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Plan now for June 7 – 12, 2010

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A recap of the 2009 event and a peak at 2010.


  • Plan now for June 7 12, 2010

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    Media Manager:Christina Dutcher

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    is prohibited. Americade, Inc.

    Front cover: Looking North up Lake George past the steamboat Minne-ha-ha. Photo by Ken Hartman. Photo Credits: Jan Aguirre, Mark Amir, Paul Bachorz, Eric Baxter, Arthur Berdensey, Michelle Brouillard, Jack Buel, Steve Cartwright, Janyne DAoust, Al Desrosiers, Christopher Eckert, Mike Fisher, Sue Fite, Carol Freedman, Ernie Gallant, Anna Goller, William Grimes Jr, Ken Hartman, Mary Imperiale, Bonnie Kikkert, Suzanna Laffitte, Bob & Diona Laford Gorman, Christa Pszenyczniak-Neale, Edward Randolph, Scott Silverberg, Patrick Thrower, Kenneth VanEps, and Mark Weimer.

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    Thank you, weather gods.Here in the Adirondack Mountains, we enjoy the rapidly changing weather conditions which the mountainous area provides. It adds spice to life. However its unusual to have an entire Ameri-Week without at least a little rain. Americade 2009 featured near-perfect conditions here in the Lake George region: dry and increasingly sunny. The same was not true south of here. This weather pattern which has become more common the past few years, with different weather south of Albany. Most of Americade Week it poured down in the NYC/Phillly area, causing some folks to not ride up here until Saturday. It was their loss.

    I monitor the weather radar several times a day, and heres what it showed for most of Ameri-Week: How sweet it was!

    Thanks, AMAIn addition to the great weather here, another pleasant surprise was

    being featured on the cover of the June issue of the AMA magazine, American Motorcyclist. I felt flattered and honored. Because motor-cyclists need a unified voice to safeguard the future of motorcycling, Ive been an AMA member all my riding life. If youre not, please join and do your part.

    Popular New Features The new activities such as horseback riding, whitewater rafting, bowling night and the special-themed boat cruises were more popular this year than we expected.Whether its younger tourers now coming to Americade, or grizzled old Americade vets, more and more folks are lookin for adventure, whatever comes our way. Were here to help you do that, so for 2010 youll see even more new things to do here with your Americade friends. Stay tuned, and see you soon, in June.

    Welcome to your Americade Diary.

    Bill Dutcher

    Americade Times 1

  • When looking back on this Americade, theres no doubt itll be remembered for the terrific weather that added to every-bodys good time, whatever their choice of activity. Ameri-Week was full of blue skies, mild temperatures and low humidity it just couldnt get any better!

    This year we had more new activities than everWhitewater Rafting, Saddle-Up horseback riding on scenic mountain trails, Mardi Gras and Rock n Roll themed boats, a Country Music Night, a Fuel Economy Run and a Bowling Thunder evening. The classic Americade activities continued: the ever-popular boat cruises on Lake George, the exciting Championship Rodeo, the two dinners at Roaring Brook Ranch, and dozens of MiniTours winding through the Adirondacks and Vermont. There was no way to be bored at Americade 2009. Exhausted would be more like it!

    Registered Americaders could have filled every hour of the day if they chose to. Hopefully, they set aside a little down time between these activities to squeeze in the camaraderie of new and old friends while relaxing at a local restaurant, strolling by the lake, or watching all the amazing bikes on Canada Street. When Americaders needed a breather, they

    headed up to Roaring Brook Ranch to take in seminars about dozens of interesting topics; or to be entertained and informed by motor cycle experts like AMA President Rob Dingman, Road RUNNERs Christa Neuhauser, writer Fred Rau, Riders Clement Salvadori, and trike guru Pete Woodruff.

    The TourExpo tradeshow returned to one (expanded) location with over 200 vendors located in the Beach Road lot over-looking beautiful Lake George. Riders could comparison shop and cross off items on their wish lists as their bags filled up. Speaking of wish list, many made time to try out some new bikes. Demos from Kawasaki, KTM, Victory, CF Moto, Kymco, MotorTrike, Roadsmith, Spyder, and Thoroughbred were all available at Roaring Brook Ranch; and there were also bikes from Yamaha and H-D on Beach Road. The demo menu was as diverse as Americaders themselves with cruisers, sport bikes, dual-sports and tourers. A couple of manufacturers opted out this year, but this just encouraged Americaders to explore new possibilities.

    Americaders could be as busy in the evening as they wanted, starting with Rider Magazines Monday Night Opening Celebration, for pre-registered Americaders, with the always-


  • yummy dessert buffet. On Tuesday night folks had a choice between rolling down the lanes with Bowling Thunder or a free show at Roaring Brook Ranch where hypnotist Peter Gross had em falling out of their chairs with laughter. Wednesday provided perfect weather for the evening Balloon Glow and Functional Lighting Contest. Thursday attracted hundreds to join in or to watch the colorful Light Parade. Afterward, many stayed to watch the Decorative Lighting Contests.

    Wednesday and Thursday evenings also featured the Vendor and Manufacturers Fashion Showseach with spectacular door prize drawings. Many claimed outstanding prizes by liter-ally taking the riding clothes off the models backs! Speaking of door prizesthere were hundreds of opportunities to win daily door prizes, judging door prizes, event sponsors door prizes, and the mega prizes drawn at the Friday Night Spectacular, the Saturday Party on Prospect Mtn. & at Roaring Brook Ranch a total of nearly $70,000 throughout Ameri-week!

    The Friday Night Spectacular at Great Escape was a dont-miss, no matter how tired you were. Americaders caught a second wind listening to great music and joining in the celebration as awards and prizes were given out. The bikes that won

    Best of Show and class winners were there for all to eyeball. Spectacular really did describe the food, fun, and fireworks synched to music. Speaking of music, hundreds stayed late to dance to the live band. No one wanted this evening to end.

    The Saturday Parade and ensuing Party on Prospect Moun-tain were the culmination of an exhilarating week. With so many parade participants, youd think there would be no one left to watch it, but whether in the street or on the sidewalk, high spirits filled the air. Beautiful weather and a delicious barbeque brought record-breaking crowds to the mountaintop party.

