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Android 4.1 jelly bean credit card app


  • 1. TAKE PAYMENTS ON NEXUS 7 TABLETPaymentMax And the Nexus 7Evolve With TechnologyIn todays world, being mobile is a key factor in having a successfulbusiness. Even in retail, walls are being torn down in regards to how weconduct transactions. No longer does a sales professional have to sit in anoffice all day, smartphones and tablets have changed all that.PaymentMax is a mobile payment system, featured on the Nexus 7, and designed with the mobileprofessional in mind. You can engage in business with a client and process payments right from your device.Once a payment has been processed, funds will be transferred and deposited into your account. The wholeprocess is secured and PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant. Not only will this solution help you processpayments faster, it will increase your efficiency out in the field.The Nexus 7 tablet offers a robust platform in which to engage in secured mobile business. Clients will beimpressed by your cutting edge appearance and ability to key-in sales on the spot. Its your mobile point ofsale solution, that travels anywhere you go.Mobility is key with your business. You go where your clients are, and need to be ready to process paymentsin the field. Your ability to take payments on the Nexus 7 tablet will enable you to meet your clients needswherever theyare. Enjoymore mobility with yourbusiness withPaymentMax.

2. ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS ON NEXUS 7 TABLETThe ability to accept credit and debit cards is a priority in todayscommerce. However, many situations call for a less expensive and moremobile method of payment acceptance. Did you know that you couldaccept credit cards on Nexus 7 tablet devices? Thanks to systems such asPaymentMax, you can easily key in a customers credit card through yourGoogle Nexus 7 tablet.Safety Concerns are SatisfiedPaymentMax is a method to which you can accept credit cards on Nexus 7 tablets through a PCI compliant system. Data isencrypted once the card has been entered and the information is protected from being stolen.Its Easy to Key In the Sale PaymentMax will allow you to key in the credit card information for payment. Once the card is keyed in, the data is encryptedand sent to PaymentMax for authorization.One Day Payment ProcessingWhile some credit card processing companies can take up to three days to release the funds to your account, PaymentMaxwill do it in one. Of course, some banks will delay transactions during the weekend for the next business day.Whether you are in a stationary location, or need a way for customers to pay while on location, PaymentMax gives you theability to accept credit cards on Nexus 7 tablet devices. Use the app to key in the data, on your Google Nexus 7 tablet, andhave access to the funds the next business day. Its a fast and affordable way to accept credit cards on your Nexus 7 tablet. 3. NEXUS 7 WILL ACCEPTCREDIT CARDS Why you should accept payments on the Nexus 7 tablet? As a business owner you want to make the most profit you can. You work hard every day in order to make a living and provide products and services that your customers will love. Your goal is to not only make a sale but make the customer happy and want to return for more purchases. In order to make a sale you have to accept payment from the customer.Now days, not everyone pays cash for everything that they buy. Some people want to pay with debit cards, creditcards and even checks. Now, there is another form of payment that is gaining ground among shoppers. That form ofpayment is paying with their Nexus 7 tablet.You might, as a business owner be scared to accept new forms of payment. You want to make sure that you aregetting your money. With the Nexus 7 tablet payment system, you can be sure that you are going to be paid in full. Itis fully secured and PCI complaint.The best part is, when a client pays for something, the money goes directly in your bank account. It really does notget much easier than this. When you are selling a lot of stuff and running a business, your goal is to make thingseasier. Payments on the Nexus 7 tablet can not get any easier than this.Before long more and more people will be using their tablets to pay for purchases. It is a whole lot easier dealing withvirtual money than it is with actual money. Every purchase they make will instantly go to your bank account so youwill not even have to mess with it. That is the payment system of the future! 