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mobile websites and apps our library user survey iPad lending next steps for mobile access to the library website and resources. Apps and mobile websites. Apps. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • mobile websites and appsour library user surveyiPad lendingnext steps for mobile access to the library website and resources

  • Apps and mobile websites

  • AppsApplication software, also known as an application or an "app", is computer software designed to help the user to perform specific tasks.

  • Mobile websites vs.

  • Library user survey: Mobile Devices

  • Mobile Device SurveyStill running until end of OctoberSo far nearly 300 responsesWhat are our initial findings?

  • Facebook! EmailGoogleBBC

  • Angry Birds!More of a spread compared to answers to most used

  • UpToDateORH intranetUptoDate and BNF would be very heavily used in clinical areas if developed, although both available via any web browser so don't need a specific app. Currently the main obstacle to access is wireless network coverage of the hospital site - Students and staff can't easily gain access to most of the network.

  • iPad Lending

  • Whats it for? (according to Apple!) Technology so advanced, youll forget its even there. When you pick up your iPad, it becomes an extension of you. It makes surfing the web, checking email, watching films and reading books so natural, youll wonder why you ever did it any other way.

  • Whats it for? (not in sales speak!)A platform for audio-visual media including:BooksPeriodicalsMoviesMusicGamesWeb content

  • iPads and Medicine?Many published studies in Medical and Library journals, and examining and evaluating their use are they up to date and valid?At the minute? In the future?Who knows!

    Does it matter?

  • Deciding on the AppsInternet searchLiterature searchContact other librariesList of apps:

  • Whats on the

    Medical appsNon-Medical appsOxford HandbooksProductivity software

  • Other stepsiTunes set up one itunes account, download to two PCs (one at each site) Issue procedureReturn and reset procedure


  • Next steps for mobile access to our library website and resourcesBodleian Library wide website redevelopment project, currently undertaking user profiling

    Mobile access increasingly important

    Mobile Device Survey and iPad lending Feedback used to decide what resources we purchase

    Keep up-to-date with publishers and other developers

  • Conclusions and questions?

    Apart from iPhones/Amobiles most replies Laptops*


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