    In between a full week of demo-ing new bikes, shopping, judging, contests, cruising, and parties, Americaders were enthusiastic spectators of some great riding demonstra-tions by Lee Parks Total Control, the New York State Police Troopers, and the world champion Central Florida Drill Team.

    What a week it was! Who says motorcycle vacations are supposed to be relaxing? Perhaps Americaders rested when they got home!

    Americade Times 3

  • The Monday night tradition at Americade is the Opening Celebration at Roaring Brook Ranch with dessert treats a-plenty. Attendance is such that all the lodges main dining rooms and the separate convention building are filled. As always, sponsor Rider Magazine brought a very generous assortment of door prizes, which were the hit of the evening.

    After the Americade Director announced the weather fore-cast which was so vastly- improved that he barely believed it, he turned over the mic to AMA

    President Rob Dingman. Dingman, who rode out from Ohio, welcomed

    the group and gave a brief and candid preview of his upcoming seminar about the major changes in the AMA.

    After Americaders filled their plates with every-thing from clairs to chocolate fountain-dipped strawberries and endless coffee and tea, it was time to get down to door prizes. Rider Magazine legend, Clement Salvadori, presented many of them to the delighted winners, and Cardo Systems Jamie Cheek personally presented

    their goodies. It was a great start to what was to become a fantastic Americade Week.

    Opening Celebration


  • Americade Times 5

  • Participants in the three 2009 Poker Runs enjoyed perfect riding weather and an interesting 92 mile route which headed NW to include many winding Adirondack back roads and then south for a ride across the Great Sacandaga Lakes long scenic bridge.

    Even though free coffee and donuts were provided at the start, good ol home cookin was also available at two of the stops. Many Americaders took the opportunity to enjoy it while chatting with the friendly locals.

    In addition to the outstanding riding, $2,500 in door prizes for poker-runners was generously donated by: AMA, Can-Am, H-D, Kawasaki, KTM, Kymco, and Yamaha. Each evening there was a crowd around the two bulletin boards, looking to see if they or their friends won the event, or won a door prize.

    As always, all proceeds from the three Poker Runs went to local charities. Americade is proud to be able to help these worthy recipients, thanks to the generosity of the partici-pating Americaders.

    Some of the organizations receiving donations and assistance from Americade 2009:

    Adopt A Family Program ASPCA Big Brothers, Big Sisters Bolton Rescue Squad Double H Ranch Gildas Club Glens Falls Hospital Glens Falls Medical Mission Hague Vol Fire & Res. Sqd. Lk George Arts Project Lk George Association LG Emergency Squad LG High School Scholarship LG Rotary Club LG Volunteer Fire Dept Morning Club Charities Noise Pollution Clearing Hse North Country Public Radio North Qbury Rescue Squad North Qbury Vol Fire Dept. Pediatric Brain Tumor Fndn Pilot Knob Vol. Firefighters Prospect Child & Family Ctr. Qbury Central Fire Dept. Stony Creek EMS Thurman EMS Warrensburg EMS Warrensburg Fire Dept WGF Emergency Squad

    Scavenger HuntFollowing its popular introduction last year, Americade 2009s Scavenger Hunt was even more popular, particularly on Monday for those whod picked up their pre- registration packages.

    Americaders had 5 days to visit 10 small towns in the region. There, participating merchants displaying the Americade/Twisted Throttle banners stamped Americaders cards. This enabled them to enter drawings for $1300 worth of door prizes. The winners were presented their prizes on stage at the Friday Night Spectacular, from Twisted Throttles Erik Stephens.SCAVENGER HUNT DOOR PRIZE WINNERS First Place: Set of Trax Aluminum Panniers ($1,000.00) Norma Vreeland CT

    Second Place: Astra EVO Topcase w/Keyless Entry ($325.00) Vicki Boise NY

    Charity Poker Runs ~ riding to help others ~


  • This year there were a total of 20 minitours, six guided and four unguided, plus ten self- guided. Of the Guided Tours: Southern VT Covered Bridges was the most popular MiniTour this year. This year 2 of the 4 days sold out early in pre-registration. The route passed through 6 quaint covered bridges along the VT/NY border plus the 300 ft tall Bennington Battle Monument, and included a great lunch at a lovely country club. The Lake Placid, Ski Jump & Bobsled tour gave Americaders a very close-up look at the famous Olympic ski jumps, including a thrilling elevator ride to the top. Watching the jumpers float through the air and land on a plastic mat was a treat. After a delicious BBQ lunch on site, Americaders also got the chance to ride a wheeled bobsled. This tour got raves, so it will sell out early next year. Steel Wheels was a popular trip along the wild upper Hudson river in a classic, restored mid-1900s train. It was supposed to deliver us to a distant dude ranch for a delicious BBQ lunch. However, heavy

    Spring rains had closed a section of track, so Americaders got some extra road riding after the train ride. The BBQ was well worth it, according to the tip slips. 7 Lake Loop sold out completely. It was a scenic route which wound along the shores of 7 Adirondack lakes. The lunch barbeque was at one of the most scenic locations in the Adirondacks, next to their private beach. Wednesday was set aside as Womens Day, and trikes were featured on Tuesday and Thursday. The Vermont Ferry tour included a 20 minute ferry ride from VT to NY across the southern end of Lake Champlain; great views all around, and the thrill of watching many bikes parked on this large boat. Lunch was right next door to the ferry dock, also with a terrific view of Lake Champlain and the VT mountains. Basin Harbor, a unique setting in VT, provided a picture- perfect view of the Adirondack mountains across a narrow portion of Lake Champlain. Classic Adirondack chairs provided a great sitting spot next to their tiny harbor.

    Mini Tour-ingAmericaders ventured out to explore the Adirondacks and Green Mountain roads in great numbers, under mostly sunny skies. All Guided Minitours lined up on Beach Road before rolling out to share the wonderful rides, the lunches, and door prizes. That lineup was a show in itself.


  • For readers who havent already taken an Americade Guided MiniTour, they are legendary and unique. Led by experienced tour leaders and followed by a tail gunner and usually with a mid-rider, the participants were treated to CB commentary about the sights, and picturesque stops along the way.

