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<ul><li><p>Atlas Copco Oil and Gas Rigs</p><p>The Predator Drilling System</p></li><li><p>The PreDaTor Drilling SySTem iS DeSigneD To meeT The more comPlex Drilling anD financial requiremenTS of ToDayS oil anD gaS inDuSTry. iT haS The caPabiliTy anD PreciSe conTrol To Drill verTical, DirecTional or horizonTal holeS wiTh air or muD in unconvenTional formaTionS. </p><p>inSighT &amp; innovaTion</p><p>Predator combines the strength and reliability of more </p><p>than 30 years of oil and gas rig design and support ex-</p><p>perience with a wide range of innovative firsts to the </p><p>100-ton, top-drive rig class. </p><p>Predators design is based on a wide range of sugges-</p><p>tions from large and small drilling contractors and pro-</p><p>ducers about what they wanted in a new drilling system. </p><p>Atlas Copco applied new, proven technology and innova-</p><p>tive solutions to these ideas to assure optimum perfor-</p><p>mance, enhanced safety and a solid financial return.</p><p>The Predator Drilling System is a three-component </p><p>package consisting of a mobile rig, substructure and a </p><p>pipe skate. The components are designed, manufactured </p><p>and supported by a global network of Atlas Copco stores </p><p>and distributors. Predator is built oil field tough and is </p><p>licensed API 4F, 3rd edition. </p><p>viSiT or conTacT your aTlaS coPco oil anD gaS rigS rePreSenTaTive To See how The PreDaTor Drill-ing SySTem will aDD value To your comPany.</p></li><li><p>a reDucTion of non-Drilling Time anD coST by improving mobility and reducing rig up time</p><p>enhanceD SafeTy by reducing crew size, manual labor; using hands-free pipe and casing handling and a simple, precise, on-demand control system</p><p>imProveD Drilling Performance of a 950 HP (708 kW) engine and hydraulic system with enough power and speed to maintain maximum production in even the most challenging drilling conditions</p><p>lower oPeraTing coSTS of a hydraulic system built with premium, high- efficiency components and designed to utilize less power, thereby reducing fuel consumption</p><p>Smaller environmenTal imPacT with special leak and spill protection features and a substructure design suited to zero impact locations</p><p>confiDence anD reliabiliTy of a Drilling SySTem DeSigneD oil fielD Tough anD licensed aPi 4f, 3rd edition</p><p>The PreDaTor aDvanTagePreDaTor iS a new generaTion of mobile ToP-Drive Drilling SySTem ThaT offerS ProDucerS anD conTracTorS:</p></li><li><p>Drillcare PorTfolio anD global DiSTribuTion To maximize uPTime.</p><p>Whether Predator is 10 miles (16.1 km) from our factory or half-way around the world, Atlas Copco can ensure the fastest solution when it comes to delivery </p><p>of quality parts and services. Its all about our commitment, our service promise, our capability and our quality. You can rely on Atlas Copco to </p><p>keep your Predator up and running. </p><p>The oil patch is a 24/7 business. Thats why our 129,000 ft2 (11 984 m2) Distribution Center in Allen, Texas operates on the same schedule. With 75 employees dedicated to parts distribution, more than 1000 order lines are packed and shipped every day. Atlas Copco Drilling Solutions is prepared to provide the Predator Drilling System with parts and service that will ensure round- the-clock UPTIME.