4. GOOGLE NEXUS 7CREDIT CARD PROCESSINGThe possibilities just keep emerging for business owners to conduct theireveryday sales in new and efficient ways. The Nexus 7 Tablet, brought tous by Google, is showing how easy and secure taking credit cards fromconsumers can be. Google Nexus 7 Credit Card Processing is another toolthat is going to make selling a service or product a smooth task foreveryone involved.With this simple application, business owners can key-in sales and determine prices for any product thatthey may be wishing to sell. Setting all of the stores prices beforehand make it a quick way to total out theentire order and receive a quick payment for each item sold. With all the transactions being secure and PCIcompliant, fraud is a thing of the past and customers will be insured that everything is on the up-and-up.Using Google Nexus 7 Credit Card Processing, the customer will browse items as they normally would andinstead of needing expensive and bulky credit card machines, business owners will use the new Nexus 7tablet to swipe the card and deposit the funds directly into their checking account after they havecleared, making the transaction hassle free for both parties.Simple business solutions like the Google Nexus 7 Credit Card processing tool are making business ownersdo what they set out to do in the first place; enjoy selling a service or product without all the frustrationsthat drive them under in the end. 5. NEXUS 7CREDIT CARD APPGet Paid Quickly With A Nexus 7 Credit Card AppAs a business owner one of your main concerns is getting paid for your services in atimely manner. You rely on your cash flow to keep your business going. Now, withthe Nexus 7 credit card app you no longer have to wait for check to clear in orderto get your money.Not only are payments processed instantly but using your tablet to accept payments makes you completely mobile.Sometimes you are out in the field and need to accept a payment. With a Nexus 7 credit card app you will never misscollecting a payment for your goods or services. Your client will no longer have a reason not to pay you on the spot.Waiting for your money will be a thing of the past.You dont have to buy any external hardware because you can key in the sales directly to the tablet. The wholeprocess is quick and simple. It allows you to get paid and move on to the next client.Your customers never have to worry about the security of their information because the app is completely PCIcompliant. They can feel comfortable doing business with you. Once a customer is comfortable with you they willwant to do more business with you in the future.All the funds from your sales will be deposited into your bank account quickly and safely. This allows you to spend lesstime worrying about when you will get paid and more time focusing on your business. 6. NEXUS 7CREDIT CARD PROCESSINGThe best part about getting a new tablet is figuring out all the interesting ways that youcan use it. Most small businesses or mobile businesses that weve talked to just wantedget a tablet or two to help their employees talk with customers and take orders. Usethem to show off product demo videos and what not.Its a lot easier to walk around with a 7 inch tablet instead of walking around with astack of papers. But what most of the companies had trouble with was the credit cardprocessing. They bought a few Nexus 7s and were having trouble figuring out how toaccept credit cards easily without all the hassle of using a POS terminal.What we decided to do was come up with a mobile card solution that allows businesses to use their newNexus 7 tablets to process credit cards where ever they can get an internet connection. The best part is oursolution also works with over 400 phones and mobile devices too. So chances are, you can also use it withyour BlackBerry, Android, or iOS device.Our mobile credit card processing solution is secure and PCI compliant. You can key-in sales just like younormally would at a POS terminal, and funds from your sales will be transferred into your checking accountautomatically.We strived to make a solution that would work like your old POS terminals without all of the bulk and hasslesthat came with them. We think we did a pretty good job and you should give us a shot if you have the time. 7. NEXUS 7MERCHANT ACCOUNTIn the event that you are a business manager searching for creative andsuccessful installment alternatives, you ought to think about utilizing yourNexus 7 Android Tablet to affirm Visas. You would be able to utilizePaymentMax, an application that you download on your Nexus 7 AndroidTablet, to run clients charge cards.Utilizing your Nexus 7 Android Tablet and the PaymentMax application, youare able to enter in the bargains for snappy and simple utilize. Your clientscan even mark for their buys right on the Nexus 7 Android Tablet that youutilize as a part of your shop. You could probably in addition effectivelyreceive installments while on the way by essentially carrying in your tablet.You will no longer need to bargain with money, checks or recording chargecard qualified information.Clients should be satisfied that you and your ensemble are towering tech, and you would be able to guarantee themthat the technique is sheltered for them. They try not to need to be anxious of this late strategy of installmentresulting from the fact that it is PCI consistent and fully secured. Utilizing the Nexus 7 Visa application on your tablet issimilarly as protected as utilizing more customary installment strategies.Utilizing the Nexus 7 merchant account is valuable to your clients and to your business. Once you receive aninstallment from a client utilizing a Mastercard or charge card, you will have your stores transferred and stored intoyour business financial records instantly. Business users additionally have access to client aid delegates 24 hours a dayeach day of the week, so there is constantly accommodate provided that you require it.


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