    The Un-guided with lunch minitours grew to four this year: The elegant lunch on the Raquette Lake Scenic Boat usually ranks #1 on the tip slips and this year was no exception. They served (on china plates) some of the worlds best beef stroganoff, as the W.W. Durant glided past the Great Camps. It was about 70 miles to the boat, and according to the rave reviews, well worth it. Mountain &/or Market offered the option to drop off ones passenger in a picturesque shopping town before tackling the steepest paved road in the East. Adventure -some riders then enjoyed the impressively steep Mount Equinox toll road with a 3-state view, before returning to meet their passenger for an enor-mous buffet lunch. Lakeside Ramble provided a nice ride around the perimeter of Lake George with an absolutely

    delicious lunch at the North end of the lake. Nearby were a waterfalls and a rapids, both very active, and very photogenic. VTs High Gaps was an all-pavement route across 2 of VTs famous twisting mountain gaps. It included a piece of infamous Rte 100 on the way to a picturesque, classic VT inn. The noontime group lunch included wild hog wings (pork), beer battered fish & chips, and a lot more mouth-watering treats.

    Those who preferred the Self-guided tours were given a pocket-sized map with color-coded routes and scenic highlights on them. With so many winding roads and quaint lunch spots in the Adirondacks and adjacent Vermont, there were plenty of opportunities to create tours of any length, for any taste.

    Americade Times 9

  • Country Music Night Brand new this year was Country Music Night at Roaring Brook Ranch. Over 400 signed up for the full evening of 3-course dinner, line dancing and rockin country music from Loose Cannon.

    This 10 piece biggest, baddest country band in the North-east kept the crowd smiling and dancing from 6 to 10 pm (and later.)

    Sponsor: Chattanooga Cycle & Scooter

    Red Knights DinnerWhen it comes to copious door prizes, the Red Knights Motorcycle Club always sets records. They also always set records for good fellowship among fellow firefighters. Their 3-course dinner included Roast Sirloin of Beef au jus, Chicken Marsala or Tortellini Primavera, and all the trimmings. After dessert, some also stayed to enjoy the soulful live music from Deja Blue.


  • The new covered grandstands at Painted Pony provided shade during the perfect weather, and Americaders got the best show ever. The NFR-quality livestock was very rank (especially the ornery bulls), probably because of the long winter, and most cowboys ended up on the ground, to the amusement of the large crowd. Thanks to the gen-u-ine Texas-style BBQ which had been slow-smoked all day, Americaders had been well-fed and were ready for some fun, like the bull and bronco riding, steer wrestling and barrel racing. Cycle Solutions, the sponsor, provided nearly $2000 in door prizes and seemed to enjoy the show as much as anyone.

    Listening to your telephone-boot? Acting like a Viking? Dancing like a star? Master hypnotist Peter Gross transformed the good natured, mild-mannered subjects who volunteered, into superstars, acting and dancing on stage. The hundreds of Americaders who packed into the RBR main lodge enjoyed every minute of it and gave the new superstars a standing ovation at the end of the show.

    Sponsor: Yuasa

    Championship Rodeo

    Hypnotist /Comedian

    The rodeo is the highlight of Americade

    The professionalism and skill of the cowboys/cowgirls were amazing

    Fantastic Fun-great entertainment

    Americade Times 11

  • Factory DemosThe near-perfect weather was perfect for test-rides on the gleaming new machines from 11 different manufacturers at Americade 2009.

    At Roaring Brook Ranch, Kawasaki had their big rigs with scores of new bikes. By the end of Ameri-Week, they had given a record number of demo rides; more than we ever did, anywhere according to one of their reps.

    They were joined at RBR by enticing new machines from KTM, Spyder, Victory, Kymco, CF Moto, Motor Trike, Roadsmith and Thoroughbred. H-D and Yamaha were set up in the village. Because the down economy caused some

    manufacturers to postpone their demo program for 2009, those companies who were here got extra attention from Americaders.

    Excited riders started lining up at Roaring Brook, coffee cups in hand, as early as 7am, and most demos were rolling out before 9am. The wide variety of roads, from winding 2-laners to I-87, provided great riding experiences. Once again, many bikes will be ridden to next years Ameri-cade, which were demoed at this years Americade.


  • Saddle Up was a new event here; the chance to swing your leg over living horses, rather than the mechanical kind, with the com-panionship of your riding friends. This one-hour ride in the woods was originally planned for 3 days, TuesThurs., and it became so popular that we had to add Friday, to handle the number of interested Americaders. We may have to expand this activity further next year.

    Whitewater Rafting was another why didnt we ever do this before event. Nearly 200 Americaders signed up for this Friday-only event and enjoyed the class II and III rapids.

    Taking full advantage of what the Adirondacks had to offer, hundreds of Americaders ventured off the blacktop to ride horses, go whitewater rafting or follow some dirt roads. They also enjoyed nice door prizes, courtesy of sponsor KTM. It was the first time that Americade had ever included two of the three events.

    Adirondack Adventures

    Because of the diminished water flow, instead of rafting on the challenging Sacandaga River, rafting was done on the scenic Upper Hudson River. The buoyant rafts accommodated groups of 6, 8, or 10 riders, who enjoyed the bouncy trip.

    Dual-Sport was the now-annual expedition for those with a hankerin for the jeep trails and dirt roads which lace through the Adirondack Mountains. Thanks to the abundant sunshine, those seeking lots of mud were a little disappointed, but everyone else got a great ride, with a hearty lunch in the middle, at a rustic jewel of an inn.


  • Americade Times 15

  • A dozen different Americade boats cruised the clear blue waters of beautiful Lake George this year, sponsored by Dunlop, Harley-Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, Kuryakyn, Safety Features, TourMaster and Yamaha. Their departure times ranged from 8am for the Breakfast Boat, to 8pm for the Full Moon boat, with most boats sailing at 5 or 6pm Tuesday through Friday, for their 2 hour cruises.

    New this year were 3 themed boats: a Mardi Gras boat, a Full Moon cruise, and a Rock n Roll boat. They were so popular that two of them sold out early.

    This year, in response to the comments: lets have something other than chicken, on all the

    afternoon and evening boats we introduced a new Italian Buffet with alfredo or marinara sauce, plus sausage and all the trimmings was provided. It was popular and feedback seemed evenly split between this pasta menu and the previous chicken buffet.

