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Disaster working group meeting in 2008 - Dani project Presentation at the meeting on April 25, 2008


  • 1. DIPECHO Advocacy Network Initiative(DANI) LESSONS LEARNT & THE WAY FORWARD DMWG Meeting, April 25 th2008 Presented byVu Xuan Viet Project ManagerCARE International PromotingCommunity Based Disaster Risk Managementin Vietnam

2. Core Members of DANI Network (Phase I)

  • Consortium of the Spanish Red Cross, Netherlands Red Cross and Vietnam Red Cross
  • Save the Children Alliance
  • Development Workshop France (DWF)
  • CARE International in Vietnam (CARE)
  • Consortium of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Canadian Centre for International Studies and Cooperation (CECI)
  • World Vision in Vietnam (WVV)

3. DIPECHO/ECHO Project locations CAMBODIA THAILAND LAOS CHINA HA TINH NINH THUAN TRA VIHN QUANG TRI QUANG BINH QUANG NAM PHU YEN YEN BAI THANH HOA BINH THUAN GIA LAI DAC LAK LAM DONG BINH PHUOC HO CHI MINH TIEN GIANG KHANH HOA NGHE AN LAO CAI THuA THIEN HUE QUANG NGAI BINH DINH CARE INT. Binh Dinh DW-F Thua Thien Hue Save the Children Alliance Province :Yen Bai,Thanh Hoa ,Tien Giang NLRC/SRC/VNRC Thua Thien Hue, Quang Tri, Binh Thuan,Ninh Thuan VIETNAM UNDP/CECI Lao Cai, Kon Tum WVI Quang Tri, Thanh Hoa, Yen Bai KONTUM MRC/ADPC(Regional Initiative Flood Preparedness) Tieng Giang HANOI All DIPECHO partners Joint Advocacy Project UN ISDR (Regional Initiative, SNAP) UN ESCAP-ADPC (CBDRM) (Regional Initiative, PDR-SEA 4) 4.

  • Goal:
  • Improved effectiveness of natural disaster preparedness and management in Vietnam.
  • Specific objectives:
  • 1. To improve coherence and efficiency of community based disaster risk management project implementation by DIPECHO partner NGOs
  • 2. To increase awareness of community based disaster risk management through advocacy initiatives at the national, provincial and local levels

Goals and Objectives 5.

  • Sector 1: Facilitation of Co-ordination
  • Facilitating cooperation between DIPECHO partners and other national and international natural disaster management bodies
  • Creating a forum to share lessons and learn from identified good practice in others activities
  • Sector 2: Advocacy and public awareness-raising
  • Targeting policy makers through joint advocacy initiatives promoting CBDRM approaches and the integration of lessons learnt into National Strategy
  • Supporting the Central Committee for Flood Storm Control, to carry outjoint public activities i.e. National and International Disaster days.

DANI Strategy 6.

  • One agency responsible for coordination (CARE)
  • MoU among all partners
  • Monthly coordination meetings
  • Each activity has one designated Lead agency as part of agreed work-plan and budget.

DANI Operation Modality 7. Advocacy Skills Trainings Facilitated by the Asian Disaster Preparedness Centre (ADPC) were organized in Hueand Hanoi from 4-9 June for 56 participants(Red Cross Consortium) 8. Disaster Prevention Tours Learning and Sharing through project visits.Participants from DANI partners, government agencies like CCFSC/ DMC/ NDM-P, DMWG members and media agencies(Development Workshop France) 9. Media Campaigns

  • National and Local Media Campaigns to promote Community-Based Disaster Risk Management (CBDRM)
  • Organisationof policy-dialogues between local DIPECHO partners, government agencies, Donors and DM Practitioners( CARE, DWF)

10. International Day in Giang Vo school October 10, 2007 (SCA, CARE, DMC) National and Intl Disaster Days UN ISDR Global theme 2007: Disaster Mitigation Begins at Schools 11. Established in cooperation with (NDMP),including updated news IEC material, programme/ project documents,publications and resources , etc.(DANI, NDM-P) CBDRM Online Repository Electronic link on NDM-P website: http://www.ccfsc.org.vn/ndm-p/?module=1013 12.

  • Compiling and sharing ofCBDRM Good Practice Examples ; 16 Good Practices collected. 10,000 handbooks (700 EN, 9,300 VN) produced and disseminated to DMWG members, implementing partners of DIPECHO projects, provincial CFSC Standing Offices and RC Chapters(CARE, DIPECHO Partners)

CBDRM Good Practices Compilation Electronic link on NDM-P website: http://www.ccfsc.org.vn/ndm-p/images/download/CBDRM% 20Good%20Practice%20Examples-E.pdf 13.

  • Co-organize 2 Forums with NDM-P in Hue (11 thMarch 2008) and Ho Chi Minh City (28 March 2008)
  • Joint presentation by DIPECHO Partners on integration of DM in to socio-economic development planning

DM Integration Workshop(DANI-NDMP) 14.

  • Different expectations (results, commitment)
  • Different working styles
  • All partners busy with their own DIPECHO projects
  • Communication and cooperation among so many organizations.

Challenges 15.

  • By working together with a united voice, advocacy efforts have greater impact.
  • Joint advocacy initiatives provide a vehicle, a platform, for communicating with government at a strategic, rather than project based, level.
  • Through DANI, networks have been established between NGOs and the Government that can be built on into the future.
  • Joint activities require sufficient commitment of time and resources from donors and partners to be successful.
  • A mechanism for ensuring the commitment of all partners throughout the project is essential
  • Working through existing coordination mechanisms i.e. NDMP and DMWG rather than creating a new forum builds local networking capacity and sustainability.
  • A Catalyst forACTION

Lessons Learnt 16.

  • Objectives: To strengthen CBDRM advocacy and implementation through effective networking and joint initiatives
  • Membership:open to DIPECHO partners and interested DM Practitioners. So far11partners have committed to join JANI as core members (SCA, DWF, CARE, NLRC/SRC/VNRC, CECI, Action Aid, WHO, ADPC, ADRA)

Way forwardJoint Advocacy Network Initiative (JANI) 17.

  • Expected Results (3):
  • DM Practitioners and relevant stakeholders benefit from synergies and information exchange for a more coherent CBDRM implementation
  • Decision makers, DM practitioners and other relevant stakeholders are better equipped to integrate CBDRM into broader development planning in line with National Strategy for Disaster Prevention, Response and Mitigationto 2020
  • General public is aware of the needs and ways of disaster preparedness

Way forward - JANI 18.

  • Regular coordination meetings and joint events of JANI partners
  • Maintain online CBDRM repository
  • Conceptualize CBDRM and develop CBDRM framework in consultation with actors including Government
  • Organize two disaster tours for experience exchange and to support raising public awareness on DP
  • 5a. Compile and publish Good Practices and technical notes on 4 on-spot principles in DRM in Vietnam
  • 5b. Study and publish on Indigenous knowledge on disaster prevention and adaptation to climate changing

JANI Activities (1) 19.

  • Joint innovative IEC materials and further development of good pre-existing IEC materials
  • Training workshops on CBDRM advocacy focusing on integration of CBDRM into broader development planning
  • Support the process of inclusion of DP into school curriculum with leading education and DRM agencies
  • Policy dialogue platforms to assist formulation and implementation of disaster management legislation
  • Technical workshops to support implementation of the National Strategies, ensuring the adoption of CBDRM
  • Media campaigns for DRR at national and local levels
  • Joint advocacy events on the National and International Disaster Days

JANI Activities (2) 20. THANK YOU