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Planning Statement

Ashton Leisure Park, Ashton Moss

Muse Developments

May 2014


1. Introduction 3

2. The Site and Context 5

3. Planning History and Background 7

4. Proposed Development 9

5. Policy Context 12

6. Key Issues Arising 17

7. The Principle of Development 18

8. Technical Considerations 22

9. Conclusion 25

Amy Longmore

Muse Developments

May 2014

1. Introduction

1.1 This Planning Statement has been prepared by Turley on behalf of Muse Developments

in support of a full planning application for the erection of an amenity restaurant (Use

Class A3/A4) and associated access, car parking and landscaping works on land at

Ashton Moss.

1.2 The application relates to a vacant development site that extends to 0.6 hectares

forming part of the Ashton Moss Leisure Park. Outline planning permission was granted

for the comprehensive redevelopment of Ashton Moss for B1 (c), B2 and B8 uses, a fast

food leisure complex (including a multiplex cinema), retail (A1), hotel and conference

centre (C1) and petrol filling station(s) in 1999 (reference: 97/P/110/OL). The

development did not include provision for an additional amenity restaurant on the

application site; therefore, it is necessary to make a full application for the development

described in Section 4.

1.3 The amenity restaurant will be a facility for staff and users of and visitors to Ashton

Moss as well as for residents of nearby communities. The amenity restaurant would

predominantly be a relaxed and informal place to eat, with food representing around

70% of total sales. The development would feature spacious dining areas and a

comfortable bar. There would be no juke box or loud music. In addition to a weekday

and Sunday carvery buffet, a comprehensive menu would offer a wide range of starters,

main courses, vegetarian and lighter meals. These would be complemented by daily

specials, a wide selection of desserts and hot beverages.

1.4 The purpose of this Planning Statement is to describe the background and details of the

proposed development, and to test the proposed development against the statutory

development plan and other material considerations, including national policy.

Pre-application consultation

1.5 Prior to the submission of this application, the applicant and the consultant team met

with officers at Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council on the 25 March 2014 to

discuss the principles of the proposals and the scope of the submission.

The Submission

1.6 This planning application is accompanied by:

Scheme drawings;

Drainage Scheme;

Design & Access Statement;

Landscape Proposals;

Ground Investigation report;

Transport Statement; and

Travel Plan.

Structure of Report

1.7 This Planning Statement is structured as follows:

Section 2: The site and context describes the existing site of the proposed


Section 3: Planning History and Background describes the planning history of the

application site and the surrounding area;

Section 4: Proposed Development describes the details of the proposed

development including the elements of the proposed development, design, size and


Section 5: Policy Context describes national and local planning policies and other

material considerations that are applicable to the proposed development;

Section 6: The Principle of Development describes the principle of the proposed

development and how it accords with national and local planning policy;

Section 7: Technical Considerations describes how the proposed development

accords with applicable national and local planning policy; and

Section 8: Planning Balance summarises the analysis of the Planning Statement.

2. The Site and Context

The Site

2.1 The application site extends 0.6ha and comprises a parcel of vacant development land

that is part of the wider existing mixed use Leisure Park at Ashton Moss. The application

site is shown at figure 1 below.

Figure 1: Aerial Images of Application Site

Source: Google Earth

2.2 The site is bound by Lord Sheldon Way to the north, the De Vere Village Hotel and its

car park to the west, a national railway line to the south, and further cleared land to the

east, part of which has been granted planning permission for additional restaurant and

caf use and associated car parking for the retail park. Junction 23 of the M60 motorway

is approximately 100 metres south west of the site.

2.3 From a technical perspective, the site lies within Flood Risk Zone 1 and is considered to

be at low risk from flooding and there are no other known flooding issues within the site.

2.4 The site is not located within or adjacent to a Conservation Area and contains no listed

buildings. Similarly, there are no listed buildings nearby and the site does not form part

of any statutory or non-statutory ecological or wildlife designation.

The Surroundings

2.5 The surrounding area is mixed in character containing a range of industrial and business

uses, retail and leisure facilities and areas of vacant land. It has been the focus of

planned redevelopment over the past 15 years. Figure 2 below provides images of the

surrounding area.

2.6 Situated to the north of the proposed site is Lord Sheldon Way, which was developed to

provide access to the Leisure Park. Beyond this road is open vacant land that forms

part of Aston Leisure Park.

2.7 Situated to the east of the proposed site is further cleared land. Planning permission

was granted in February 2014 for the development of three restaurant and caf units

(Class A3) and associated car park (application reference 13/01018/FUL) on land

approximately 40m east of the proposed site. Beyond this site is the existing developed

Leisure Park, comprising a Harvester Pub, Cineworld, Hollywood Bowl, Burger King,

The Eat Inn, Nandos, Chiquito, Frankie and Bennys and KFC.

2.8 To the south of the application site is a national railway line, running in a north-east and

south-west direction. Approximately 25m south-east of the railway line is a cluster of

residential dwellings and industrial units.

2.9 The De Vere Hotel and associated car park is adjacent the application site to the west.

Beyond the hotel (and approximately 100m west of the application site) is the M60

motorway, which runs in a north and south direction. Further industrial units are situated

beyond the M60 motorway.

Figure 2: Photos of the area surrounding the proposed application site


2.10 The application site is served by Pamir Drive which feeds off Lord Sheldon Way

(A6140). Lord Sheldon Way links Ashton Moss with the M60 motorway to the west and

Ashton-under-Lyne town centre to the east.

2.11 There is a footway and cycleway along Fold Way and Pamir Drive, which will be linked

to the proposed development. The existing footway and cycleway continues from Fold

Way onto Lord Sheldon Way. There are a number of pedestrian access points provided

into Ashton Leisure Park from Lord Sheldon Way.

2.12 The site is also accessible by public transport. There are existing bus stops on the

A6140 Lord Sheldon Way located to the north of the site. These bus stops are used by

Services 7, 217, 218, 338 and C20. These services provide regular buses from the Lord

Sheldon Way stops to destinations including Ashton-under-Lyne and Manchester. The

nearest Metrolink stop is approximately 250m further along the A6140 Lord Sheldon

Way to the east, which is accessible along the footway and cycleway.

2.13 Further details of the sites accessibility can be found in the Transport Statement.

3. Planning History and Background

3.1 In 1999, outline planning permission for the comprehensive redevelopment of Ashton

Moss to form a strategic employment site for B1(c), B2 and B8 uses, a fast-food leisure

complex (including a multiplex cinema), retail (A1), hotel and conference centre (C1)

and petrol filling station(s) was granted by Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council

(LPA reference 97/P/1110/OL).

3.2 The approved development was divided into four zones, comprising:

14 hectares of land to the west of the M60 for industrial and warehouse uses

(Area 1000);

8.5 hectares of land to the east of the M60 and south of Lord Sheldon Way

(A6140) to accommodate 18,125 sq. metres of leisure and entertainment

floorspace, together with drive through restaurants and a hotel (Area 2000);

9.8 hectares of land to the east of the M60 and north of Lord Sheldon Way for

approximately 3,874 sq. metres of industry and warehousing (Area 3000); and

5.1 hectares of land on the edge of the town centre for a 7,250 sq. metre

foodstore and 3440 sq. metres of non-food retail (Area 4000).

3.3 The application site is in Area 2000. This Area has been dived into two ph


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