    Start with abundant sunshine and world-famous views. Add good friends, live music and a buffet on board, plus some great door prizes from the sponsors, and you have the winning combination which Americaders have loved ever since the start of the event 27 years ago.

    Boat Cruises on Lake George


  • Thomas Jefferson wrote Lake George is without comparison,

    the most beautiful water I ever saw;

    formed by a contour of mountains into a basin thirty-five miles long

    and from two to four miles broad...

    Thousands of Americaders agree.

    Americade Times 17

  • Riding DemonstrationsRoaring Brook on Monday and Tuesday evenings, hosted demonstrations of amazing riding techniques, first by the New York State Police Motorcycle Unit, and then from Lee Parks Total Control riding clinics.

    The NYS Troopers also offered Americaders who were watching their exhibition, the opportunity to try out the pylon-defined course themselves. Several volunteers stepped forward and got some expert hands-on instruction.

    NYSPD Exhibition and Lee Parks Total Control

    Towards the end of that demonstration, another average Americader asked if he could partici-pate. It turned out that Reno was no average rider. He was a ringer, a member of the world champion Central FL Precision Motorcycle Drill Team, scheduled to perform Saturday atop Prospect Mountain. That got a good laugh from the cops and spectators alike.

    Watching the capabilities of the instructors from Lee Parks Total Control Clinic was jaw-dropping for most of the audience. Demonstrating the clinics advanced cornering techniques, they made full dressers corner like sport bikes, and made believers out of the astounded spectators.


  • Americade Times 19

  • TourExpo 2009expanded along the beachThe biggest & the best names in motorcycle accessories, gadgets and services were all in one location this year. Because the Lake George Forum was closed, TourExpo expanded its lake-side location to accommodate all the gear in one place. Based on feedback, riders liked this.

    After parking their bikes in the enormous grassy lot, riders could drop their riding gear at the convenient Kymco coat & helmet check (staffed by Prospect Family & Child Center) before heading into TourExpo. There was a new west side gate, courtesy of Allstate.

    Some 220 vendors were ready to answer questions, find sizes and make deals on every-thing from helmets to mini massagers, chaps to electronics, or pinstriping to dyno testing. Thousands of products were there to touch and compare.

    Lets not forget what there was to taste. The picnic tables in the food court and under the tent were packed with plates heaped with mouth- watering fare; seafood, burgers, wings, and BBQ.

    Attendees left with their arms & bellies full, and most vendors reported doing a record amount of business. As always TourExpo was the one place for all your motorcycling needs. If you can dream it, youll probably see it there.

    Contact info for TourExpo vendors can always be found at


  • Americade Times 21 Americade Times 21

  • Ninja 250 twin, and wrote an interesting story about it in the Sept. issue of that magazine.

    The two stock touring motorcycle classes had to have a windshield and saddle bags. In the solo class, Glenn Wakefield, riding a CF Moto V-5 narrowly edged out Delores Nevins on her Kawasaki Ninja 250 twin, with his 60.37 to her 59.95 mpg. Two-up tourers did impressively well also. Wayne & Susan Pierce from Essex Jct., VT got a 54.52 mpg average on their BMW K1200LT.

    The spirit of competition may see to it that this competition heats up even more next year.

    Gas mileages as high as 84.9 mpg were posted in Americades first-ever Fuel Economy Run. Sponsored by Spectro Oils, trophies, door prizes and a little fame were up for grabs.

    After the riders gas tanks were carefully topped up and sealed, they departed from the start at the new Exit 20 Jolley Mobil station, and headed towards Lake Placid on I-87 on the 110.3 mile route. Then after a brief check-in on a secondary road they headed back for a carefully- metered refill. Unfortunately for the gas mileage numbers, Tuesday was not just sunny; it was also very windy.

    Nevertheless, Gene Jackey Jr., on a Yamaha Virago 250 nailed the highest average of nearly 85 mpg. According to Gene, I just put a lot of air pressure in my tires and crouched as low as I could for the whole distance. RoadBike maga-zines Tricia Szulewski from CT was in second with a still-impressive 71.25 mpg on her Kawasaki

    Fuel Economy Run

    Wayne & Susan Pierce receiving trophy and some TV time.


  • Americade Times 23

  • If you only go to one rallyGo to Americade.

    I was completely blown away by the degree of

    organization, coordination of events, overall quality. Kudos to all staff & volunteers for a very memorable experience.

    This will be the best rally you will ever attend

    in your life!

    Great place: Super staff; Always the best

    week of the year!

    Year after year the best rallyperiod!

    Roger & Fran Beckner, FL

    Bert K. Sisson, MI

    Michele R. Crown, NH

    Brian Campbell, NS

    Alan Kovitz, DE


    7 years weve been going and we still cant do everything you offer! We always meet new friends. Americade is the best.

    Joe Manzella & Audrey Tirado, NY


  • Great experience for a newcomernow to be a lifer!

    Americade is by far the most welcoming and varied bike rally that we

    have ever attended.

    Americade quickly becomes part of who

    you are.

    Best rally, friendly people, very organized,

    week goes too fast!

    The nicest collection of friends you havent met yet!Americade is a

    great way to start the cycling season.

    Don & Betsey Snyder, NJ

    Elaine Bagley, MA

    Irving & Carolyn Finney, VA

    Mary Kelley, MA

    Edwin L. Daugherty, IA

    Rita Rooney, NJ

    Americade Times 25


    LONG DISTANCE Domestic (Indirect trip):

    JT & Sylvia Mulholland CA (2,938)

    International: Richard Harrison &

    Katri Abramson BC (5,835)

    Male Solo: Gary Powell FL


    Female Solo: Beverly Powell FL


    Couple: Jack & Macy Mills NV


    Trailer: Terry & Hilary Zech SK


    3 Wheeler: Bob & Pat Nelson TX


    YOUNGEST Rider:

    Jody Harmon Jr. VT (16 years old)

    OLDEST Rider:

    Leo Chlebnikow NJ (93 years old)

    Passenger: Edward Scull CT

    (83 years old)

    Couple: Jim & Iny Leveille NY

    (173 combined years)

    Motorcycle: Don Snapper Moesch PA

    (1948 HD Panhead)


    BEST OF SHOW Len Gardner NY

    (1948 Indian Chief 74cc)

