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Academic Readiness in a Flat World. Literacy and Informational Text. Daily Quiz. Name this country: Richest country in the world Largest military Center of world business and finance Strongest education system World center of innovation and invention Currency the world standard of value - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Academic Readinessin a Flat WorldLiteracy and Informational Text

  • Daily QuizName this country:Richest country in the worldLargest militaryCenter of world business and financeStrongest education systemWorld center of innovation and inventionCurrency the world standard of valueHighest standard of living

  • England, 1900

  • InformationInforming

    Never before in the history of the planet have so many people on their own had the ability to find so much information about so many tings and about so many other people.-Tom Freidman

  • So, what are the questions?

    Answers:1. 1002. 150 million - 20013. 1 billion 2004 4. 8 billion

  • Guttenburgs Pressthe pace of change

    1. 48 terabits per second

    2. 3 minutes

    1. 1850 90%

    2. 2005 - 3.5%

  • How do we remain competitive?1970s High skillLow SkillHighSemiLow1990s2010HighSemiLow

  • What do we know about Maine students?80% of 8th graders say they want to go to college

    75-85% of students who begin high school graduate

    Less that 50% of students who matriculate at one of Maines public universitys graduates within six years

    Of all Maines graduating seniors in 200565-70% took the SAT51% attended a two or four year collegeOnly 30% will earn a Bachelors degree

  • High School Diploma does not mean readiness

    College admission does not mean readinessSix Year Graduation RateUMO 60%UMF56%UMFK50%UMM44%USM33%UMPI31%UMA23%UNH73%UVM70%UCONN695Private Six Year Rate

    Bowdoin90%Bates88%Colby86%St. Josephs62%UNE57%Husson54%Thomas 52%Unity 47%MeCA36%

  • Maines Revised MLRsManageable: eight to six content standards

    Added: Media use / critical thinking the ability to use and understand information through ever-changing media.

    Lexiles: Comprehension across spans

  • Engaging in complex text and ideasLiterature1500 -On Ancient Medicine1400 -The Scarlet Letter1300 - Brown v. Board of Ed.1200 - War & Peace1100 -Pride & Prejudice1000 - Black Beauty 900 - Tom Swift 800 - Adventures of Pinnochio 700 -A Rabbits Tale 600 - A Baby Sister for Frances 500 - The Magic Bus 400 - Frog and Toad 300 - Cliffords Mom

    Informational Text1500 - The Making of Memory1400 - Philosophical Essays1300 - Psychology, Harcourt-Brace1200 - Biology1100 - America: Pathway to Progress1000 -Writing & Grammar 900 - World Cultures: Global Mosaic 800 - Word 97 700 - The U.S. and Canada 600 - Grade 4 Science Addison 500 - People & Places SBG 400 -Imagine That! Scholastic 300 - My World, Harcourt-Brace

  • Informational Text

    Once a student leaves high school, 90% of his/her reading will be informational text.Only 10% of his reading will be for pleasure.

    -Willard Daggett

  • Lexiles: at home & workPersonalAetna Health Discount Form (1360)Medical Ins. Benefit Pack (1280)Application for Student Loan (1270)W-4 Federal Tax Form (1260)Installing Child Safety Seat (1170)Microsoft Windows Manual (1150)NewspapersReuters (1440)NY Times (1380)Washington Post (1350)Wall Street Journal (1320)Associated Press (1310)USA Today (1200)

    Work Place

    7/ 16 Career Clusters requires at the entry level reading skill at the highest level6/16 require skill at the 2nd highest level

    Examples:Human Services (1000-1040)Construction (1310-1380)Manufacturing (1280-1330)

  • Literacy & Informational Text

  • The SAT Success on this gatekeeper requires

    Mastery of Math through Algebra II Critical Reading Skill of long / short text Multiple choice grammar / style questions Compose an expository essay

  • The SAT essayA sense of happiness and fulfillment, not personal gain, is the best motivation and reward ones achievement. Expecting a reward of wealth or recognition for achieving a goal can lead to disappointment and frustration. If we want to be happy in what we do in life, we should not seek achievement for the sake of winning wealth and fun. The personal satisfaction of a job well done is its own reward. Assignment:Are people motivated to achieve by personal satisfaction rather than money or fame? In 25 minutes, plan and write an essay in which you develop your point of view on this issue. Support your position with reasoning and examples taken from your reading, studies, experience and observation.

  • Engaging text and ideas11th Grade MEA Writing Prompt

    What if there were 8 days in a week?How would you use the additional day?

    University Work Complex thesesArgumentAnalysisDiscussion