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  • 2. 2 1. WHAT COURSES DO I NEED TO TAKE? For the UC and CSU, you must take and pass the A-G courses. Do not assume that your courses count, so check with your counselor or with the websites we recommend. The UCs currently require a minimum 3.0 GPA. The CSUS require without any testing, a minimum 3.0. If you have a 2.0-2.9, you can qualify if you get minimum SAT or ACT test scores.
  • 3. 3 The CSUs have a great site that help all students. CSU mentor This site helps you plan for all kinds of colleges and has a great planner. For private colleges: the higher the course level, the better. For all colleges: Do not drop an area when you finish minimum That means in simple terms, HistoryTwo to three years of History (US History, European History, Government, Economics, and electivesPsychology, Sociology, World History) English-Four years of English (ESL 4, English 9, 10, 11, 12) Math. Three years of Math (Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, and higher) Laboratory Science. Two to three years of Science (lab courses-Biology and Chemistry. Then also Physics, Environmental Science, Anatomy, Physiology) Note IPC does not count as a science class but rather as an elective.
  • 4. 4 Languages Other Than English. Two to three years of Foreign Language (Those who are fluent and can get an 800 on the SAT 2 in their foreign language can waive out). Visual and Performing Arts One year of the same Art (Music A and B; Drama A and B; Art A and B, etc.) One year of college electives (Higher classes than required courses count, also electives. THEY MUST BE APPROVED COURSES, SO CHECK BEFORE TAKING ONE). If youre not sure if courses count, check this site and find your high school;jsessionid=C132FACD7A5E80E9B4EB39 CD1E65541C?_flowExecutionKey=_cEF21E92E-1D39-71B4-C8E2- EBEA788D4E8A_k69E5020E-5CC4-17BE-5620-E9C49E6C8F5E You can calculate your GPA csu/gpa_calculator.asp 2. FOREIGN LANGUAGE NOTES- American Sign Language at a community college can count as two years of foreign language Passing Spanish 2 Counts as two years of Spanish. Same with other foreign languages.
  • 5. 5 3. OTHER KEY NOTES 1. Start taking A-G course as early as you can 2. Here is a great site to track your A-G courses 3. Ds dont count. You can graduate from high school with a D but colleges dont count them. 4. If you have an area you hate, then okay, stop after minimum, but pick up other areas 5. Take AP and honors classes!!! 6. Take community college and college classes!!! They can count for AP and honors credit. High school students can take community college classes for free. Use your summers to take classes to push yourself higher. Get catalogues online or see your counselor for information. 7. If you need to make up classes, go to a local skills center or take the class online. Brigham Young Online, for example, is a great way to make up classes. 8. There are other ways to waive out of some classes, so look at the UC website for more information. You can check your eligibility on this site.
  • 6. 6 dm/freshman.html a. A-G path hs_to_adm/freshman/subject_reqs.html b. Scholarship path hs_to_adm/freshman/scholarship_reqs.html c. Examination path hs_to_adm/freshman/examination_reqs.html 9. If you are in the top 4% of your class and meet A-G and testing requirements, you can qualify for automatic admissions to a UC. The top 12.5% of a class can also qualify for certain kinds of admissions. Check with your counselor. Check the UC site to see if you qualify. 10. Private colleges look for different kinds of courses but at least want A-G. They always like you to follow a passion and to go beyond what is required. If you want a scholarship, the more initiative you follow the better. Nice planning chart-lets make a cool one!!!!!! G).pdf G%20Chart%20English%209%203%2008.doc
  • 7. 7 4. MATH AND ENGLISH READINESS When you get to college, you will need to meet English and Math entrance requirements. So if really work on your math and English. Get help with your writing when you can. Consider taking English 101 over the summer. Take Hono


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