    EXHIBITION CLASS 1st Place: Mike Kelly NY (07 Big Bear Chopper)

    HONDA GOLD WING 1st Place: Salvatore Pesta TX

    (08 Honda Gold Wing 1800cc)

    HONDA SHADOW 1st Place: Kathy Clinton NY (07 Honda Shadow 750cc)

    HONDA VALKYRIE 1st Place: Claire McGarvey ON (01 Honda Valkyrie 1500cc)

    HONDA VTX 1st Place: Barbara Smith MA

    (04 Honda VTX 1300cc)

    HD FL 1st Place: Brian Robertson ON

    (06 HD Ultra Classic 2176cc)

    HD VROD & BUELL 1st Place: Matthew Eldred NY

    (08 Buell 1203cc)

    BMW 1st Place: Walter Schroeder NY

    (04 BMW R1200c)

    KAWASAKI 1st Place: Brian McHugh ON

    (07 Kawasaki Vulcan 900cc)

    SUZUKI 1st Place: Joe Burdzy

    (08 Suzuki C109RT 1800cc)

    YAMAHA 1st Place: Don Saddlemire NY (06 Yamaha V-Star 1100cc)

    SPORT TOURING 1st Place: Warren Booth NY

    (06 Suzuki VStorm)

    TRIUMPH 1st Place: Tom Bowden NY

    (02 Triumph America 904cc)

    0950CC 1st Place: Karl Peutl NJ

    (89 Yamaha Virago 750cc)

    951CC+ 1st Place: Timothy Sneider NY

    (02 Yamaha RS Warrior 1700cc)

    VICTORY 1st Place: Barry Grant ON

    (05 Hammer 1643cc)

    VINTAGE 1st Place: Len Gardener NY

    (48 Indian Chief 74ci)

    CLASSIC 1st Place: Dean Stuckman WI

    (83 Honda CX 650)

    CANAM SPYDER 1st Place: Ernie Bozarth NJ

    TRIKES 1st Place: Ben Whittemore WV

    TRAILERS 1st Place: Salvatore Pesta TX


    SIDECARS 1st Place: Gary Norton NH


    STANDARD: 1st Place: Rocky Zagari NY

    (03 Honda Gold Wing 1800cc)

    COMPUTER 1st Place: Joe Hudd FL

    (07 Honda Gold Wing 1800cc)


    1st Place: Joe Rogers NY

    OPEN HALOGEN 1st Place: Raymond Jovin RI

    (90 Honda Gold Wing 1500cc)


    Dan Luongo NY

    GOLF BALL BALANCE Rider Ed Nevin

    & Stephen Henry NY & ON

    WASHERS Kieran Frinton CT

    WASHERS JR. Kaitlyn Davidson MO

    STUFFED ANIMALS 1st Place: Kevin Novotny OH


    1st Place: Rudy Peutl NJ 2BNLG



    Gene Jackey Jr. Schdy NY (Yamaha Virago 250: 84.91



    SOLO Glenn Wakefield NY

    (CF Moto V5: 60.37 MPG)

    PASSENGER 1st Place: Wayne & Susan Pierce

    VT (BMW K1200LT: 54.52 MPG)


    1st Place: Caroline Fellman Phila, PA

    2nd Place: Wayne Brodsky Lake Ronkonkoma, NY

    3rd Place: Tracy Alley Candler, NC

    AMA also gave away a TOMTOM GPS, a Set of Dunlop Tires, and a

    Xena Motorcycle Security System.

    NONAMA 1st Place: Roy Boudreau

    Dartmouth, NS

    2nd Place: Larry Doherty Williston, VT

    3rd Place: Lester Black Northfield, MA


    Winner of a set of Dunlop Tires David Klinedinst York, PA


    DRAWING Honda Gold Wing 1800

    Richard DeAgazio MA See p.45 for his story

    2009 Trophy WinnersAmericade trophies are unique and prized by the winners

    Leo Chlebnikow


  • When did you start the restoration? My Dad and I started in 2005 and finished late in 2007. Since then, weve logged about 2500 miles on the odometer. We did all of the work except for the chrome. I certainly appreciate my wifes patience for not minding the many hours spent in my garage during the restoration. I guess she and my two kids (now 21 and 29) got used to the time spent in my second home when I owned a dirt track race team.

    Race team? We started out racing cars that had motorcycle engines. After several championships in that class I reduced my involvement from owner to helper for friends who were racing.

    How was your first Americade? It was everything my friend Mike told me it would be. Little did I know the Indian would win Best of Show. It was truly an honor and a thrill to compete with so many beautiful bikes.

    2009 was the first time in Americades 27-year history that a vintage bike won Best of Show. According to Chief Judge Tim Libby, the bike was simply outstanding, and the best restoration Ive ever seen in our judging. Since the Indian couldnt speak for itself, Americade asked its owner, Len Gardner, to give us some background about the bike and about himself.

    What do you do when not working on the Indian? Im normally flying to places like Venice, Dublin, Amsterdam, and Munich because Im an international airline pilot.

    Why did you come to Americade? At a local motorcycle cruise night in 2008, my friend Mike convinced me to go with him to Americade 09 and bring the Indian along. My full time ride is a 1982 Honda CBX.

    What did you do when you got here? I was excited to get the Indian out for a ride, so Wednesday night we rode to dinner outside of town and then back to find a parking spot on Canada Street. I had a lot of fun answering the many questions about my old bike.

    When did you get the Indian? In 1948 my Dads best friend bought the bike new. After several years my Dad took possession of it and did quite a bit of work on it to make it his daily rider. I started riding with him when I was about 4 and he would often ride my brother and me to Little League together.

    Americade 2009 Best of Show Winner Coming to Earth with his 1948 Indian Chief

    Nearly 60 Americade trophies

    in dozens of bike, trike, trailer

    and sidecar classes were

    awarded by our experienced

    4-person judging team.

    Americade Times 27

  • Featured Speakers

    Probably the best place in the motorcycle world to meet and hear what some of the major movers & shakers have to say, is at Americade. The amazingly candid Q & A sessions after each presentation are a source of fresh, unique info. Sometimes they are also hilariously funny.

    Americade hosted 6 featured speakers in addition to 34 daily seminars over the course of the week. The daily seminars covered everything from GPS navigation for your bike to How to shoot better photos or videos.

