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  • 1. Monday, April 25th, 2011

2. Amount Raised - Deadline June 13thHow many homes can we build?S. 3500S. 3150S. 2800S. 2450S. 2100S. 1750S. 1400S. 1050 S. 1067 S. 700 S. 655 S. 510 S. 547 S. 350S. 348 S. 0CalviCarriquiry Dandanell Franco Furman Gavonel Herrera OdiagaSanta Cruz 3. Amount Raised - Deadline June 13thHow many homes can we build?S. 31,500S. 28,000S. 24,500S. 21,000S. 17,500S. 14,000S. 10,500 S. 7,000 S. 3,500S. 3,210 S. 0 Total 4. We Build TogetherNew Logo Marianella Vignati 5. We Build TogetherMay 8th Build @ FDR: One-hour time slots You must sign up for at least 1 hour, but you may sign up for more. 9 oclock to 6 oclock 6. Example of the time table for Sunday, May 8th Time CalviCarriquiri DandanellFrancoFurmanGavonelHerreraOdiagaSanta CruzFrancoDanika Rafaela AndrewValentina MarimiCamila9:00-10:00Naomi Quispe Tato PastorScamaroneCuglievanNogueiraEchevarria PenalozaMartinez Ferreiro Danika Valentina10:00-11:00Cuglievan PenalozaOlivia Franco Valentina11:00-12:00 Penaloza Valentina12:00-1:00 Penaloza 1:00-2:00 2:00-3:00 3:00-4:00 4:00-5:00 5:00-6:00 7. We Build TogetherKermesseBAGS Who are we going through to purchase the bags? Samantha Franco FrontBackT-shirts Does anyone have a contact? 8. Front 9. Back Volunteer 10. We Build TogetherKermesse Hand painting on the outside Sebastian Alessa Techo Experience on the inside Projector showing videos Pictures on the wall from the rst UTPMP build - Alessia Carriquiry Explain techo briey along with what we are planning to do. Other ideas, e-mail Sebastian 11. We Build TogetherBidones Your change can change lives. 12. We BuildTogetherGoals for next meeting: Each group should have around 1200 soles bynext Monday, May 2nd. The sign-up sheet for the May 8th buildshould be complete. Begin talking to your group about what timeslot they want for the Kermesse, May 14th. T-shirts and bags need to be purchased.