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  • Established in 1989 and re-branded to Yorkton Group International in 2001 by Ben Lui and Reg Liyanage, this company has become a full ser-vice real estate development firm with its corporate headquarters located in Edmonton. Areas of expertise include land development, home building, com-mercial construction, real estate invest-ment and asset management.

    With extensive knowledge and a proven track record in real estate invest-ment, the founders decided to share their expertise with general investors and col-lectively benefit from the vast opportu-nities in the real estate market, explains Lui, president and CEO of Yorkton Group. I just love it. To me, working at Yorkton is happiness. The time I spend on my work is happier for me than traveling, golfing or going on a cruise. This is what I enjoy. That is why I put in a lot of hours at work without feeling any pressure or stress, because this is what I love.

    Lui, whose background was in IT (Information technol-ogy) and accounting before he decided to focus full time on real estate investment, development and asset man-agement, finds his previous career helps Yorkton succeed. Im very systematic, he smiles. I believe in establishing well planned and organized business models and analyt-

    ics using a systematic approach before implementation.

    Liyanage is the executive vice presi-dent. Joey Sun is the vice president of finance, Sam Sit is in charge of Yorkton Realty and Debra Gvozdic heads up Yor-kton Management and operations. To-gether we continue to strive for the next higher level of excellence with a strong and healthy culture of engagement among all our employees, Lui explains. What sets Yorkton apart from their competitors is strong leadership and employee contribution that provides a sound corporate culture with extensive knowledge and experience in the indus-try; along with foresight, vision, and the ability and willingness to take calculated risks using our conservative approach that can achieve superior results.

    Approximately 100 Yorkton employees are what Lui calls team players with positive attitudes and a strong culture of engagement, solution oriented, self-motivated, respectful, loyal and trustworthy. Collectively, they enjoy providing exceptional results for the shareholders and clients by investing in secured and hassle-free real estate portfolios and developments.

    Employees are the most valuable asset of Yorkton. With-out them, Yorkton would not be what it is today. We give our heartfelt thanks to all our staff for their dedication, loyalty,

    Yorkton Group International Ltd.

    Yorkton Group International Ltd. | 25 Years | Page 1

    By Nerissa McNaughton

    Celebrating 25 Years

    Yorkton Towers Approved by city of Edmonton in 2014

    Bentley Condos being built by Yorkton in Prestigious Windsor Park


  • Congratulations to the Yorkton team on their success!


    P. 780.425.1900 | F. 780.429.5054 | E. Dan@hagglaw.com

    and sacrifice, as well as making our workplace a happy and enjoyable one for everyone, smiles Lui.

    Among the companys many projects, Bellamy Hill stands out. It was one of Yorktons recent projects, and remains one of their most successful to date. Our clients invested $20,000 for each investment unit in early 2000 and achieved up to a $330,000 payout per unit over a six year time frame, Lui points out.

    Recent projects include marketing and developing the Bentley luxury condominiums in Windsor Park, acquisition and rezoning of the Pacific Rim Mall property for a twin tower (up to $200 million mix use development), successfully acquiring approximately 1,000 acres of raw land in the Edmonton region for long term holding and development, and a Howard John-son Hotel to diversify into the hospitality industry.

    These and other projects fit Yorktons mandate of looking at what Lui calls undervalued properties with significant upside potential and/or going through change of use development process in an anticipated growing economy at the right time.

    As diverse as they are experienced, Yorktons interests in-clude over 40 affiliate companies and agencies around the globe. We are on a mission to expand our knowledge and areas of expertise, and to encompass as many areas in the

    real estate field as possible. Investing in hotels is just another recent step in our forward march, explains Lui.

    Yorkton is active in the community. We believe in sharing success with the communities, says Lui. We are proud sup-porters of: Stollery Childrens Hospital Foundation, Youth Empowerment & Support Services, Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital, World Vision, Ronald MacDonald House, etc.

    Its been a long time since Lui was working in IT, but the les-sons he has learned over the course of his career have served him well on the job and in life. Be visionary and innovative, open to unlimited possibilities, he encourages fellow entrepre-

    Page 2 | Yorkton Group International Ltd. | 25 Years


    Best Wishes from the Partners of Collins Barrow.

    Congratulations to Yorkton Group on their 25th anniversary!

    Ben Lui

  • neurs. Plan strategically and be decisive. Be self-disciplinary, humble and respectful. Always reach out to learn from others successes and failures. Build lifetime partnerships with clients, employees, suppliers, and contractors, and bankers to flourish the win-win environment. Remain fully dedicated, yet maintain a healthy balance between work and family. Be responsible to society and to share success with your community.

    Yorkton Group would like to thank their dedicated and loyal staff, investors, shareholders and their families for be-lieving in them and for their continued support. They would also like to thank their suppliers, consultants and bankers for their strong support.

    We operate our business with integrity and trust, Lui concludes. We put our clients first, looking out for their best interests. We develop and construct properties by delivering the best possible values and quality for our buyers and ten-ants. We treat our shareholders and investors hard-earned money as if it was our own.

    Moving forward, Yorkton perceives the recent economic downturn in Alberta is a temporally correction; a window of opportunity to expand and build on a sound foundation to achieve Yorktons 2020 vision.

    Our focus is quality, not quantity(780) 757-3930 | 11569-149 St | Edmonton, AB | capitall.ca

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    All employees trained by owner Most competitive *LIFETIME* warranty in the industry Custom windows built for Albertas winter Custom manufactured doors in house Visit our newly renovated showroom

    WHERE INSTALLATION MATTERS! Windows and DoorsCongratulations to Yorkton Group International Ltd. for 25 outstanding years of business in Alberta. We at Capitall Exterior Solutions are

    proud to work with such a great Company and look forward to many more years of making Alberta a great place to live and work.

    2430 Manulife Place10180-101 Street Edmonton, Alberta

    Office: 780-409-8228 Fax: 780-409-9228Toll Free: 1-866-409-8228www.yorktongroup.com

    Yorkton Group International Ltd. | 25 Years | Page 3

    Relationship Focused.


    Congratulations to Yorkton Group

    on their 25th anniversary.

    We are proud to support Yorkton Groups success with the

    provision of legal services.Ben Lui

  • EVILCongratulations YORKTONon 25 years of success.Together, we look forward to redefining the architecture

    of Edmontons skyline.