    How to successfully complete the Iron Butt Ride gave answers to those masochists who want to ride thousands of miles at a time, but (butt?) was also helpful to riders who just want to do a few hundred, in comfort. Safety is always well-covered at Americade and this year the daily

    seminars gave valuable tips on: Braking and Cornering, Group Riding, Accident Scene Management, as well as Jim Fords acclaimed The Art of Riding Smooth.

    Featured Speakers: When evening rolled around, hundreds of riders entered the RBR Conference Center to hear and meet six well-known writers and other notables.

    On Tuesday, Lee Parks, who talks as fast as the guy in the old UPS commercial, presented many of the lifesaving riding tips covered in the Total Control Advanced Riding Clinics. He was f ollowed by Rider magazines legend-ary motorcycle scribe Clement Salvadori whose amusing Powerpoint show illustrated a memorable ride through Germany and the Alps.

    Wednesday brought RoadRunner maga-zines Publisher, Christa Neuhauser to the Americade podium for the first time. She shared her top 10 secrets for women riders and then showed some great riding shots of the Alps, near her former home. She followed a discussion about the rapid growth of trikes, and some trike-riding tips from trike guru Pete Woodruff.

    The New AMA was covered by the guy whos making it happen: their new President, Rob Dingman. He rode out from Ohio to very candidly explain how & why they divested pro racing in order to better serve road riders. He was followed by a legendary writer who has become an Ameri-cade regular, Fred Rau. As usual, the audience doubled up with laughter as he recounted the many Motorcycling Characters Ive Known.

    Lee Parks with Chris LaRocca

    Christa Neuhauser

    Fred Rau28

  • Americade Times 29

  • Bowling ThunderAction and laughter filled the bowling alley (err, lanes), conveniently located right next to reg-istration, on Tuesday night, when hundreds of Americaders gathered for this new event. Every-thing was included, from pizza to bowling shoes.

    With the battle of the black team and the red team, plus some silly contests, it was the perfect recipe for an entertaining event, full of excite-ment. Door prizes from Cardo Systems crowned the evenings success. It was also great opportu-nity for many to make to new friends and look forward to doing it all again next year.

    Field EventsHow slow can you go? How goods your balance? Americaders got to prove it on Thursday when the annual Field Events again commenced at Roaring Brook, with more participants than ever. Sponsored by the Sunglass Connection, it was all fun n games until the flag dropped and then it became... serious fun.

    Dan Luongo won the very challenging Slow Ride contest for the second year in a row, but it wasnt easy. It took him 3 rounds to get there.

    It wasnt easy either, in the entertaining Golf Ball Balance contest for rider and passenger. Here, the combination of Ed Nevin and Steve Henry, with 3 years wins under their belt, seems to be as unbeatable as the team of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers. But the Canadian husband and wife team of Rich and Bev DeJong bears watching because it was her first time in the contest and they still nailed a second.

    The Washers throwing contest produced 2 first time winners. Kieran Frinton came from CT to win the senior division, and Kaitlyn Davidson came all the way from MO to win the Juniors.


  • St. Francis & St. Charles Motels188 & 195 Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

    Over 20 rooms in two locations! Our prices change throughout the year and special event weekends may require a 2 or 3

    night minimum. Prices range from $65.00 to $220.00 a night plus tax. To inquire on availability for your vacation or to make a

    reservation, please call us and the manager will be more than happy to assist you.

    Americade Times 31

  • During Labor Day Weekend, excited Americaders arrived in northern Vermont to kick off a brand new Fall event, Rolling Thru Vermont. It was available only to the first 300 people, and offered a small group of riders an amazing multi-day tour.

    On pool table-smooth pavement, RTV-ers traveled up and over the Green Mountain range through one of the northeasts narrowest passes, then island hopped on Lake Champlain with gorgeous views on both sides of the island roads, and on the final day got guided local routes towards their home towns. Several folks described this as the best riding weve ever enjoyed.

    Rolling Thru Vermont

    When not riding, the group had exclusive access to certain events available only to RTV attendees, such as dining on handmade pastries and cakes aboard a 100 year old, 220 long steamship; being the VIPs of the Vermont Hot Air Balloon Rally, riding a gondola over the treetops to a 4-star lodge overlooking Vermonts tallest peak where a fabulous lunch awaited; and enjoying a Lake Champlain dinner cruise with an 18 piece Big Band. Some folks even hopped aboard a hot air balloon to glide above the landscape.

    The tour package included lodging, most of the meals, tour guides through some of Vermonts best scenery and memories to last a lifetime.

    Many riders said that they wanted to go on Rolling Thru Vermont againthe following weekend! Theyll have to wait until 2010 for the next Rolling Thru Vermont, as well as a brand new Rolling tour, through another state!

    See or for details.

    PS: Thanks to Tour Master and Cardo Systems for generously providing door prizes.

    Bonnie Pease


  • Charlotte Shelburne Rotary

    Thanks you for your support!

    Americade Times 33

  • Fashion ShowThis years fashion shows broke records for attendance and also for impressive door prizes on both nights. Thousands of dollars in prizes were given away to dozens of lucky people each night. In some cases, the new garment being modeled was taken right off the models back!

    Wednesday night was a memorable evening with the participation of Can-Am, Harley-Davidson, Kawasaki and Yamaha. An array of new styles, materials, colors and trends were presented during this fun-filled evening. Manufacturers were extremely generous this year and gave it all, often including all the fashions shown during the night. You saw it on the stage and then it was given away. You knew this was your lucky night if you were sitting in the audience.

    On Thursday night, the vendors fashion show was more exciting than ever, with the participa-tion of Frogg Toggs, Gear up Helmets, Girl Gear, OSI and Tribe. From fun to practical, from rain gear to leather, there was something perfect on the runway for everyone, including more door prizes!


  • Americade Times 35

  • Accommodations Guide


  • Americade Times 37

  • 38

  • JUNE 2010



    AMERICADE7th - 12th

    Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri SatGeneral Tourist

    Information:Chambers of Commerce:

    Bolton Landing ...........................518-644-3831Fulton County ............................800-676-3858Granville ....................................518-642-2815Hague .......................................518-543-6353Lake George ..............................800-705-0059Lake Luzerne .............................518-696-3500Schroon Lake .............................888-SCHROONWarrensburg ..............................518-623-2161


    Warren County Tourism ..............800-365-1050Washington County Tourism ........888-203-8622New York State ..........................800-CALL NYS

    Americade Times 39

  • Lights NightsWednesday and Thursday are always "Lights Nights" at Americade, with the Functional or the Decorative Lighting Contests, the Light Parade or the Balloon Glow.

