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Instructed by Kavita Jhunjhunwala.


  • 1. Mobile Websites vs. Mobile Apps What works for you? Kavita Jhunjhunwala |

2. Key Points State of the Mobile Web 5 Reasons for Mobile Websites Mobile Website Success Stories Mobile Websites | Industries Benefited Impact of Mobile Apps 5 Reasons for Mobile Apps Mobile Apps Success Stories Mobile Apps | Industries Benefited 3. State of the Mobile Web 4. travel / restaurant searches result in purchase50% 5. mobile users use mobile devices for shopping75% 6. mobile searches result in purchase or visit90% 7. Browsing websites on mobile is tough! 8. Mobile website makes a lot of sense 9. Reasons why your brand should opt for a Mobile Website 5 10. Mobile Websites | Benefits Universal compatibility Shorter go-to-market time frame Integrate with central CMS Excellent reach with mobile SEO Higher conversions than web sites 11. Mobile Website Success Stories 12. Marina Bay Sands 13. 1. Website allowed guests book rooms. 1. Site was fully optimized for smartphones. 2. Why mobile site: Universal compatibility with all types of smartphones. Marina Bay Sands 14. Singapore Post 15. Website offers information on POPStation. Visitors can vote on new POPStation locations. Why mobile site: It would be troublesome for visitors to download an app just for some information. Singapore Post - POPStation 16. Singapore Polytechnic 17. Blog is optimized for latest versions of leading mobile operating systems. Google Analytics code integrated into blog. Why mobile site: Integrating Google Analytics into the blog allowed site administrators to track unique visits. Singapore Polytechnic - Buzz 18. Industries that Benefit from Mobile Websites 19. Mobile Websites | Industries Benefited Online retailers Hotels and F&B Ticketing & Events sites Travel & Attractions 20. Impact of Mobile Apps 21. mobile users would scan mobile tags to get discount coupons30% 22. smartphone owners use their mobile devices to shop 80% 23. mobile apps developed in the last 3 years 300,000 24. Reasons to use mobile apps for your brand 5 25. Mobile Apps | Benefits Accessing device-specific features Offline access Seamless user experience Long-term engagement Steady revenue through micro-transactions 26. Mobile Apps Implementation 27. App allows users to instantly report fires and natural disasters. Every message is stored in back-end database for analytics Why mobile app: It allowed citizens to quickly ask for assistance in times of need, with a single tap. Singapore Civil Defence Force 28. App allows visitors to browse through list of available discounts and special offers. Offers are sorted according to location of dealer. Why mobile app: It allowed retailers to send offers to customers, when they were close to the retail stores. NETS 29. App allows service buyers and service providers to connect. All payments handled securely through the app. Why mobile app: LUCKiLINK uses GPS to inform buyers about local service providers, which can only be done with app. LUCKiLINK 30. Users can submit data through forms. App specifically supports iPAD. Why mobile app: Users needed to create forms and submit data on the move, and could only do so comfortably on an iPad native app. Fuji Xerox 31. Mobile Apps | Industries Benefited High engagement brands B2B enterprises Online reservation agencies Gaming