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  • 1. Assignment 12 (i) Planning for DocumentaryKaya Sumbland Gledis DedajRahel Fasil Joanne Aroda

2. Final Chosen TopicOur New Questions is Is the current media landscapedemocratic or hegemonic? We have focused the previous question about the progression of social media to how different aspects of media are used astools to manipulate society. 3. Required Elements/ConventionsRequired Elements/ConventionsHow? Where in the documentary?Establishing shots How: To establish the setting to link with documentary theme Where: Internet caf (inside and out)Title of your documentaryHow: Where:Use of presenter or voiceoverHow: Where: Living Space (internet caf)Public interviewsHow: Where: Trafalgar SquareExpert interviews (with titles)How: to offer views on Where: officeAppropriate titlesSupporting footage/photographs How: to support the concept of thedocumentary to introduce the topic Where: in the beginningUse of statistic, graph or diagram 4. Conventions List Use Develop ChallengeConvention StatisticsNatural LightingSupporting FootageVolume ControlExpert/Public Interviews IntervalsVoiceovers Establishing Shot Presenters 5. Actors / People Presenter The presenter is to represent someone who is simply to guideRepresentation through the documentary she dose not take sides, she isunbiased on the fence and dose not dress to an exact audience Her costume is not too exaggerated for a target audience, herCostume/Props clothing would be plain, her clothes will have no pictures orstatements on them, and no propsBody language would be open to form a relationship with theBody Language presenter and audience not to make the presenter seem in any way superior There would be abit of hand movement to make the presenterGesture more natural in speaking, not to look to formal or rehearsedWould be warm, slight smile to attract audiences, make themFacial Expressionfeel comfortable, so they will want to listen to presenter alsohaving a straight faced presenter would not match our scoremusicThe speech would be formal, but not posh.SpeechLanguage would be standard English to appeal to both target and secondary audience 6. Actors / PeoplePresenterPresenter - Kaya SumblandBeforeAfterHair down withBlack eyelinerfull fringeBronzerMake-up Brown/Beige Winter coat Burgundy cardigan Black Black tightsskater skirtBlack converseshoes 7. Actors / PeoplePublicInterviewsFor Public Interviews we want to interview people who are in their 20s or 30s because They would have more general knowledge within this topic thanthose younger and those older We would like to have an equal amount of men and women asthere would be no reason to have more of one gender than the other We would want them to be British, of any ethnicity We would want to interview range of working and middle classonly 8. Actors / PeoplePublicInterviews We would ask them something along the lines of1. Do you use all forms of media regularly? If so what types?2. In you experience, has the way you use media changed over the years?3. Have you every noticed online that your searches tailor to you needs and likes?4. Do you think a all media has increase freedom and control for audiences? Is that positive or negative?5. Do you think the media presents all differences or enforced a dominant ideal? 9. Actors / People Expert InterviewsFor Expert Interviews we want to interview either asociologist, or possibly a professional technician as theyhave great knowledge within society and all generations of the Web. 10. Actors / PeoplePublicInterviews We would ask them something along the lines of1. Do you think media has reinforced democracy or another form of hegemony?2. Is anonymity throughout the internet influencing users throughout Web 2.0 a good or bad thing?3. What factors are taken into consideration when across media when they form something ideal to attract audiences?4. Do you think if they do manipulate a view, that audiences have the freedom to see the other interpretation? Is it blocked away? 11. RISK ASSESSMENT & HEALTH AND SAFTEY TASKS:POSSIBLE RISK INVOLVED IN TASKS:ACTIONS TO PREVENT HARM TOHEALTH OR SAFETY: Filming in unknown location It could be off limits or closed.Always check to make sure it is always accessibleTravelling to filming locations Could forget equipment behind on public transport.Always keep equipment close by and have a (walk/bike/bus/tube/car etc) check listInterviewing people for filmingCould end up talking to dangerous people Make sure you are always with a member of yougroup Filming underage (below 16) people Could get into trouble with the parents.Always get parental consent. Filming anyone This causes legal problems as people have to beAlways get permission to film anyone.asked if they can be filmed.Health of group members when filming Cold weather could lead to people getting sick and Ensure that all group members are well at all(ex in cold weather, filming for extended hours extended hours could lead to walking home in times and manage the time of filming as toetc)the dark which is dangerous. not extend to dark hours.Travelling to filming locationsCould get lost if going to an unknown location.Always carry a map when travelling to new areasInterviewing the public for filmingCould end up talking to dangerous people Make sure you are always with a member of yougroupInterviewing an expert for filming Could be falsely advertising their level of Ask to see certificate or identification. professionalismTypes of areas (how safe are they)Rough neighbourhoods could lead to equipmentOnly choose safe locations to film in.being stolen. Time of dayWalking home in the dark with expensive equipmentMake sure all filming is not left for one day socould lead to getting mugged.that it doesnt extend to dark hours.Using technology ( filming) equipment Not knowing how to use the equipment could lead to Always practice using equipment in the properdamaging it or filming poor footage. way. 12. Location Exploration 13. Locations Not Using 14. Location UsingLocation Name &How To Get There Access To Location Photos Of LocationWhat ForName: Living Space From School Internet Cafe 18 Bus To EustonUsed For: To ThenClosed and Publicestablish with 52 Bus To WaterloopresenterRoadName: TrafalgarFrom School Square Bakerloo Line To Oxford Circus,Used For: PublicOpen and Public Then Walk To TheInterviews Square Or catch 453 Bus 15. LocationPossible Risk Involved InActions To Prevent HarmTasksTo Health Or SafetyTravelling to filming Tube & Bus:o Planning our journeylocations (walk/ bike/ bus/ o Getting lost before leavingtube/ car etc)o Not having enougho Topping our Oyster money for the whole cards before departing journeyHow safe when you are Being attacked Stay in a group and intherepublic known placesPhysical surroundings:Road blocksCheck routes and maps to(ground/ buildings/see if all is clearpeople/ objects)Type of areaTo many people and carsPick a less busy time orcausing noise not giving usmove to a less busy areaclear audioAccess to location (open/ Public and open: personalKeeping all personalclosed/ public access etc)belongings going missing belongings close and out of viewLink to time of day Filming early in residential Dont film in residentialareas may cause noise forareas check opening andlocals or venues may beclosing timesclosed 16. Exploration of Sound/Music Copyright Free 17. Exploration of Sound/MusicBackground Music(to play when there are images and montage footage no voice overs) (copyright)Background Music(to play when presenter is talking) (copyright)Jingle (we will make our own similar one) 18. Copy-Right PermissionWe are allowed to use this song in our coursework