    Roaring Brook was really roaring on Wednesday night when the propane burners filled the colorful envelopes at the now-annual Balloon Glow. The upper pasture was filled with music, roaring burners and lots of Americaders

    snapping photos of this picturesque spectacle.

    Immediately after that it was time for the Battle of the Bulbs, the Functional Lighting Contest, sponsored by PIAA. The brightest Americaders rode up to RBR to see if they outshined the competition. Light meters located behind the target determined whod win the trophies in Stock Plus and Open Halogen. Joe Rogers Nanuet, NY and Raymond Jovin Rumford, RI, respectively, took home the prizes.

    Americaders know that Thursday night is Light Parade night at RBR. Riders

    with beautiful lighting effects on their bikes were invited to participate. The Americade Spirit was clearly evident as the crowds cheered for every participant as the bikes rode around the grounds. The show, sponsored by The Electrical Connection, was amazing. Uniquely customized bikes with sparkling accent lighting showing every shade of the rainbow, with spinning wheels, glowing LEDs, and neon underlighting, it was like Christmas in June!

    After the Light Parade, many stayed to have their bikes judged in the Decorative Lighting Contest, also sponsored by The Electrical Connection.

    The Judges looked for creativity, continuity and balance of lighting, visibility, workman-ship, and appearance in motion. Joe Hudd came all the way from Safety Harbor, FL to win the Computer- controlled lights class, and Rocky Zagari Floral Park, NY won the Standard

    lighting class. The entries were awesome, and our hats are off to all participants.


  • At Americade 2010 you can ride, roll, glide or float!

    Theme boats every night: Country Music Night, Mardi Gras cruise,

    Rock n Roll (60s & 70s)

    Hot Air Balloon Rides Take flight with your friends

    Horseback Rides w/ a mountain-top dinner option

    New Whitewater Rafting locations w/ option of class IV & V rapids

    New Comedy Night with Stand-up comedians

    New Minitours Also these popular features:

    Boat cruises and Rodeo night

    Bowling Thunder

    Florida Central Drill Team

    Big Party on Prospect Mtn.

    Demo Rides & Much more Subject to change; Check website after Jan. 30 for updates.

    Americade Times 41

  • For romantics there was a touching moment when a rider from PA, Jordan McCourry, took the stage and popped the question to his fianc-to-be Kathryn Biscotti. Fortunately for Jordan, in front of thousands of Americaders, she said yes.

    A highlight of the evening is always the drawing for the Grand Prize winners. This years prizes included: a $10,000 US Savings Bond, a full loaded $8,059 Bushtec trailer, a great $4,581 Time Out Trailer, J&M His and Hers Head-sets valued at $1,690, a package including a Garmin GPS and Cardo Systems headsets worth $1,370, vacation packages from the Middlebury Inn ($1,270) and the Copperfield Inn ($1,010), and a set of Avon Tyres ($975). In addition to sponsoring the whole night and giving prizes to the award winners, Tour Master

    Friday NightWhy do thousands and thousands (and thousands) of Americaders go to the big Friday Night Spectacular, by Tour Master? Because it's a GREAT time, and tens of thousands of dollars in prizes are given away!!

    Americaders traveled to the Six Flags Amuse-ment Park, Great Escape, for a night of festivities. There was excitement in the air as the first thousand motorcycles got to ride inside the gates to park near the famous Comet roller coaster. Nearby, the huge Americade buffet was about to be served. It's well known for being the rare combination of great tasting food, with plenty of choices, served very quickly. Despite the arrival of thousands at once, there usually was less than a minutes wait.

    During dinner and dessert, several rides operated, free for all Americaders. The famous Comet roller coaster was the most popular among the crowd. Its no surprise that its ranked #9 in the country as a must see coaster. Americaders also rode the ferris wheel, the

    bobsled, and the scrambler.

    Americades favorite band, Bobby Dick and the Sundowners, played through dinner. Then, the prize guys took the stage, and started handing out awards and prizes.

    Awards which were presented from the stage included the Longest Distance and Oldest & Youngest awards. In addition to the Ameri-cade trophies, Tour Master generously offered valuable gift certificates to all the winners.


  • also awarded a Head to Toes package, valued at over $1,000!

    Capping off this amazing night was the Tour Master fireworks show. A computer-controlled show, the explosions overhead are timed perfectly to the crescendos of the fun music being played below. Among the colorful displays, one of the standouts was the fireworks that, when exploding overhead, produced actual Chinese paper lanterns, lit from within, floating down with parachutes. Amazing!

    After the show, the popular band took the stage once again, and played the night away. Lots of folks stayed and danced under the moon.

    It was a great evening of fun and prizes. You should make it a must do for your Americade 2010 experience.

    Friday Major Prizes $10,000 U.S. Savings Bond

    Carol Ramsay Rayland, OH

    Many thanks to our generous sponsors for these prizes:

    2009 Quantum GL Grand Touring Package ($8,059.00) from: Bushtec Michael Domingos MA

    Camper Trailer with options ($4,581.00) from: Time Out Trailers Deb Carelli NY

    His & Hers INtegrated Nolan Helmet & Head-set ($1,690.00) from: J&M Susan Kearnery PE

    Scala Rider Multi Set Q2 GPS ($1,370.00) from: Cardo Systems & Garmin Barry Goldstein CT

    Five Night B&B Package ($1,270.00) from: Middlebury Inn VT Kevin Christman PA

    Three Night Getaway ($1,010.00) from Copperfield Inn NY Susan Hopewell PA

    Head to Toes Gear ($1,000.00) from: Tour Master Dale Diebel ON

    Set of Tires & Backpack Goodie Bag ($975.00) from: Avon Tyres Alan Hoffman NY

    Major Door Prizes are part of the nearly $70,000 worth of prizes at Americade 2009. Hundreds more, with values under $200, were awarded during the weekbut space doesnt permit listing all of these winners.

