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1 - APCM Report2017

2 -APCM Report2017




Prior to the APCM the Rector will ask the relevant person/people if they are willing to continue/take up their posts as Churchwardens.


1. Prayers.

2. To inform the meeting of the person/persons willing to continue/take up their posts as Churchwardens. A vote then taken confirming the acceptance by the meeting and inviting them to join the Chair.

3. Apologies.

4. To agree the Minutes of the APCM 2016

5. Matters arising from the Minutes.

6. The reports. (Copies have been available in all three Churches)

7. Treasurer.

8. Responses to the reports and to the Treasurers report.

9. PCC members 2 members needed for St. Johns Church.

10. To elect sidespeople for each Church.

11. To elect one person to join the Deanery Synod.

12. To elect one person for the post of Child Protection

13. Electoral Roll.

14. Presentation for the future of the Parish Rev T Gomm & Rev J Menzies.

15. Any other business to be notified 24 hours prior to the meeting either to the Secretary, Mrs. J Camp or the Chair, Rev T Gomm.

16. Closing prayers.

Date of next PCC meeting. 7th June 2017 : 19:30 St Andrews hall.

3 - APCM Report2017



Churchwardens. Prior to the meeting Rev Gomm had asked the relevant Churchwardens if they wished to continue in their roles. Mrs J Butcher and Mr.R McColm both stated that they would continue in their roles. Mr. G Hayward has come to the end of his years of service.

There were 23 present at this meeting.

1. Prayers.

Rev Gomm started the APCM in prayer.


Rev Gomm informed the meeting that Mrs. J Butcher was willing to continue in her role as Churchwarden of All Saints. Mr R McColm has been given special permission by the Archdeacon to stand as Churchwarden for St. Johns for another year. Mr. G Hayward is standing down after his allotted years of service.

A vote was taken confirming the acceptance which was unanimous and Mr. G Hayward was thanked for his years of service. He is going to continue with the task of making safe the wall and steps at St. Andrews. At present there is no Churchwarden for St. Andrews Church.

3. Apologies

An apology was received from Mrs. Terry Shakespeare who is unwell.

4. To agree the Minutes of the APCM 2015

It was proposed by Mr. McColm, seconded by Mrs. Fenlon and carried unanimously that these were a true record.

5. Matters arising from the Minutes.

There were no matters arising.

6. The reports

Copies of the reports have been available in all three Churches.

7. Responses to the reports

4 -APCM Report2017

a) Regarding his report, Rev Gomm, re-iterated his pleasure at the very positive reactions received after members of the Parish went Carol singing around local pubs and that it was the intention to continue with this.

b) Rev J Menzies commenting on his report where it informs of him being accepted on the Church Pastoral Aid Societys Arrow Leadership course. It is an 18 month course and will mean some time away from the Parish. He thanked people for their patience and understanding.

c) Re Rev Mark Phillips report. Mrs. Fenlon passed on thanks from the congregation at St. Andrews Church. The services will remain at 9.30 as was their wish.

d) St. Johns Churchwarden there is an error in the time of the Praise group, they meet at 6.30 and not 7.30 as indicated,

e) All Saints Churchwarden Mrs. Butcher had nothing to add. It was generally agreed that she has excelled in obtaining the many Faculties that All Saints needed.

f) St. Andrews Churchwarden. even though Mr. Hayward is no longer Churchwarden, as indicated previously, he is going to continue with the wall/steps issue. Mr. Niall Laming has said that, understanding our financial position, he is willing to carry out work using the money available and should more work be necessary to make both wall and steps safe then he would carry that out but would extend the time of payment. It was agreed that we would need to know what he intended to do before commencing with this.

Mrs C Lock pointed out that this has been ongoing for many years and while our available money remains the same the costs are going up.

Rev Gomm replied by saying that he agreed with all Mrs. Lock said but we now had permission from the Council and planning permission from the Diocese so

5 - APCM Report2017

things are moving forward albeit slowly.

At this time Rev Gomm thanked Mr Hayward for doing a sterling job as Churchwarden for St. Andrews.

g) Both the social committee and Mrs. C Callis, C2000 Co-ordinator, were thanked for the work put in by them during the year.

h) The charitable giving was also commended. Mrs. Fenlon pointed out that the sum of 573 was given to the Childrens Society and that had been omitted. Also Mrs A Aldridge-Goult collected for the Sea Farers.

