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  • Everything Revolves Around Search

  • # 1 Question from Web entrepreneurs


  • The Search Marketplace

    Organic Vs. Paid

    Organic: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Paid: Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

  • Search Behaviour: Golden Triangle

  • Organic Ranking Visibility

    Rank 1 100% Rank 2 100% Rank 3 100% Rank 4 - 85% Rank 5 60% Rank 6 50%

  • Source: SEOMOZ

    CTR Rates

  • 90% of Clicks

    10% of Clicks

    Organic Vs. Paid

  • SEO vs. PPC


    - Higher Volume - Quick and low cost setup

    - Additional Exposure and Credibility - Minimal Development resources

    - Hard to Quantify - Highly measurable & trackable

    - lots of ongoing work - PPC climbing in most categories

    - Results take lots of time - Constant monitoring

  • Most Important Search Engines

    70% !17% !11%

  • So how do I get to the top Herman?

    No magic formula. Its a competition. Focus on the right keywords, domains, Build Micro sites

    Have great keyword-rich contentfresh content. Optimize your tags fully and smartly! Build links, and thus your PageRank Get socialdont forget video Get your visitors involved Continually monitor and benchmark

  • Algorithmic Ranking Factors

  • What Are Searchers Looking For?

    Keyword Research Target the wrong keywords and all your efforts will be in vain. !

    The right keywords are relevant to your business popular with searchers Propensity to convert

  • Keyword Research

    Tools to check popularity of keyword searches ! SEMRUSH and SEOQUAKE

    ! Googles Keyword Tool

    ! Google Trends

  • Lack of links down into all content pages;Non-textlink sitewide navigation;

    Search-form-only; Javascript/Java-only (ie: dynamic menus); Flash apps / Splash pages;

    Non-optimal URL formats of pages http://www.example.com/app.jsp?sid=abc123xyz

    Common Barriers to Spidering

  • Search engine spiders turn their noses up at such URLs

  • Title Tags

  • Pretty good title

  • Not so good title wheres the phrase credit card?

  • Meta Description

  • Tag Length Recommendation

  • SEO Audit via Webmaster Tools

  • Link Building

    Choose your anchor text wisely and wary them. !

    Do not pay for your links. !

    Choose your sites wisely. Sites with lots of good content.

    ! Google will allow you to opt out of links pointing back to you in Webmaster tools.

  • Penguin is the cousin of Panda

    Panda identifies thin/weak content and penalizes you for publishing it

    Penguin penalizes you for thin/weak content which links to you

  • 24

    Your reputation !

    can be implode in minutes

  • Anyone can be a bad assbehind a computer!

    Sites like Angie's list, Yelp and even Google encourage people to rate . !No business or professional is exempt from reviews: doctors, insurance companies, retailers, and wholesale. !Most problematic posts are in: !1) Review Boards 2) Complaint Boards 3) Personal Blogs 4) News sites 5) Video sites (Youtube)

  • Bad reputation goes viral!

  • Its a reputation engine


    People are searching for you (30% of searches) Your customers are searching for you Your prospects (investors, employeesetc) People pissed at you for no reason.

  • Reverse SEO


    Build and Bury technique !

    Push negative press down ! Push up positive content to the top of the SERP

  • ! This is going to take time and its going to be expensive! !

    Prevention is the best online reputation management! !

    Google Algorithm changes very often. !

    Google favours established content.



    ! Google is particularly eager

    to populate each SERP with a page from different web sites. !

    Panda updates are bias against sites with ads.

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  • New Contact Form Extensions (Beta)

    Sitelinks good SEO

  • Organic Ranking Visibility

    Rank 1 100% Rank 2 100% Rank 3 100% Rank 4 - 85% Rank 5 60% Rank 6 50%

  • 35

  • Incorporate social media

    Creating multiple social profiles on various platforms with keyword rich names. !

    Integrate social media platforms with your customer service department. !

    Create blogs/wikis and develop them separately, unique content. !

    update often.

  • 37

  • 38

  • Use keyword rich domain names. !Mycompany-reviews.com Mycompany-complaints.ca Mycompany-service.com Mycompany-Chairtywork.org Mycompany-ourtreach.net !

    Create a value proposition. Placement Vs. Build links.

  • Issue well optimized press releases

    ! Optimize key words (like reviews) especially in headings. !

    Be sure to date the release. (datePublished snippet: Schema.org). While Google looks for older/established sites, it is also triggered to look for fresh content. !

    Submit the press release to distribution vehicles PRweb, PRnewswire, Marketwire.

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  • !!!!

    Loyal customers are your army! Drive them to the review sites. !

    Ask that false information be removed! !

    If true, acknowledge and apologize. Offer an explanation. ! Tell Google!

    Improper use of your trade name. uslawenforcement@google.com Records and Legal Investigations Support can be reached at: 650-253-3425.

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  • Take Away!

    Own your Brand. !

    Stake your claim on Social media. !

    Build your Social Currency. Which means !

    Build connections, friends, followers and thus you will build links. Google will like you! !

    If all else fails! There is always Reverse SEO. 45

  • !!!!!

    Herman Tumurcuoglu E-Marketing Consultant http://www.linkedin.com/in/webbusiness