    For further details, please visit

    You can always attend the rest but dont ever

    miss the best!Ken Edick, OH

    Just one wordspectacular.

    Alan Hoffman, NY

    Americade Times 43

  • 44

  • I started riding at age 58 in 2003 and bought a Harley Road King Classic. That first week, I went to Daytona and after bidding $35,000 in a charity auction, I won a Honda Rune. Minutes later the winning ticket was

    drawn for the real raffle bike, and I won a custom bike. I guess it was buy one, get one free night. So after 4 days of being a biker, I owned 3 bikes!

    Then in 2005, I returned to Daytona and bought one $100 ticket for the Bike of the Week, and guess what? I won a custom chopper from Redneck Engineering.

    Im thrilled about my Gold Wing. It is an amazing machine. Upon taking delivery, I decided to keep the Wing in FL as my winter bike so I rode it the 1510 miles to Palm Beach in 2 days. It was a comfortable ride and with the GPS, stereo, and all the comforts, it was relatively easy.

    Im planning to come to Americade next year and spend 5 days enjoying the wonderful riding. Do you think I should buy a raffle ticket or save my money?

    How many years have you been to Americade?

    Photo Contests

    Send us your story about a funny or memorable Ameri-moment, 200

    words or less, and if selected, well post it on the Americade website

    for all to enjoy.

    Email us: [email protected]

    The 2009 Photo Contest paid nearly $3000 in bounties, for shots used in

    this issue, and will continue next year. (See details in the 2010 Official Program.) Note: due to a problem with Picasa editing software, there were a few small shots used in this issue where the shooters name could not be identified, although the images have detailed data about the camera which took the shot. If you think you see your shot in here, and have not been contacted, please email us with a small copy of your shot and include your camera brand and model.

    Luckiest Guy in the WorldWhat are the odds of the Lake George Rotary Clubs Gold Wing winner, also having won 3 other motorcycles in drawings? Well, we asked Mr Lucky, aka Richard DeAgazio, to tell us his astounding story.

    Everything happens for a reason. I didnt expect to go to Americade this year although Id been thinking about it since I started riding in 2003. Then a friend of mine asked if I wanted to go just for Thursday and Friday. Although its nearly 250 miles from Boston, we decided the weather was going to hold, so off we went.

    The following morning, on the way to TourExpo we passed the Rotary Club table at the Holiday Inn. My friend bought some raffle tickets and asked me if I wanted any. I said Id already won 2 motorcycles in 2003 and 2005, so the odds of

    me winning again were slim to none. He encouraged me to at least make a donation to Rotary, so I bought one ticket and joked with the woman: just call me when I win. I never gave it another thought.

    Saturday night I received the phone call that Id just won

    the 2009 Honda Gold Wing. Now what are the chances of winning 3 motorcycles in 6 years?

    Americade Times 45

  • Sensational Saturday began with the big Geico Get Up & Go breakfast at the Lake George High School. Endless pancakes, eggs, sausages and juices took care of the days nutritional needs, and then some.

    The traditional parade began lining up on Westbrook Road about 9am. There were colorful bikes, trikes, costumes, teddy bears and balloons as far as the eye could see. At the same time in nearby Battle field Park, the parade judging awarded trophies for most original parade outfit, funniest parade outfit, and best dressed couple.

    At 10 am, the Dunlop Parade rolled down Beach Road and then up and down Canada Street, in front of thou-sands of spectators enjoying this spectacular event. It was a feast for the senses with colorful bikes and riders and parade music from 98.5FM coming from the bikes speakers.

    Riding up Prospect Mountain was a treat for all paraders with breathtaking views of magnificent Lake George down below. Once atop Prospect Mountain in the large lots, the party atmosphere made it even better.

    Sensational Saturday


  • It was the largest group of Americaders ever seen on top of Prospect Mountain, and the sight of all the motor cycles covering the whole parking lot was breath taking. There was music, great food, and an amazing drill team show (see next page).

    World champions, the Central Florida Preci-sion Motorcycle Drill Team astounded the large audience with intricate group riding and demonstrated why they are the champions in this specialty. They claim to have a total of 445 years of riding experience collectively, and it showed.

    The Lake George Rotary, once again delivered the best BBQ in town including chicken teriyaki and marinated ribs. Finger-lickin good. To top it off, a free scoop of delicious ice cream was provided by Ben & Jerry of Lake George. It tasted especially good on top of the mountain, under the strong sun.

    The party ended with thousands of dollars in door prizes from J&M, Dunlop Tires, Pitbull Lifts, Cruiserworks boots, Warm & Safe, and Whitehorse Gear.

    This years Party on Prospect was Perfect, a great day to end one of the best Americade Weeks ever.

    For further details, please visit

    Saturday Door Prize Winners:Many thanks to our generous sponsors for these prizes:

    His & Hers Arai Helmets & Headsets ($1,300.00) from: J&M Corp. Mark Holland ON

    Set of Tires ($450.00) from: Dunlop Robert Deneault QC

    Set of Tires ($450.00) from: Dunlop Craig Hock NJ

    Pitbull Standard Manual Lift ($489.00) from: Pitbull Lifts Michael Wengrin III PA

    Boot Package ($400.00) from: Cruiserworks Ronald Harrington NY

    Heated Liner gen2 & Portable Heat-troller ($295.95) from Warm & Safe Heated Clothing Lydia Marlar NY

    Heated Jacket Liner ($260.00) from: Whitehorse Gear Julie Manchester VT

    Major Door Prizes are part of the nearly $70,000 worth of prizes at Americade 2009. Hundreds more, with values under $200, were awarded during the weekbut space doesnt permit listing all of these winners.

    Without a doubt, the best run motorcycle event in

    the countryMike & Sue Darraugh, NJ

    Americade Times 47

  • Drill TeamAt Saturdays Party on Prospect, the Central Florida Precision Motorcycle Drill Team displayed their considerable talents. They claim to have over 445 years of riding experience, collectively, and it showed.

    The International Drill Team Federations reigning World Champions astounded the large audience with intricate group riding and demonstrated why they are the champs in this specialty. They are also the first motorcycle drill team to ride both Harley Electra Glides and Honda Gold Wings.


  • PO Box 2205Glens Falls, NY 12801-6205