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  • 1. Assignment 16: Planning Rosalin Zein 7479 Laura Cuk 7341Chelsea Fashole-Luke 7357
  • 2. TimelineClose up of friend Close up shots of Online convo werequest icon things around the dont see who or what Back to the Close up of mouse clicking room is being said conversation, planning log out and exit to meet up Someone on their Facebook. Flashback of seeing the girl Flashback of Another flashback through the window mysterious person when they pass each watching girl other on the street reading at caf
  • 3. Genre and PurposeThrillerPsychological thrillerThe purpose is to excite and thrill the audiencewhile presenting enigmas that they could try tosolve as the film progresses.
  • 4. Genre and conventionsConventions you are applying in Use/develop or challenge? Similarities/differences to real filmsopening sequence HOW? (annotated pictures) WHY?1. Mystery2. Stalking3.
  • 5. Genre and conventionsConventions you are applying in Use/develop or challenge? Similarities/differences to real filmsopening sequence HOW? (annotated pictures) WHY?1.2.
  • 6. Genre and conventionsConventions you are Use/develop or challenge? Similarities/differences toapplying in opening HOW? real filmssequence WHY? (annotated pictures)1. Incorporates elements of Use There is mysterious Sevenmystery and drama character whos identity is hidden. Why? To create suspense within the audience.2. The music used within Use To create a A woman in blackthe film is usually high suspenseful and darkpitched and eerie atmosphere. How? We will find background music which fits the description.
  • 7. Target Audience (A) Primary Secondary ExplanationAge 15+ 25+ The main characters are teenagers. Adults will be able to educate young people on the dangers of social media.Gender Female Male Typically aimed at females, although males could benefit from the message of the sequence.Race/ethnicity Western culture Eastern Europeans Issues typically represented in the western culture. To buy into the western culture.Social class Working class Middle class It is part of the leisure activities, whereas middle class would attempt to take part in the activities of the upper class.
  • 8. Target Audience (A): continued Primary Secondary ExplanationInterests/hobbies Social networking, Stalking, The main interests computing, socialising, presented in the technology opening sequence are related to the social network generation.Social group Internet junkies, social The McDonalds These people will be networkers, generation attracted to the conventions of the film, including the presence of digital technology.Sexuality heterosexual Homosexual The sexuality of the characters are hidden/ambiguousProfession/role Students, Parents, teachers, These people will be mentors, student able to benefit and guidance counsellors, learn from the message.
  • 9. Target Audience (B) Why would your target audience be interested in you film because of the idea/plot?Our target audience will be interested in our film because it would relate to their daily lives (e.g social networking and the character going about her life) and this would make it more thrilling/suspenseful. Why would your target audience be interested in your film because of the form (how the film is constructed= editing, transitions, music, etc)?Our target audience would be interested in the music as it would create another level to the suspenseful atmosphere already constructed by the film itself. Why would your target audience be interested in your film because of the genre & conventions?Our target audience would be interested because the film does reinforce some conventions however it also develops them so they might like to see how we have changed the genres conventions to make the film more exciting for them to watch.
  • 10. Uses/ GratificationsInformation Entertainment Personal identity Integration & social interaction Learning, self Emotional release Identifying with Gaining insight education Escaping/ being valued other into circumstances diverted from of others; social problems empathy. Finding a basis for conversation and social interaction
  • 11. BBFC and film rating To understand what BBFC and film ratings were we researched it and found the official site. We found the different types of ratings which are U, PG, 12A, 12, 15, 18 and R18.
  • 12. BBFC Rating For our opening sequence we decided to go for the BBFC rating of a 15. We chose this rating as it fits in with our target audience as they would be around the age of 16 and above.
  • 13. Narrative Style/Structure Non-linear. Beginning of story. Establishes the story and characters. Flashbacks and flash forwards. Enigmas created.
  • 14. Time Time progresses in normal time and all parts our opening sequence are part of reality. We do include flashbacks and within this time is linear.
  • 15. Narrative theoryLevi Strauss:- opposition: one innocent character, one mysterious characterBarthes:- Enigma code: Who is the second character? Why are they following the girl? Is something going to happen to the girl?- Symbolic code: There are symbols characters mes-en- scene and the objects around the room.- Semantic code: What the objects around the room connote.
  • 16. EnigmasEnigmas created How WhyWho is this stalker? The identity will