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  • 1. Chapter 13:Art, Music, andLiteratureBy: Hannah, Caitlin, and Natalie

2. Biography: Francis Scott KeyBorn on August1, 1779His family owned aplantation in Marylandcalled Terra Rubra.He studied law in St.Johns College inAnnapolis.He was a lawyer fromBaltimore. 3. Music: Francis Scott KeyObserved British attack onFort McHenry during theWar of 1812.He saw the large Americanflag still hanging after battle.He was so inspired that hewrote The Star SpangledBanner. This song becameour national anthem.The song is still sung todayduring special events andits a connection because ofits significance to Americanculture. 4. The Star Spangled Banner Star Spangled Banner Go to this website to hear our national anthem!!! 5. Biography: John James AudubonBorn on April 26, 1785in Les Cayes, SantoDomingo.After his motherdied, he moved toFrance in 1791 with hisfather, half sister, andstep mother.He developed a lovefor nature, especiallybirds.Drew complex picturesof birds and studiedwith Jacques-Louis 6. Art: John James AudubonWhen he turned 18, hisfather sent him toPhiladelphia to managethe family estate, so thathe could avoid joiningNapoleons army.He saw many interestingbirds which he drew for hisportfolio.He went to jail for failing topay his debts.After being freed fromprison he married.Soon after, he wrote hisbook The Birds of 7. Connection: John JamesAudubonHis book is still read by many people today.Inspired bird research and ornithologists.Bird and nature artists are inspired by his work. JohnJames Audubon inspired artists to study and make aneffort for things that you care about. 8. Biography: Henry Wadsworth LongfellowBorn on February27, 1807 inPortland, Maine.By the age of 15, hehad already publishedseveral poems to aPortland newspaper.By the time of hisgraduation, he hadpublished essays andpoems in journals likethe AmericanMonthlyMagazine and 9. Literature: Henry Wadsworth LongfellowHe wanted toimmediately start aliterary career, but hisfather insisted he lookafter a differentprofession.Became a professor atHarvard University.His first volume ofpoetry, Voices of theNight, assured hispopular reputation.Wrote several otherpoems in his 10. Paul Reveres Ride 11. Connection: Henry Wadsworth LongfellowThe poem Paul Reveres Ride is still rememberedtoday.His poem inspired young poets and writers.We think that there is a connection because this is awell-known poem that has been around for years. Notonly is this poem a work of art, it brings Americanpride to his readers.


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