documentary2 Minute Introduction (Series)15 secs: Various establishing shots of media related locations or buildings. For example Internet cafes or the BBC studio. Then a shot of people walking Trafalgar Square walking in fast motion with a Voice Over of statistics on how much people are affected by the media, and how much people are constantly bombarded by things in the media.15 secs: Close-up of an iPhone - how technological convergence has made it easier for us to socialise through the Internet. Shot of the television showing a hash-tag on a programme so viewers can express and share their views. (Democratic)15 secs: The presenter talks to the camera about the view that the media landscape has become hegemonic over the years due to the s