</p><p>Atlas Copco Drilling SolutionsPhone: 1 972-496-7400 Fax: 1 972-496-7425</p><p></p><p>viSiT To Take a DeTaileD look aT The PreDaTor Drilling SySTem.</p><p> U.S. MetRiC</p><p>HOOk LOAd CApACity 100 ton / 200,000 lb 91 tonnes / 90 718 kgtOp dRive - hydraulic power high torque range 30,000 lbf-ft 40.7 kNm @ 0 90 rpm @ 0 90 rpm</p><p> high speed range 15,000 lbf-ft 20.3 kNm @ 0 180 rpm @ 0 180 rpm</p><p> spindle ID 5 in 127 mm</p><p> additional features 0 90 tip out with lock replaceable swivel cartridge directional rotation lock floating sub </p><p>teLeSCOpinG MASt Licensed Api 4F, 3rd editionHydRAULiC CARRiAGe Feed SySteM 180 ft/min 54 m/minSinGLe enGine pOweR 950 hp 708 kWCUStOM CARRieR witH HydRAULiC dRive 500 hp 373 kW</p><p>PreDaTor Drilling SySTem | SPecificaTionS</p><p> U.S. MetRiC</p><p>SUbStRUCtURe witH bOp HOUSe Licensed Api 4F, 3rd edition rated capacity 100 ton / 200,000 lb 91 tonnes / 90 718 kg</p><p> large, uncluttered work floor 220 ft2 20.4 m2 </p><p>removable table (clear opening) 44 in 1 118 mm bare table opening 27 in 699 mm</p><p> API master bushing</p><p> (slip assembly) 17 in 445 mm</p><p> hands-free breakout system hydraulic slips and roughneck</p><p> operators control station on work floor or in drill cabin optional Class 1, Division 2 rating</p><p>HAndS-FRee pipe HAndLinG SySteM hydraulic pipe skate pipe HAndLinG CApACity Range II and III to 24 in (610 mm)pipe StORAGe And HAndLinG twin fold-out pipe racks</p><p>5850</p><p> 224</p><p>1 A</p><p>tlas </p><p>Cop</p><p>co D</p><p>rillin</p><p>g S</p><p>olut</p><p>ions</p><p> P</p><p>rinte</p><p>d in</p><p> US</p><p>A</p><p> C</p><p>opyr</p><p>ight</p><p> 201</p><p>1, A</p><p>tlas </p><p>Cop</p><p>co D</p><p>rillin</p><p>g S</p><p>olut</p><p>ions</p><p> LLC</p><p>, Gar</p><p>land</p><p>, TX</p><p> 750</p><p>40, U</p><p>SA</p><p>. All </p><p>prod</p><p>uct n</p><p>ames</p><p> in th</p><p>is p</p><p>ublic</p><p>atio</p><p>n ar</p><p>e tra</p><p>dem</p><p>arks</p><p> of A</p><p>tlas </p><p>Cop</p><p>co. A</p><p>ny u</p><p>naut</p><p>horiz</p><p>ed u</p><p>se o</p><p>r cop</p><p>ying</p><p> of</p><p> the </p><p>cont</p><p>ents</p><p> or a</p><p>ny p</p><p>art t</p><p>here</p><p>of is</p><p> pro</p><p>hibi</p><p>ted.</p><p> Thi</p><p>s ap</p><p>plie</p><p>s in</p><p> par</p><p>ticul</p><p>ar to</p><p> trad</p><p>emar</p><p>ks, m</p><p>odel</p><p> den</p><p>omin</p><p>atio</p><p>ns, p</p><p>art n</p><p>umbe</p><p>rs a</p><p>nd d</p><p>raw</p><p>ings</p><p>. lllu</p><p>stra</p><p>tions</p><p> and</p><p> pho</p><p>tos </p><p>in th</p><p>is b</p><p>roch</p><p>ure </p><p>may</p><p> sho</p><p>w e</p><p>quip</p><p>men</p><p>t with</p><p> opt</p><p>iona</p><p>l ext</p><p>ras.</p><p> Spe</p><p>cific</p><p>atio</p><p>ns a</p><p>nd e</p><p>quip</p><p>men</p><p>t sub</p><p>ject</p><p> to c</p><p>hang</p><p>e w</p><p>ithou</p><p>t not</p><p>ice.</p><p> Con</p><p>sult </p><p>your</p><p> Atla</p><p>s C</p><p>opco</p><p> Cus</p><p>tom</p><p>er C</p><p>ente</p><p>r for</p><p> spe</p><p>cific</p><p> info</p><p>rmat</p><p>ion.</p><p>boTTom line: aSSuring uPTimewiTh a global Service anD SuPPorT neTwork</p></li></ul>