8. Treasurer.

The audited financial report had been made available for all to see and there were no questions arising from this. Mrs. A Hoskins, Treasurer, wished to thank, in particular, Mr. I McPheat for his immense help also the Churchwardens, Cashiers and the Clergy for their support.

Mrs Hoskins was then thanked for all the many hours she puts in as Treasurer. Mrs. Hoskins also indicated that she would like to stand down at the end of this year and that if anyone, with some accountancy experience, would like to take on this post she would be willing to show them the ropes.

9. To elect new PCC members,

Two members are needed for both All Saints and St. Andrews and three for St Johns.

All Saints

Ms Charlotte Troubridge was proposed by Mrs. J Butcher and seconded by Rev J Menzies.

Mrs. Vicki Louch was proposed by Rev J Menzies and seconded by Mrs J Butcher.

St. Andrews

6 -APCM Report2017

Mrs. Norma Milverton was proposed by Mrs A Fenlon and seconded by Mrs. J Camp.

Mrs. C Lock was proposed by Mrs. M Cade and seconded by Mr. G Hayward.

St. Johns

Mrs. Sue King was proposed by Mr. R McColm and seconded by Mrs. J Camp.

It was proposed by Rev M Phillips and seconded by Mrs. J Camp that the above people be duly elected to serve on the PCC.

10. To elect sidespeople for each Church.

All Saints

Mrs. C Troubridge, Mrs. B Hamilton, Mrs. V Louch, Mrs. J Astley and Mrs G Smith.

St. Andrews

Mr. G Hayward, Mrs. L Hayward, Mrs. C Lock, Mrs. A Fenlon, Mrs. J Sutton, Mrs. A Hoskins, Mrs T Shakespeare, Mr. S Day, Mrs. L Hornby and Mrs. J Camp.

St. Johns

Mrs. M Olsson, Mrs. K Gomm and Mrs. S King.

It was proposed by Rev M Phillips, seconded by Mrs. C Callis and carried unanimously that the above people be eledced en bloc.

11. Electoral Roll

The meeting was informed that, at present, there were 77 on the Electoral Roll. In the past year 3 had passed away, 9 people have left and 3 have joined the Parish. Rev Gomm felt that there were several who regularly attend

7 - APCM Report2017

Church but who were not on the Roll and encouraged this to happen.

12. Presentation of the future of Portland Parish.

Rev Gomm preceded his presentation by saying that the reason for our Faith is not about fabric or community but all about our relationship with Jesus Christ.

He then showed a short film made by the Archbishop of Canterbury who, along with the Archbishop of York, is encouraging the nation to pray in earnest during Pentecost. It is their wish that during the week before Pentecost Sunday that Churches pray for the evangelisation of the nation. (8 15 May)

It is the wish of the Archbishops that

a) All Christians find new life in their relationship with Christ.

b) All those who meet with us might see something of Jesus in us.

c) Pray for the Church that it is so full of life and the joy of Christ that it overflows with love and the reality and presence of Jesus.

Rev Gomm said there is a need to introduce Portland back to Jesus and to see Portland become more of a Christian Community. He also urged members to attend the prayer meetings which are held regularly as, at present, only 4 or 5 regulars attend. Rev Gomm urged all to make prayer a priority in our lives.

13. Any other business.

There was no more business to discuss.

The next PCC meeting will be on July 20th when Mr. Ian Bromilow will be speaking. The meeting will be held in St. Andrews Church.

8 -APCM Report2017

NOTES TO THE FINANCIAL STATEMENTS for the year ending 31 December 2017

1. The financial statements have been prepared in accordance with the Church Accounting Regulations 2006 using the Receipts and Payments basis.

2. Fixed assets retained for church use: St Andrews Hall and Flat, and also St John's Hall.

3. 20,900 Parish Share was paid during the year.

4. The following assets are recognised but not necessarily valued in the statement of Assets and Liabilities: All electrical equipment used for administrational purposes and for assisting in the delivery of services.

5. The Clergy and Staffing costs amounted to 2,924.42 Ministerial Expenses, Salary, expenses, HMR