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  • Carp News GET Learn aLL about carpDiscover the rigs and bait youll need to put a pb on the bank: News Angling Times Tuesday, December 1, 2009

    Margin success

    Elusive common

    A marginal reedbed was the killing zone for Sean Giles, who caught this 30lb 9oz common from a south-east syndicate water.

    After banking a 27lb carp on the first evening, he received another take the following morning resulting in his new personal best, and by the end of the 48-hour session the 31-year-old Kent-based dustman had also added fish of 23lb 9oz and 15lb 13oz to his tally.

    He offered snowman rigs consisting of Mainline Cell bottom baits and Solar Jacko Special pop-ups on 20lb Kryston Mantis hooklinks and size 8 Korda Kurv Shank hooks.

    This 31lb common carp from Pingles Pool in Cambridge-shire had managed to avoid capture for over two years, before finally slipping up to the rods of Steven Whitby.

    Capitalising on a new front of low pressure, the local angler headed to the four-acre syndicate venue for a short day session, and fooled the elusive specimen with a Cambridge Carp Baits Fluoro Berry pop-up fished over a bed of Winter Berry boilies on a Withy Pool rig.

    You can see video footage of Steves capture log on to:

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    Gregg Hall upped his personal best by 10lb with this 32lb mirror from Mallard Lake on the Monks complex in Kent.

    After a run of 12 blanks on the venue, the local rods luck finally took a turn for the better when four hours into his session the specimen picked up his double 18mm Pukka Baits Kryptonite boilie hookbait that he had positioned on a clear area over 25 freebies.

    A deep-water spot on a Shropshire syndicate produced a brace of thirties for Ian Thomas, with commons of 35lb 14oz and 30lb 8oz gracing his net during a three-night session.

    Fishing in 25ft of water, the local 41-year-old baited heavily with 8kg of freebies and placed a snowman hookbait consisting of a bottom bait tipped with a 12mm Nutrabaits Pink Pepper pop-up on a size 8 Korda Longshank X hook with an 8ins Rig Marole Hydrolink hooklink over the top.

    This 47lb 12oz common is the fifth 40lb-plus carp that Robby Malfiet has caught this season from a Belgian syndicate. The chunky specimen came during a 24-hour session and was backed up by another common of 33lb by the Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium-based production leader.

    Both fish were caught from close to an overhanging tree at 100yds range, with Vision Baits Ocean Protein pop-ups mounted on PB Products Jelly Wire hooklinks knotless-knotted to size 6 Korda Kurv Shank hooks.

    what a brace of winter forties...

    CC Moores online shop

    Better by 10lb

    Two thirties

    Belgian beaut

    Venue best 41lb 2oz

    Huge pit, big reward

    two mirrors caught in a five-night stint

    By James [email protected]

    A brace of forties is a f ine achievement at any time of the year, but it s even more impressive when taken during the winter. One angler to accomplish such a feat was Greg Dring, who banked mirrors of 48lb 8oz and 41lb 14oz in a five-night stint on Darenth Big Lake in Kent.

    Both carp came after the 21-year-old moved on to a group of showing fish following an uneventful first night on the 14-acre venue. Having had success in the same swim earlier in the year, he positioned one rod in a clear channel at 20yds and his second further out towards an island at 80yds.

    A few hours after the move I received a take from the close-in spot, and the fish felt heavy all the way in, he told Angling Times. When I saw it in the net I knew Id smashed my pb of 31lb, but I was still amazed when the scales settled on 48lb 8oz.

    Unfortunately, the next

    morning Greg lost a big fish he suspected weighed over 30lb when the hook pulled but his disappointment was short-lived. That night I had a take on the island rod, and because it felt like another decent carp

    I played it quite carefully as I didnt want to lose two in a row. After another powerful scrap I net ted the f ish, and was stunned when I weighed in my second forty of the session.

    The South Croydon-based

    retail manager offered 10mm Mainline Pineapple pop-ups over a handful of corn, hemp and whole and chopped ACE Baits boilies, on size 8 Korda Choddy hooks and 10lb Berkley Trilene XL Smooth hooklinks.

    At 395 acres in area, Sonning Pit i snt a water for the faint-hearted but Ron Reeves (56) hasnt had any problems tracking down its resident carp, and in fewer than 10 sessions has banked eight fish, topped by this 30lb 4oz common on his latest outing.

    During his 48-hour trip to the Reading and District Angling Association water he had to brave gale-force winds, and

    Maggots can be a devastating winter bait, as Anthony Bahnik proved by using them to bank this personal best and venue record 41lb 2oz mirror from Island Lake on the Wellingborough complex, Northants.

    The Solihull, West Midlands-based rod baited a marginal spot next to a reedbed with five pints of red maggots, and after a quiet first night he received a slow take at

    8.30am the following morning.The fight was over fairly quickly,

    but it was a great feeling when the scales revealed Id caught my first forty, he said.

    Anthony used a DT Bait Developments Cold Water Mix and Choc Cream pop-up tipped with four maggots, hair-rigged on a 9ins 15lb Fox Illusion hooklink and a size 8 Korda Wide Gape hook.

    unfortunately lost a good fish estimated to be around the 40lb mark.

    The Croydon-based painter and decorator said: I only started carp fishing again six months ago after a four-year break. Sonning was a place Id read about a lot of named anglers fishing and Id always wanted to have a go on there myself. I dont know whether or the not the famous mirror

    known as The Eye is still in t here, but I h a v e l o s t a couple of very big fish.

    It was Carp Company boilies tipped with a piece of fake corn on size 4 E S P C u r v e -Shanx hooks and 18lb mono hooklinks that did the trick for Ron.

    Have you had a great carp catch? Email your

    stories and pictures to:[email protected]

    Greg Dring with his two mirrors of 48lb 8oz and

    41lb 14oz (inset).