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  1. 1. CODATA-RDA Schools of Research Data Science Hugh Shanahan, Royal Holloway, University of London @hughshanahan
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  3. 3. Recognized need for basic and advanced data skills - researchers need to be empowered to do more with their data Without more widespread data handling, data management and data science skills the benefits of the data revolution and open data will not be fully realized. UNESCO - 1270 researchers per million. => ~8 Million researchers worldwide EOSC HLEG 500K Data Stewards (advanced data skills) need in Europe in the next decade. The Need
  4. 4. CODATA-RDA schools attempt to provide a foundation for researchers in all of the relevant skills. Particular focus on delivering teaching to Low and Middle Countries. Gaps and potential gains most notable here. Through line of Open Science, Open Data, and ethical data use. Goal - build a common curriculum delivered in many locations. Focus on building a community for students to continually leverage. The Schools
  5. 5. As much as possibly build on and blend existing materials and partner with existing projects Simple Things, Explained Well Aim for core curriculum and easy delivery Long term obsolescence Strategy
  6. 6. Curriculum Open Science Research Data Management Author Carpentry Software Carpentry Visualisation Analysis Computational Infrastructures Materials can be found at
  7. 7. Data Trieste 16 340 applicants ! 67 students from 39 countries Data Trieste 17 561 applicants ! 43 students from 29 countries Additional week of advanced topics Data Sao Paulo 17 401 applicants ! 35 students accepted Data Trieste 18 6-17 August Data Africa 18 Yet Undetermined Date and Location Data Sao Paulo 18 Yet Undetermined Dates Events
  8. 8. Scaling up - the operation is logistically large Growing cohort of instructors and helpers How does it get more streamlined? Core curriculum - how to grow it? How to track student progress and gather meaningful metrics of success Becoming sustainable Challenges
  9. 9. Thanks for your time ! Chairs of CODATA Task Group Rob Quick - Indiana University Ciira Maina - Dedan Kimathi University of Technology Hugh Shanahan - RHUL Sarah Jones - Digital Curation Centre